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  1. Except hollow and high CG is awful for my swing ... or anyone’s of off firm lies .. ymmv
  2. JK is fun to watch, lots of body English
  3. Someone explain why these types of things are local rules, that a club needs to implement, and not actual rules Wouldn’t that be simpler Just like so many others in the past .. plugged lies for example
  4. I must say I am impressed with the senior tour guys play and speed and scoring so far Darren Clarke ... 172mph Goosen...176mph I didn’t see a number for Boom Boom That new paspalum strain also looks incredible. I played paspalum once in Barbados on Apes Hill and it is very carpet like I am trying to find the video of a stretching device Clarke was using to working on torso turn. It looked like a torso harness and a flex cable he had hooked to his golf cart. Anyone else see this? I want to get to 115mph myself (from 10
  5. Thru my club at home but shipping to my rental house down here of course my pro called me again this morning to say 2 weeks delivery if I go 95s hardstepped or 105tx soft stepped .. 12 weeks if I want to wait for 105s because they have none in stock Just OK’d the 95’s. I’ve been doing well with recoil 95 and 95 protos last few years so it should be fine The gap wedge is also 3 months out so that will ship to home club in Toronto If I don’t love the MMT 95 in these heads I will just dump them in my CF16 set
  6. Just ordered the x-forged CB. Our Callaway rep let my pro know that they would do the MMT 105 in stiff .. good news
  7. Well my pro just got off the phone with our Callaway rep and they will put 105s in for me ... much better than soft stepping the TX I feel placing order today
  8. Exactly right, grooving it down here and Florida and setting up bent over properly makes it even more bullet proof. Bend at the hips first and then address the ball, I’m more over the ball and arms way better on top of my pecs and not to my sides ... measured from the ball properly as instructor Steve Pratt says If I set the club to the ball without my posture down move first .. trouble ensues
  9. I’m going to toss an iomic on it and start ripping at it this aft
  10. The beast has arrived, but alas I hit 4 buckets of balls yesterday and am old guy sore ..... working on a more straight armed swing ... like Bryson I will get some swings in today though, playing a former PGA Tour course called Tiger Point tomorrow
  11. That is my hybrid experience as well .. 80-99g .. but in x. Actually just had a Kuro Kage silver 80x come in from the bay, under 30 bucks, I’ve never hit the silver (KK blacks in 80 and 90 are a little tip soft for me) but thought it would be a good match to my 5h with a Fubuki 82x it’s two key things for me with my 4h and 5h, how much higher I can hit them ... and how I can still hit greens from 200 out from the rough. The Apex OG are also not hook prone like so many others and I have learned narrow hybrids are WAY better for me vs wide (like the gen2 Apex even ..longer but not a
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