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  1. You sound like a buddy of mine who invites me to his member guest at his club every year. He gets terribly nervous... Now I get that you being hyper aware of others and letting slow play get to you is a bit different but... my prescription remains the same. I make him go to the bar and do a shot and drink a beer before we tee off. RELAX
  2. I have a Planemate and have Monte's video. I like the Planemate for the backswing. It helps ME because I will drag it WAY inside and get really under plane. That is my swing fault, and the Planemate helps me to stay on plane, clubhead outside the hands, etc on the backswing. I like Monte's Cast A, and it's a lot like the shallowing move when you make when you relax the Planemate, so these 2 have a synergy there reinforcing each other. I like Monte's Cast B better, again for ME, as the extreme body turn and hold-off type move the Martin prescribes in the Plan
  3. Put a couple balls in each pocket with hand warmers.
  4. Added the x100 2 iron shaft pull with the Mizuno.
  5. Just use driveway markers from Lowe's or Home Depot
  6. Only the Mizuno is left. Cobra and M5 are sold.
  7. Please PM me for Paypal. 500+ Feedback once upon a time. No Trades Please. Ok, maybe you won't hit it as far as Byrson, but these things go! 2020 Cobra King Forged Tec irons. 4-PW. I played a few sets of p790s and moved on to these. These spin more for sure, so I didn't get the odd knuckleball like I did with the p790s, and these felt 100x better too. Might be the shafts? 7 irons total, 4-PW with upgraded KBS $-Taper 120 Stiff (Not the $-Taper Lite garbage they put in them stock). If you've never played $-Taper, think much smoother than C-Taper, not as boardy... maybe a hair firme
  8. 9* please. Still looking. Head only would be great. If shafted, needs to be stiff. Thanks.
  9. Been there... shanked a 7i from 170 middle of the 18 fairway when all I needed was a bogey to win a couple years ago... Shanked the next shot, ended up doubling the hole, lost in playoff. First 2 shanks of the year, none since then either LOL. My mistake, and I've done this over and over, in casual matches, league, district events... is being conservative, not being aggressive. Thinking, ok I'll just make pars... well... sometimes pars are hard! I need to be aggressive and go for it. Not being stupid aggressive, but not thinking, ok, front of the green or taking less cl
  10. Looking for a Ping G400 Driver Head Only. No SFT or LST, or Max, just a plain ole g400. 9* Loft only please! LMK what you have. Please have pics & price at the ready!
  11. Please PM me for Paypal. I had 500+ Feedback a few software upgrades ago. All prices include USPS Priority Mail shipping. Please No Trades. TaylorMade 2016 M2 10.5° Head. Very Clean. With M2 Headcover. $SOLD TaylorMade M4 12° Head. A few nicks on the toe. M1 Headcover. $SOLD Cobra LTD Driver & 3 Wood. Stiff UST Mamiya Elements Chrome Shafts. Quite a bit of wear on both. Lots of scratches on the driver and face wear on the 3 wood. Still great clubs with really good shafts though. The driver is a low spon bomber and the 3 wood can still beat out most. No HC. $SOLD
  12. Be aggressive. Knock it close. You’ll make a bogey or 2 but the birdies will outnumber them. My career best 63 was with 3 bogeys on my card. Very rarely will you see a pro shoot 60, 61, 62 etc with a clean card. You gotta go for it.
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