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  1. All really bad putters I have seen have too short a back stroke and/or a stabby quick accelerated move at the ball .. and sometimes some dramatic overextension down the line as an added bonus Eyes inside the ball putter moves inside to inside Long and smooth backstroke Some crazy parallels to full swing issues ...
  2. From 2003-2008 our MG had a waiting list ... it’s back again at all five clubs I play in member guests in golf is back on so is spending cash
  3. Zero grip pressure you need a little wrist c-Ck ... so you can hinge and unhinge and get a better / wider low point to me you’re scooping in the vids, trying to lift the ball
  4. 13 will be fine with 30 or 40 yards added I do like adding 20 to hole 16 3 .. no change .. maybe add 15 yards you could easily make 15 harder with the pond behind sneaking closer to the green its tricky because 13 and 15 can result in massive swings and make the finish so compelling i do think a new Eisenhower tree is in order on 17
  5. Zalatoris putting mess ups on 3, 10, 13 made the difference
  6. Pavin and Shark hit awful pulls into water on 16 in yrs past if memory serves
  7. Going to be a great day Would love to see the following A battle with Hideki, Zalatoris and Conners. Mickelson shooting 62
  8. I don't know @Pepperturbo I hit a low bullet draw 3h late yesterday afternoon over the corner of a lake to the front section of the green on a diabolically pernicious par 5. It was a solid 20mph wind in from ~ 2 o'clock. The silly kids thought I'd hit a 3 wood I was 210 out but it played all of 235 .... probably only hit it 200 to front but it felt like 260 .. old guy talking Not gonna lie, felt like Uncle Cardy from 30 years back waggling a 1 iron and praying for a good shot
  9. @Obee and @Shilgy Point taken Except I have played this EXACT format more than a few times against current university golf teams at my alma mater We're -11 to -15 every year. First year the coach had us confirm we didn't play a scramble You just need guys that can make putts and no cutting each other off. The + guy is a top 10 world ranked Senior Amateur fwiw. My and the other guys used to all be scratch as well back in the day. 6700 yards. I try not to make stuff up when I post
  10. I thought only cats PURRED long irons ? Dogs and players .. they pure them !
  11. 4 man best ball .. circling back Me and two other 3 hcaps and a plus 2. Guaranteed we are -7 at worst and as low as -14
  12. YES I am aware of the differences, I misread it, and corrected it above
  13. she'd have no chance. I'd crush her 5 clubs at my fitter right now. The day after I got off my 14 day quarantine With some irons sets getting graphite in the hopper
  14. No i have done knockdowns with SGI clubs like Raptures - i just prefer smaller heads for firm conditions
  15. I have more success with smaller short irons (7-PW) ... and I hit a load of knockdowns ... it’s my preferred shot inside 155 i have 9 sets of irons right now but no full set of SGI
  16. I have an Accuform that makes that look almost SGI like
  17. Thanks for all your work one of my 55 yr old buds was intubated.. new strain ... pulled thru but I guess he had a 1/3rd chance of passing
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