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  1. I had some of those deep clay red coloured Aldila prototype 125 shafts and they were pretty solid !
  2. Don’t forget fujikura mci 100 and 120 ... nice
  3. Had a set ... green aldila nv 105x, stout and stable way firmer than the nvs x version in 100g
  4. And he is a golf nerd for equipment. Amazed he can’t find the right arrow and iirc he hits down on it, so he should be straighter perhaps look at Phil overdoing the crazy + AoA ... and hitting it sideways
  5. 6’2” and 34.5” in all 3 fav’s ... Piretti and 2 Scotty’s
  6. I will say after a long range session a 6i is straighter. Not as high and not as easy out of the rough vs 6h
  7. Love to keep this thread going down there early March to play and stay with a buddy who is renting at The Forest looking to buy a property on a course and be down there 5 months of the year, starting next Dec perhaps
  8. All I can report back is that I am loooonger now than when I started. And it hasn’t been that long ... My left shoulder, ribs and traps are between my shoulder blades are sore the day after a training session so I now I am getting stronger and working some new muscles Playing at sea level in NW FL and I had a bunch of drives in the 280 range (some 265 into the fan) yesterday during my round. If I had to guess I am around 110 now ... want to get to 115 Can’t provide real measurement until home at end of March
  9. These speeds posted are they just swing speeds or speeds measured actually hitting a ball?
  10. I’m putting recoil 110’s in mine in 7 weeks to match my gen 1 Glides in 50 54 and 60 Unlike a poster above, I find them super forgiving off the toe .. slight thin and slight toe in my miss and that miss is awful with hollow irons like 790 and t-mb etc
  11. Let’s not forget we saw Camilo bagging a 6h a few events back .. a PGA tour winner .. likely a +7 capper !!! I do have an inbound matching recoil black shaft to go in my 919t 6i, another cog in the testing equation It’s still in the air and can’t make the final call until I hit my courses at home in April
  12. Let’s see: - new shaft in 4h and 5h - new putter - new irons - new LW - new shaft in 7w
  13. They make many versions of those
  14. It was weird seeing a 50 yard pitch with a hybrid PW
  15. Played with a guy last week with a full set right to pw for hybrids
  16. -23 is nuts. I have played too often in my youth in Fall tournaments in weather around -2 C. Add in wind and rain and sleet and it becomes -10 and a battle of attrition. it’s 20C today in the Florida Panhandle
  17. It’s not the tightness of the grass, it is the lack of grass when dormant. .. and the grain greenside Literally some fairway shots are like fairway bunker shots
  18. I’ve always liked short irons a little flatter than the rest of the set
  19. This is where I am shifting towards ... even for just 1 reason ... playing from the rough
  20. I will admit my iron game in Florida is sub par compared to native grasses at home. reading the Richie Hunt stuff I want to hit greens more often and improve proximity from 175-245 ... pulling all stops this club covering 185-190 should help
  21. Had to pull this thread from the archives Tossing a new grip on the driver at the golf shop and spy a brand new old school 26* Adams XTD ti for $40 Recall how well I used to hit these when my twin owned them in 3 diff lofts I figure I can crank it up to 27.5* and test as a 6h. Comes with a Matrix hq3, iomic grip and is over length. Fwiw, I have 4 of those shafts at home in X and love them. Face sits way open and it is D8 ... me likey. I buy it. I’m a sucker. You know it and I know it. Anyways, I have some rounds and range time i
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