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  1. Isn’t the tech similar to Fuji mci?
  2. My 2c he should be given a pass, he said this in the heat of competition. The NFL and NHL have the same stuff going on constantly all game long as Others have said this word was used as a simple insult, .like loser was loosely tossed around, 30 years ago my regular group of 12 would be in jail for the stuff we say in our money games, and I get we are not sponsored and I’m sure JT and Tiger and other pals are exactly the same when not on the show and playing for cash it’s generational as well, my daughters hate the word, 20 and 22. My dad (81)
  3. So my irons stunk to high heaven when I got down here, was barely breaking 80 in Myrtle Beach and here in NWFL ... and only because my driver is on point Very frustrating as my last 2 home games in early November were both under par. Driver comes back fast after 8 weeks off it seems every year Anyways, here’s what I am learning: I am a handle dragger on bad iron shots, just a severe pull down from the top, leading to a hold off recovery swing Somebody here posted about Julian Mellor and I watched his YouTube vid on easy golf swings So, I we
  4. Hit the pro’s today, impressed ... decision to make ... forged cb or pro???? CB softer feeling ... but did like the thump/click of the pro
  5. Wow to above, I disliked the tinny sound hit 425 max today and way prefer my 400 max ... gotta get a backup hit the av tensei orange x shaft fwiw
  6. I wish I was at home, I think I am past 40 wedges right now, mostly Vokey and Ping as well Have fun Find some old BeCu some BeNi Ping stuff
  7. My LST was 10 and my MAX is 10.5, LST I had turned up to 11 degrees all the time Max I play anywhere from 9.9 to 11.5 depending on conditions
  8. I left the LST to MAX in the 400 and I will get max in the 425 I will take the extra spin for dramatically improved accuracy and far better misses Lots of tweaks to make for sidespin on 425 >>> lie, loft, back weigh position, weight of back weight, shaft tipping etc
  9. I have 3 awesome driver shafts that follow me right now ... BLUEBOARD 53x (firmest, lowest flight, wicked in dry conditions) .. it a matte blue tour issue shaft FWIW FUBUKI K 60 (longest and smoothest .. but loose at times) GD AD XC 6x (straight all day, misses are barely in rough) Same with fairways tbh (blueboard 73x and nvs 85x) I stick with PING due to heavy heads and loyalty and durability plus I like the ability to change back weights (I already have a second Fubuki K 60x with a 410tip on it waiting for the 425 driv
  10. hollow heads have been less than ideal for me ive Hit the x forged cb and the feel is otherworldly
  11. The pro are hollow which takes some appeal away, x forged cb still have my intentions
  12. You aren’t loading the PX shafts ... causing big issues PX are very butt firm and feel really diff than other brands ... and are not working for your swing... common try a diff shaft model in the 7i
  13. The title of this thread describes my golf purchasing strategy for the last 12 years
  14. I may be the only guy not tipping the red 6x Though, not gonna lie, I am pounding my AD XC 6x right now, wonder how that profile compares to the red?
  15. Almost the same thing happened to me at the World Woods range, two ladies golf teams there, puff the chest out, hold the gut it, skank shots .. check check and check
  16. Related to your bunker quip our former head pro, named Jack, ex Canadian tour player is at the back practice green with me and we both go into the bunker He is chirping that he is the best bunker player in Canada and maybe the only guy he EVER played with better than himself out of the sand is Moe Norman We have a contest of 10 shots and I win 8 to 2. I stepped out and mumbled “you’re a bronze medalist at best pro” ... he was howling with laughter and started going on that his current issue is he can hit so many different types of bunker shots he
  17. Same plan, I like soft x anyways so it should be fine, worst case pull them and SS 2x semi mulling the 6 in 95g My set will be 6-AW fwiw
  18. awesome story I hit balls beside Moe once, he was awesome once had a pro (Ryder Cupper one time) at Muirfield village range ask me if I was a good fly fisherman ... based on my excessive wrist action
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