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  1. No I mean the outlier is the swing tips are actually working … repeatedly over a longer period
  2. Let’s set rules for the world of golf because we’re worried about optics for 200 top golfers hitting it far on wide open tour friendly tracks … really smart
  3. Ball striking Round of the season yesterday … it was about 6*C, no roll due to loads of rain and 40kmh winds from the North …. Brrrrr closing Captain’s Cup matches 38-35 for a 73 with 14 greens hit, from 6600 yards. Played like 7000. Hit all 9 greens on the back. 73.8/138 this was with a water ball and double bogey on 9 … 7i from 137 (normally my 175 club) splashed short anyways, the point is the new stuff is still working … outlier but tells me I’m on the right track
  4. Higher but not closer …. except greenside
  5. Ventus blue 7x also my thought as well From appearances you’d think my g400 three wood would fly higher, especially at address off a tighter fwy lie, but this simply isn’t the case for me will put a Tm tip on my ventus red 6x for some matchy matching
  6. Closer to x7m is my thought
  7. Loving my 7s … hitting my lines consistently and speed control with the OG insert is great. Plus, it is so good inside of 7 feet. but … I think it would be great for me visually if there was an option for a larger head. Anyone else feel the same or am I nuts? I have 20g weights in it FWIW
  8. Anyone still bagging? Long term feedback? played with a bud today and used his a handful of times … ventus blue velo 6s fwiw so darn long big head profile and depth awesome off the tee easiest 3w to hit off the deck I’ve ever tried (and I’ve owned a gajillion 3 woods) … and the best … no ballooning even into strong winds need to hunt one down to match up to my retro ‘ 16 m2 driver 18th hole today … had 235 left, over a pond, into a 30kmh NE breeze and flew this onto the green with ease. I should mention it was only 10*C out as well I think I can easily carry this 250 off the deck based on today report back
  9. I am biased because I have loads of the shafts in the next sentence OG ion Blueboards with the flower band …. and the tour spec Fuji stuff from Japan … 652, 757, 771, 869, 952, HK110, etc The ‘Ahina was also very cool
  10. I feel better about my issues, you guys are awesome iron sets down to 6 !! Moving in July helped expedite the thinning still have way WAY too many shafts, wedges, pairs of shoes etc 2 more shafts ordered 20 mins ago …. Oh boy
  11. I’ve played 5 prov1, prov1x, prov1x left dash, tp5 and tp5x
  12. No I don’t know him personally but am friends with Titleist CEO in Canada …. and got to spend time with both him, and Bob Vokey, at the PGA show a few years back It was great to have Scotty watch me putt a little and pitch head and neck advise and lie angles for me both guys are super. Vokey and I were emailing earlier this year about what grind currently best mimics my beloved SM2 64.07’s
  13. Love me some low bounce blades extra offset in short irons like mp37’s …. Meow … me likey initials on hosels for the shooters now by T …
  14. I have not once stood 200 out with a forced carry and wished my 5i was in my hands !!! apex 16 5h is money … 200 yard club all day see my sig 7w … 230 carry 4h … 215 5h .. 200 6 DI … 190
  15. Playing golf 40 years now and have learned a lot the last few months, playing scratch golf, lots of fairways and greens the changes …. SWING 1. Claw / pencil / saw putting works way better using the web of my right hand (ie Fleetwood) 2. External RS rotation is huge on downswing or as Bradley Hughes told me on Twitter… clockwise rotation of right forearm 3. Higher hands at address. For me it feels Bryson like but it’s normal (lesson from a former Nationwide pro) 4. Upright the club greenside for Chips and pitches …. I was a diehard low hands guy for years. My goodness I am catching everything so crisply and distance control is much improved CLUBS 1. Old drivers and fairways are gooooood 2. When Scotty Cameron watches you putt and says stay Flow Neck lifetime … you should have listened sooner enjoy the leaves, hope some of this helps someone
  16. 7 changes … 4 in the last few weeks - zx7 irons …. Wow, knocked out s55, blueprint, j15mb, apex cf16 and 919T - recoil 110 in glide gen 1 wedges - ZU85 six iron … UST VTS Red 100hx … mama cita - g25 7 wood … this thing is long, over the back of two par 5’s in two yesterday, funny both shots were 227 in - 2016 m2 driver, fell back in love with the old RIP last 2 rounds - Fubuki in hybrids … money … love butt soft shafts in longer clubs it seems - 7s putter
  17. I am a little longer with 46+ vs 44-45 … just sayin’
  18. The USGA has now F’d me 3 times 1. The long putter. Was amazing for my crap back. It was better for putting inside 10 feet but worse from long range. Ridiculous to ban anchoring on body .. but allow arm anchoring to continue 2. SM2 wedge grooves. Screwed me again, thanks blue jackets.n. Hone a feel for greenside grab and release and bye bye. P Harrington says this was a real setback for him 3. Driver length. Most of my drivers are 46.25 to 46.5 and have been for a long time. It’s just easier with my back If your back isn’t horrific please don’t take an alternate stance. I’ve lengthened short irons for the same reason And before you say it doesn’t affect me .. it does for mid-am events and senior events starting in 14 months
  19. What a joe, the USGA are useless
  20. You need the right ferrules, grips and head covers to be properly cool
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