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  1. I have ISI nickel lob and sand wedges and love them


    Played it ISI-S for years and the guy I sold them too traded them back to me 20 years later.. which I flipped for other clubs last summer


    Have just grabbed some BeCu eye2 irons and those will be my old school Ping set going forward 

  2. Well the shop I frequent basically flipped my i3+ blades into a set I’ve wanted for a while.  Very solid condition for their age and over length.  I used to play the SW and LW




    I figure these will be [art of my too cool for school retro PING bag with a Rapture OG driver (Oban 65.06) and a Rapture v2 4w with Fuji Kamo 660Tr, Tisi Tec 7w, Ping Darby with Ti Pixels putter and lastly a set of BeCu Zing 2 wedges




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  3. Here’s a timely example


    trying to track down grind info on the old 64.07 so I can build a new 60 


    contact my guys at Titleist Canada and low and behold late yesterday afternoon I have answers and emails going back and forth with Bob Vokey himself !


    I’m going to get him to build me a 60 bent to 61 that has a straighter leading edge like my sm2 56 TVD M but with a sole grind I like for how I play pitches and chips.  I have the matching 60 TVD M but want it a little different appearance and bounce wise


    Sent him a pic of my current wedges down here and he replied back with “I love that pic of your wedges, some oldies and goodies!”


    Here’s the pic


    I guess my point is if you know thru trail and error what works for you there are strokes to be saved !!!


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  4. In many cases, You guys are assuming a mully is a stroke it seems, what if your mully also sucks?


    I know I played Muirfield Village and shot high 70’s from the tips with two weak water balls.  Call it 76 with two better wedges that didn’t creep back into water


    Lehman won there one year with four 67’s in a row !!!


    To compete I need to be 68 or 69.  I need 8 shots a round.  The Q for me is how many re-do’s are required to get those 8 shots ?  14?


    i’ve gone around Summerlin from the tips in 74. But again, now I need 5 better a day.  10 Mullies? 

  5. 19 hours ago, randywildman said:

    The NFL is ONE entity, not 32 teams remember that. Thanks Rodger, FU Rodger ! Brady played in the Offense rules era of football ever and he won, good for him, but the rules and the NFL helped (SEE Tuck rule ) and never wonder why they love golden boy Tom Brady. He cheated, his coach cheated but he won, Brady is more like the Lance Armstrong of Football.   



    This was only the 3rd blowout superbowl in the last 21 years. Blowouts equal, turning off the game, bad ratings are bad for the NFL. 


    6 billion was bet on the super bowl, does everybody know the NFL is vested in keeping the game close ?


    Tiger is amazing and his level of dominance will never be questioned.


    Cheated ?   I think you meant to use the word “caught”


    They are all cheating, at all highest levels of all the big sports.  Baseball ... sign stealing etc etc


    Cue up Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong


    I’ve heard a local top golf guy use the old phrase “if you aren’t cheating you are cheating yourself” ... sad but true

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  6. Backs are tricky


    I have had 3 procedures myself and there are days I am fine and days I can’t get off the couch


    if he has degenerative disk disease ... you fuse some, chop pieces out of others ... and the discs above and below the fusion take on stress and can then blow out or weaken themselves


    lucky back surgery guys have one bad disk ... fixable easily as the others are all still solid

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  7. Went around in 76 from the tips at a tight hilly track north of here called Blackstone.  12 GIR based on two tee balls getting ridiculous sideways hops into hazards.  2 birds


    highlight ... two par 3 six iron shots with high draws from 189 and 193 that would make doves cry


    Side note: i think these are the longest blades I’ve ever hit !  

    I’m debating my pw moving to 45* though, what I’m used to in 919t and keeps short irons in 4 degree gaps

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