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  1. Curry is the modern Kenny G from the sounds of things
  2. Cant find it on tv in Canada sadly
  3. Mark McCumber's kid should be good Gary Nicklaus had no chance Bob Tway's son is solid Kevin Stadler chasing down Stads, tough company there as well Father-Son Winners on the PGA Tour (liveabout.com)
  4. doing some heavy curls later, putting on a gun show As a Canuck, I had no idea that there was a run on this stuff, just like fitness equipment I guess I've only fired handguns once in my life so I can't seriously contribute. One of them was a 357 silver python Magnum that had one heck of a kick
  5. I loved the 60 ES (still have it) but find I do better with the Vokey TVD 60 M grind SM2 and 64.07 sm2 Old I know but that's what I have and keep going back to, and scooping extras off the bay when they pop up Tried a '19 PM grind 64 and it was great from Bermuda grasses but not as great in Canadian bent grasses ... for me anyways The PM is good in fluffy bunkers A lot of my buds are converts to the hitoe and do amazing with them
  6. I played many times when a group makes a series on the same hole 3-4-5-6 or 5-6-7-8 etc etc
  7. Westwood battled back, maybe Jordan can as well He needs to whine less and drink some positivity. Put some Tony Robbins in the 8 track kid His collapse started when he wanted more depth and less uprightedness in his backswing = chasing positions for distance The issue as I see it is his old backswing matched his wingy impact pattern and now it does not .. confidence plummets
  8. I'd bet DJ would argue there is merit to heavy Trackman usage
  9. I had them years ago (right hand flip) and went to the "semi-long" putter Used a 44" Yes Natalie for about 4 seasons ... that I anchored just above my stomach and putted from a crouched over position ... my right hand was pencil grip. My putting in 1 week went from a disaster to making everything. Only negative was Texas wedges and really long putts initially When anchoring ban came in I simply stayed with a heavy head in my putters and kept my right hand in pencil fashion I am now what my friends call a sl-tty putter .. I'm young Stads .. I think everyt
  10. I think an annual hour or 90 minutes on trackman to nail down your carry yardages and gapping is time and money well spent (especially since I just went thru this) Even tour player +8 handicaps learn they have two clubs that are too close in carry yardage .. or too far from these these sessions Watched a 10 cap buddy do his fitting two days ago and his 4h and 5i were 3 yards apart .... just sayin'
  11. I can't do everything Captain I think I started a single malt thread a long time ago I will say that Tequila is a lot different from my drinking days from say 1985-99 when it was basically a garbage drink for shooters with lemon and salt Lots of high end stuff for sipping and outside of Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin .. tequila seems like the booze where most celebrities launch brands
  12. YMMV but Because could could pick up 10-15 yards on every tee ball and hit one less club into every green thus lowering your score .. which is the end goal IIRC Conversely, you could also hit it straighter if say you learned your spin rate was too low
  13. SLDR driver, when the fitter told me a 16* head would be good for me in a driver I walked away ;o) Back to "blades" ... my only comment is the modern GI blades that are out recently are pretty darn easy to hit I wonder if there is a percentage of increased difficulty measurement of say hitting the new Titleist CB vs MB as an example Me personally they all are about the same to hit except very wide soled irons with load of bounce, can't hit them
  14. learn how to play around the greens with both your SW (more bounce) and LW (less bounce) from the rough and tight lies. I go with two heights and two ball positions (this includes traps) depending on run out wanted learn how to hit low shots, so many players can't sometimes it is OK to play for bogey .. ie 185 left over a lake and into the green have a go to club on super tough holes, could be a 5w or a hybrid or a choke down driver learn how to hit half wedges with more body turn, so many new golfer cannot hit a 40 yard shot CON
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