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  1. Watch Mike Malaska tipping the shaft vids flat shoulder turn, coming from way inside, lots of face rotation ... so hard to time up you need a downswing delivery that is simpler i used to have that snipe miss ... hated it
  2. Didn’t Tom Watson famously say if he could hit twice every time he’d be in the high 50’s a lot? Or was it just putting twice? I believe it, that’s a 2 man scramble +8 cap talking
  3. I believe he will recover ... and golf ... and win again and the media will be all “second coming of Hogan!!”
  4. In many cases, You guys are assuming a mully is a stroke it seems, what if your mully also sucks? I know I played Muirfield Village and shot high 70’s from the tips with two weak water balls. Call it 76 with two better wedges that didn’t creep back into water Lehman won there one year with four 67’s in a row !!! To compete I need to be 68 or 69. I need 8 shots a round. The Q for me is how many re-do’s are required to get those 8 shots ? 14? i’ve gone around Summerlin from the tips in 74. But again, now I need 5 better a day. 10 Mullies?
  5. Cheated ? I think you meant to use the word “caught” They are all cheating, at all highest levels of all the big sports. Baseball ... sign stealing etc etc Cue up Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong I’ve heard a local top golf guy use the old phrase “if you aren’t cheating you are cheating yourself” ... sad but true
  6. Longest on tour if he wanted to be
  7. Backs are tricky I have had 3 procedures myself and there are days I am fine and days I can’t get off the couch if he has degenerative disk disease ... you fuse some, chop pieces out of others ... and the discs above and below the fusion take on stress and can then blow out or weaken themselves lucky back surgery guys have one bad disk ... fixable easily as the others are all still solid
  8. Went around in 76 from the tips at a tight hilly track north of here called Blackstone. 12 GIR based on two tee balls getting ridiculous sideways hops into hazards. 2 birds highlight ... two par 3 six iron shots with high draws from 189 and 193 that would make doves cry Side note: i think these are the longest blades I’ve ever hit ! I’m debating my pw moving to 45* though, what I’m used to in 919t and keeps short irons in 4 degree gaps
  9. I’d love to see what the aw looks like how’d u like the feel @Hawkeye77? ps it is national margarita day today
  10. Your disease is widespread, even the part about nice putters being on a separate island
  11. The emotion Max showed was great. GOOD FOR HIM, IT MEANT A LOT .. and has to be amazing winning an event you watched all the way from your childhood With Homa making fun of swings there should be some teasing going on about his gait. “Ginger steps” etc Not as awkward as the great Jimmy Demaret though
  12. Vokey experts .... what is the modern grind equivalent that is on the old 64.07 SM2 model?
  13. cardoustie

    4 wood

    The 2016 gbb 5w turned down to 17 is ridiculous, easy and long also g400 5w turned down to 16.5 .... $$
  14. Incredible write up, thanks for sharing where r u located ?
  15. Where do you pull this info from sir ? I’d love to look up matches to my driver and 5w shaft
  16. I hit the elevate tour shaft and liked it in the new Cally stuff was thinking of trying a set of these ST’s ... but went Srixon instead < paid 135 a club
  17. Are you actually outside in across the ball on Trackman? Asking as you know I am OTT but still deliver a little from the inside I’m finding these heavier shafted Srixon’s with their wizard heel and sole grind allow me to attack from the inside without the lefts
  18. I have hit and owned almost all PING’s - but the i210 - and now have ZX7 The PIng stuff feels great but not like buttered lobster like the Endo Srixon’s For as a little steeper guy, these soles are incredible thru the turf, very versatile
  19. That transition moves sounds familiar ! No expert but I just moved to steel in my Srixon set and the shafts are heavier than the graphite I have used for a couple of years. (95-100g) I also play my irons with heavy swingweights After 3 rounds I think heavier shafts do help me track the whole club a little better and keep it shallower. (For years I was a s400 and x100 user) Not sure if that helps but that’s my early feedback I have used steelfiber 125s in wedges and loved them. Will be getting a set for the Srixy’s. Last
  20. A slightly less deep version of this stick that launches higher off the fairway would be incredible .... the feel is old school and unmatched for sure
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