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  1. The are ok ... I’m watching golf and blocking out their babble most of the time not as good as Oosty and Peter Alliss and Miller though its almost Masters time folks
  2. You are so weak But, You will love the Endo feel
  3. Found a ZU85 6i “driving iron” on the bay for 59 ,,, grabbed it
  4. 37-35 for 72 today. 6,500, 141 slope. missed a sliding 8 footer on 18 to break par Srixy’s are the real deal. Laser beams all day except for one par 3 where it was a terrifying flared Word not allowed 8i, a very near El Hoseloro sighting i noted today the iron sole grind is very similar to the grind on my beloved 64.07 Vokey
  5. +7 guy ... wow outside of tour pro’s I have played with, the best cap I played an event with was a +5. I was the dog in the foursome as the other two were +3’s
  6. Richard you should write a golf stories book ... not joking
  7. @MtlJeff ... come to Toronto dude ! I know you guys hate Torontonians ... but I lived on the Gaspe from 1968 to 1973, that should give me a hard pass Who doesn’t want to play with Montreal Jeff ? Maybe from fear ... JonesScott. When this Covid thing ends I will do a run to play the Clublink tracks with some buds in your area
  8. If anyone gets to Toronto I am about 30 mins north of the City. PM me for my cell # We can play one of my two home tracks. One is a nasty hard tight parkland track with vicious greens and one is a wide open Greg Norman links stretching to 7500 yards around an old gravel quarry
  9. @BIG STU... I am back in Murrells Inlet from approx March 13-23rd Who else is around there? @[email protected]
  10. You mean right behind Johnny Miller? Right?
  11. When I was a junior, 17, opened the men’s club c with a 69. I thought I was amazing. The stupidity of youth. To most golfers, yes I was v good, but to guys that are +3 in big events I’m just a streaky player that can be hot some days play with a guy that can shoot 67 without trying at all ... smoking, half drunk, shoes untied ....and then also do it under intense heat in big events (not club level), you know where you sit on the pecking order golf is so strange in that your numbers can vary wildly. When I ran competitively I could run near my PB almost all t
  12. this ties in somehow to why a shot around is tree is far easier to curve dramatically with a hook vs a fade @MonteScheinblum would have a proper explanation
  13. I hear you .. nothing worse than aiming right for your draw and hitting a high flare to nowhere. Nice double
  14. I'm sure the nuns would love the swinging tips Maybe we need a new Golf Channel series .... "Monte stops nuns from Hooking" Sort of a modern sports take on The Sound of Music @MonteScheinblum, wear your long drive medal around your neck vs a cross for the show if you could
  15. except 27* / 28* is now pretty much a 6h ..... maybe a 7h if you carry a 20* five iron
  16. There is a great old playing lessons from Bruce Lietzke and I was shocked how far off line he would aim at times to take trouble off the table. Eye opener episode for sure for me, unless it is 140 or less I am aiming centre. Unless there is a lake left, then I hedge right etc. I also hedge short or long based on the green complex. A good example at my club is back fringe is an auto 3 putt on 4 or 5 holes ... so sometimes front fringe is the play. Same applies with tilted greens L to R. Sometimes a trap right of the green is better than 10 feet of the green on th
  17. Meanwhile I have ordered a Srixon 29* “driving iron”
  18. So todays round was fun. 35 when we teed off and 53 F when done. Cool and brisk NE wind. 4 layers early. 76 and only missed one green (if you include fringes) with a Srixon iron .. slightly fat off a very sandy fwy lie I will say they are very straight and forgiving. Amazing thru turf, even garbage dormant packed down Bermuda ... loads of heavy rains here earlier in the week I did move some balls around in the fairway to make sure I could hit all the irons (6-PW). Almost all gap and sand and lob shots I dragged backwards to 120 yards +. Moved forward
  19. Evidence ? Love it This all I have at the beach house rental .. 91T and i3+ blades and some spare shafts ... and the current set up in the trunk
  20. Odds are 95% the 4 and 5’s won’t make the bag. I love my gen 1 apex hybrids. 5h is my 200-205 club all day long in Canada during the season. Plus, they are easy peasy from the rough From two range session I know the 6 is simple to hit ... and the 4 and 5 were not overly taxing either ! Off to play in 90 mins near @Dan Drake ... will report in afterwards
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