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  1. The 7 are very similar look and feel wise to the 919t ... ymmv they do not feel small at all to me much prefer this style and feel of head vs hollow stuff like the t-mb and gen 2 p790’s I’ve unloaded quickly in the past the shape in the heel, leading edge and toe is what I like to see. eg oversized thicker Blueprints or my beloved s55’s much better thru turf than the x forged cb’s for me give me a week to get 2 rounds and 2 more range sessions in and I will compare them to 6 other sets for you in greater detail general no
  2. Dumped the X-Forged CB for these sassy blades. Not sure if this is a record or not for me time wise The store cut me a deal I couldn’t turn down ... and I get 2 extra irons out of the deal, the 4 and 5 After a range session I am honeymoon level in love. Wicked thru the turf, amazing feel. Twin points out this morning that from going to 919T to Zx7 I am following Bruce Cupcake
  3. Aussie’s are notorious ball busters and are very sarcastic. Like Scots who love to take the piss I guarantee you his pals are crushing him right now Scissors, Neanderthal head covers etc
  4. I thought this thread was tongue in cheek. Some seem to be able to get offended about anything it is a golf site, and he does look miles different than he used to, can we just all have some fun ? Saying Daly looks like Santa, is that also bad?
  5. 64.07 Vokey ... barely open face not sure what the modern grind equivalent is ... v ?
  6. As a Canuck I have some ideas - seafood chowder - chili and cheese - fajitas - baked salmon with sea salt and maple syrup with stuffed peppers (oil and feta) tonight: enchiladas
  7. Try a 95 g graphite driver shaft. That’s what I used to do. Speeder 952x. feel of steel weight with benefits of graphite
  8. Don’t see YJS pulling off the W ...
  9. I bet my left side swing is only 80mph. So bad, and for years I shot lefty in hockey
  10. Except for Srixon/Cleveland ,, only had wedges And Cobra .. I don’t think I have ever had a Cobra anything I would agree the other brands are the major brands and for all those remaining I have all major slots covered many times over. Too many times Titleist .. so many Vokey’s, 909/910 drivers, 913 fairways, persimmon fairways, 2 iron sets, Tour model blades and 690mb. Best wedges are the satin SM2 stuff from 2009 and the older TVD stuff. Callaway: Most recent driver and fwy’s were the ‘16 GBB line. Many of the Big Bertha and Biggest BB etc. Back in
  11. We played a 4 man $ scramble for 20 years. Two day travel event. Good buddy makes an ace in the practice round ... and it was a rancid cold skulled 8 iron off an elevated tee. Hit 10 yards short, one hopped and hit halfway up the pin going a zillion miles per hour ... and dropped in that was a lot of skins cash in the main event.
  12. Butch is a swing whisperer he knows exactly what to change and what to leave alone YJS was chasing distance and a prettier swing ... instead of going with what brought him to the dance
  13. I can’t talk long irons ... but the 125s is money in wedges So much so that I plan to try a whole set in 6-PW as well
  14. Hard to talk about the old school NHL guys with a load of Stanley Cups there were 6 teams, 4 were good I actually played golf with Yvan Cournoyer .. he is a golf junkie. Does Corporate outings and speaks afterwards, and he is incredibly entertaining. I think he has 10 rings!!!! He was a small guy but the leg’s on him even in his 70’s were simply unbelievable. He thought it was a riot that I had still had his autograph from meeting him at Maple Leaf Gardens when I was 10 or so. Semi-related story. Ran into Guy Lafleur at a conference 5 years back and he
  15. He seems like a fun guy on the vid I hope he does well. He clearly knows golf and as a fellow Aussie he deserves a run of 3 or 4 events to get his feet wet Less social media BS though please .. like the tank top in the snow
  16. I had some of those deep clay red coloured Aldila prototype 125 shafts and they were pretty solid !
  17. Don’t forget fujikura mci 100 and 120 ... nice
  18. Had a set ... green aldila nv 105x, stout and stable way firmer than the nvs x version in 100g
  19. And he is a golf nerd for equipment. Amazed he can’t find the right arrow and iirc he hits down on it, so he should be straighter perhaps look at Phil overdoing the crazy + AoA ... and hitting it sideways
  20. 6’2” and 34.5” in all 3 fav’s ... Piretti and 2 Scotty’s
  21. I will say after a long range session a 6i is straighter. Not as high and not as easy out of the rough vs 6h
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