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  1. A mix for me, really from high school and university years … 81-92, only see 2 guys regularly have about 20 good golf friends, trips etc
  2. I like the concept if butt soft works for u in irons, it should for driver and other woods/hybrids
  3. I have a matte black one in the 64*, Halloween version, love it, solid feel 128g
  4. That is my set up right now 46-52-58-64 … all bent 1 strong … so 45-51-57-63
  5. @TurnDog69i like your view on things …. Excellent stuff
  6. I am definitely in a better mood after a hot round or even a solid 18 of ball striking I do not like lost golf self esteem …. No. Maybe when I played uni golf in my early 20’s
  7. Gbone says welcome to Kbone great community here
  8. Any runners out there that have done some treadmill work and interval training? Need some feedback and/or ideas Just getting back into jogging and want to lose weight. My circuit training where I alternate 2mins of cardio and weight reps is helping but not enough weight droppage, seems it makes it easier to get bigger vs leaner. I am closing in on 54, 265 and 6’2”. Back in my heyday of my early 20’s (when I was 215-225ish) I could do 5 miles in under 30 minutes. Before golf and soccer i was a competitive cross country runner and used to do some half marathons Right now I am doing training on my treadmill where I walk/run 3.5 to 5 miles. I am down to 40 mins for 3.5miles. My times are improving dramatically in just 3 weeks. Basically, I have it on track setting and I walk 28% of the time and run 72%. Walk at 3.5 mph first for 0.07 of a mile then run at 6.3 to 7.2mph for the last 0.18 of the the lap. Rinse and repeat for 14-20 laps What I read on HIIT training browsing the net is more of walk for 2 mins and then run as hard as you can for 1min .. so maybe I am going about it backwards? Last Q, how often should I try for beating my best time? Once a week or ? LASTLY, has running helped your golf game? @MtlJeff
  9. Is the heel as tall on the 0211st?
  10. I’m at 46-52-58-64 currently .. but have played 46-50-55-60-64 a lot 5 wedges … i drop a 6i or a 50* depending on course and event Home course has small raised crazy fast and sloped greens with deep traps, it’s a big help I use the 64 greenside constantly and it my go to wedge for short sided pitches and chips as well The Wrx grind on my tour W 64 is awesome. I Have also played with a PM grind 64 (for me more of a sand club vs a fairway club) in the past and the old sm2 64.07 Vokey a lot
  11. Fun thread I’m in the ‘hit thin soled irons better” camp as well
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