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  1. Scotch and old clubs, sounds like my basement. You had me at hello friends I think my driver is $60 (without the shaft) and my putter comes up at $13.03
  2. Prestwick was in great shape considering the rainfall they've had in the last 6 weeks Heritage has some GREAT holes, solid layout.
  3. I enjoyed his talk after the round ... Seems like a nice young fella
  4. Played Heritage yesterday ... Soaked 9 of 18 in a near monsoon
  5. driving down tomorrow and flying back. Looking forward to it
  6. Doing a quick trip South the help out my brother. I want to play Caledonia and two others closer to the south end. What else is in solid shape right now after all the rains / flooding? PS seems like some front is also moving in when we are down there ... curses
  7. I keep thinking of the scene from Caddyshack "that's a peach hon"
  8. [quote name='Apollo 13' timestamp='1446798487' post='12560306'] Eliminate 3-putts and triple bogeys. Get good at bunker shots. [/quote] Get a Ping Glide ES for trap shots .. you're welcome
  9. [quote name='Peanut191' timestamp='1446818953' post='12560872'] What length are you guys playing the 5 Deep at? I have one and for some reason it just seems like the standard 42.75 length is too long. [/quote] Mine is at 43 and my 3 deep is a whisker under 44"
  10. I'm so old I had the first NW metal driver when I was 17
  11. Shoot a pb of 67 Drop cap from 4 to 2 Get better on 10-20 yard pitches Lose 25 lbs this winter
  12. Blade I agree on two points ... Almost as long as my driver AND I swear it's hard to curve at all Point and shoot off the tee on tight holes .. And when dry it runs like a SOB Anyhow, traded my Asst pro this aft for his 22 x2 hot 4h and have ordered the new apex iron like 5h... Bag was almost all Ping 3 months back and is now a solid mix w Cally
  13. i hear you goalie. My left elbow and shoulder are in dire need of the winter off
  14. The season is almost over here in the Toronto area. I got in 110 rounds this year. I'd say 10 of them are from trips South. I think my last one in this area was highly likely yesterday. (Though I may have an emergency trip to Myrtle starting on Sunday) I'm thinking 100 rounds in a six month season is pretty solid. I posted this last year and I believe I finished at 103 twelve months ago 110 is a PB for this cat. The kids growing up sure helps. I look back at 2002 and 2003 and I only played 20-30 rounds annually then
  15. I just added a Breitling to my collection [attachment=3020638:breitling.jpg] My favorite is still my limited Graham Tourist Trophy [attachment=3020640:graham watch.jpg]
  16. x2 hot 5 deep at 18.5 ... BOOM ... under rated ... I like the size of this head .. almost as long as most 3 woods or Aeroburner TP at 17.5
  17. Oh lordy Had to post. It hit 22*C (72*F) yesterday here and 12 of us went out for our usual $60 money game. Skins, stableford and blind draw 2 man net better ball. 20 per category per man I hit a shot into a par 5 with my 3 deep that I have to tell you about. This is not a passive brag ... but rather full on boasting My 4 buddies were in front of us on the green. I was 4 steps behind the 251 plate and it was a back pin. 274.5 per my buddies laser - adjusted for slope - as it runs slightly up hill. I had a great lie (lift clean and place) and FLEW my 3 deep onto the front fringe
  18. I will clarify for Peps that my Fall team is pretty stacked. Two plus 3's and a plus 5, lowest we've been is -19. We weren't at this event but apparently one team shot -23. 4 par 5 eagles and a par 4 eagle ! 4 tourney +'s ... playing in 8 somes .. I heard the -20 team was disappointed. 6500 yard track. Cdn Fall weather And in this one event we play every year they have two par 3's back to back. Deadly. One is 200 with a pond front right with a 20 mph crosswind. Next hole is 230 into that wind (driver needed some days) as a back pin in 245 and it plays 275 ish. Two birdies back to
  19. Hey Pepper - my team has been 9 under thru 7 once ! Guy drove a par 4 for eagle and my twin aced another hole ! I also played against a 4some that was 8 under thru 5 (big money events always require 8's). Three scratches or better and an LD guy that flew hit 3 wood 330ish. Eagled two par 4's and a par 5 right off the bat !!! Now if you talk about 4 choppers throwing down -16 then there is shenanigans
  20. Back in from a 3 day event in Florida. Good lord the Glide's are so good out of bermuda rough and also out of those dreaded tight dead dormant bermuda fairway and green side lies .... LOVED THEM !!
  21. Slantsflood ... I also hated Eye2's from tight lies, the best from rough and bunkers though
  22. shallower is more room for error ie Moe Norman and Lee Trevino ... you want a long shallow spot thru impact I worked hard this year shallowing my swing ie releasing earlier and I am amazed how easily I can take divots (much shallower divots) with what feels like a flip it also makes hybrids and fairway woods a lot easier Per one of the above posters I used to be one of those short iron guys that could hit a 9i 165 with a massive beaver pelt. I've shallowed and toned it down = a whole lot less pull draws and fats / thins
  23. I get a lot of 1.5 to 1,52's in a driver fitting. I did a thread on my last one with Titleist Here is what I know to max your smash factor Tee it up 3" or more +AOA shallow attack vs steep High launch ie 14* + Low spin Ball hit slightly high and on toe of face
  24. I'm husky and I get it around OK Unless its 100*, and humid, out I don't see how you can be tired on the back 9 walking a course .... I'm 6'2" and 260
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