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  1. I just cancelled all my stock x bids. too many retailers getting these for the price not to drop.
  2. There's just so much crossover appeal on these shoes especially with the "Dior" comparisons and lack of a true golf sole.
  3. the bots are undeafeted. sneakerheads were in heavy on this.....even had an alert from the J23 app. my size was sold out immediately, couldn't even add it to my cart.
  4. I love my RS-G's....Hoping for new colorways for 2022
  5. Good looking out, thanks....Yeah my stitch didn't hold up well but I walk and wore a hole in the side from my belts....not a great material for a golf bag I suppose. No issues with my backpack and I use it regularly
  6. That bag is awesome! I have a tbc vessel backpack and love it, thinking vessel might be the way to go for a new stand bag
  7. They could be but I don't see any sneakerblogs/hypebeasts pumping up the ADG's. The crossover for streetwear on the 1's will be noticeable and impact supply IMO. If you want them I'd advise to act quick. Nothing would make me happier to be completely wrong though.
  8. My SL1 is one of the bigger disappointments I've experienced as well. Walk the majority of my rounds...Within 1-2 months the initials "badge" fell of the side...My belt wore a hole in the outer shell and as well where the cart strap goes....and this summer the bottom of the lower pockets completely ripped out so if I have any loose golf balls in there they'll be wedged between the clubs at the bottom of the bag. Bag is 2 years old.
  9. If they only made them Mid's we'd all have as many as we want for golf.......
  10. The 1's just look lazy to me. I say that and I'll be in queue trying to grab those chicago's though...
  11. Or not advertise at all and just let him be a 12 year old kid, it's got to be hard enough as it is.
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