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  1. I’ve only ever had two clowns do this to me in 40 years of golf And it was a very stern speaking to and it stopped In the one incident I literally watched a guy sit in his cart waiting for my partners backswing before firing his rangefinder into the cart well for a loud rattle
  2. 4h and 5h and 6 ut guy here I hit shots with these clubs I cannot hit with their equivalent irons I’ve never once stood over a 205 yard approach shot and said to myself “I wish I had my 5 iron here instead of my 5 hybrid” High draws with hybrids are easy, as are shots out of the rough The trick is you need to find the right head for your action and then be a patient tinkerer to find the shaft that “brings the tour magic sauce”
  3. His wedges should be chopped down and flattened a little, YMMV He should experiment and hunt down a grind that works great for sand ... like the old Ping Eye 2 or Vokey P ....
  4. he and Ernie Els need a scrap on a private jet it seems
  5. Just updated my witb thread as well
  6. Changes in sig below went to all graphite in the irons again, really really loving the Catalyst shafts in my ZX7’s, 15 GIR recently 7w is my new favorite club, 230 on a high frozen rope ... after moving my 5w shaft to the 7w head big change with driver, Sim Max gen 1, with an old favorite tour issued shaft of mine. Playing D9 at 46” and it never goes left, great feel on pure strikes almost like the OG Rapture. Funny I think this driver is very loft and shaft specific, my 10.5 is clicked twice higher ... and last year I hated the head the first time I had i
  7. In love with them, as you may have seen in another post
  8. Two weeks ago ... I sold mine as well to a friend of my nephew. The ZX7’s and 919t’s are just too solid
  9. Well I am no super beast like others on here but with limited training to date, I am now steady 109 - 110 with 111 max with the driver. Not terrible for a fat 53 year old Most swings with my fitter late yesterday were 109.5-110.4 This is good as last year I had dropped to 105-6 on most swings with the odd max of 109. (A right side QL problem can wear you and your love for golf out !!!) I’ve converted some of my shafts to a TM tip as I have fallen in love with the OG Sim Max (ZERO LEFT misses) and it is shootout time to find the magic stick Gre
  10. Update PX Catalyst 100 shafts in 6.5 in them now, soft stepped once ... needed to go proactive to listen the elbow wear and tear after having some previous horror show seasons of golf and tennis elbow while playing steel shafts in my irons all summer 6-PW set Plus 1” and d9.5 swing weight blue ferrules and iomic 2.3 grips 72 last night with 15 GIR, should have been 68 or so. 3 birdies but should’ve been 7. Maybe a proximity record Where i hit the Srixons ... 1. PW to 6 feet and lip out (greens still slo
  11. Number one I had not tried them in overlength and my heavier swingweights (my irons are d9.5). I had tried them once in the new Apex a few years back. (They still CPM between S and X fwiw so very true to flex which is nice) My fitter had a set of pulls 1/2" over and soft stepping would give me my needed +1" (and he wanted my MCI 120 pulls) Also I have had success with PX hb6 and hc1 hybrid shafts and also recently a green smoke driver shaft
  12. whoops I meant to put VS Proto and not NVS ,, will edit I have not tried SF fc, don't send me down another rabbit hole
  13. For me it is tricky because some graphite shafts feel DEAD and some feel really whippy and soft I've found it hard to find a graphite set that kicks and unloads (or is activated as my one golf nerd buddy says) the way I want it to Truthfully, I also like that they look like steel, 53 year old here I have tried, since elbow(s) gate, if memory serves Aldila NV105x .. BOARDY Aldila VS Proto 85x and 100x blue .. best of Aldila for me Aldila proto 125x (burgundy) STOUT Steelfiber 95s and 110s (love the 125s in wedges) Fujikura pro
  14. Catalyst 100 are the best graphite iron shafts I’ve played, and my testing list is loooooong look kick feel balance dispersion great for punch shots all incredible for me
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