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  1. @Philomathesq I ordered 3-P 770's w/DG 120 X100's the night they went live. Not sure exactly how close to launch, I was just randomly checking the site to see if they dropped.
  2. Order status updated to being built! Can't wait to get these in hand.
  3. Absolute beauty! Best twisted neck I've seen. Roll it well! Which finish is this? Looks too dark for AZ fire.......... Thanks! Can’t wait to get it out this weekend and roll some in. We went with the Az fire and he knocked it out of the park.
  4. Brand new set of 3 True Temper S400 "Woven Web" Wedge shafts. Only 7 sets released. $250 shipped No trades at this time
  5. What...where...how?? Limited release from True Temper...snagged one of only 7 sets. I was able to snag a set as well! Can't wait to see them in hand.
  6. Feel and performance are relative. Slightly different look than a newport and depending on finish, beaching, material, milling etc feels can be completely different. But if you took and 009 and Newport with the exact same material and milling there's probably no way you'd notice a difference in feel or performance. Cavity depth and size could make a difference in feel.
  7. Scotty Cameron Napa California, plays a touch over 34" w/ tiffanyish colored leather grip (non Scotty). Some light brush marks on sole and some marks on face that you can see in the right light. Couple of very small nicks on topline. Tried my best to show them in the picture but they are very small. Shaft band has a little peeling and wrinkles. Headcover comes with but is in gamed condition. Overall this putter is still in very nice condition. Ive picked out everything i could find wrong with it and all of them are pretty minimal. I think pics will speak a lot. Looking for $675 OBO
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