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  1. Callaway Apex hybrids (orignal not the updated ones) are lowest launching and best feeling ones I've used (but need the extra height and forgiveness with 19 version) I think I may still have a couple of these heads if you're looking to buy...just PM me
  2. Nice. I'm in Cobb County and close by Had some sloppy work done at big box here and if have something complicated or want done right I'll ship to my trusted guy I'll have to give Adam a try! have a nice set of irons I don't just want glued and go
  3. ALL PRICES SHIPPED USPS PRIORITY NOT LOOKING FOR ANY TRADES Will listen to reasonable offers…PM me! TaylorMade SIM 9* Driver hotmelted (neutral) to 200g w/ Accra Tour TZ6 65g M4 (Stiff flex) plays at 44.5” at D2 SW w/ Best grips leather grip no headcover or wrench $550 TaylorMade SIM Max 19* #3 Hybrid w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DI-85s shaft playing at 40.5” see pics for condition (couple marks high on topline) headcover included $275 Cobra KING SZ Pars and Stripes 9* Speedzone Driver (limited white finish head with blue face)
  4. I have one with a Tour AD IZ shaft and love it the 16.5* with little shorter shaft and heavier weights just seems to work for me as long as any 3 wood I've played, and pretty comparable to similar set up I have in Mav Max 3+ the 4 wood (or a 5 wood lofted down) I think will replace the 3 wood for me in future then go right to a 18* or 19* hybrid for next spot in the bag
  5. Maybe I'm missing something, but my roll of grip tape from GolfWorks just sits there on the bench it has a paper covering on the outside so nothing sticks to it. outside just peels off once stick to shaft
  6. ***FINAL PRICE DROPS***NOT LOOKING FOR ANY TRADESPM me! TaylorMade SIM Max 10.5* Driver hotmelted (neutral) to 201g w/ real deal Ventus Blue w/ VeloCore 6-X (tipped std. ½” I believe) plays at 44.25” to my measurement and at D2 SW headcover included$545 $525 $500 SOLD TaylorMade SIM Titanium 15* 3 wood w/ Graphite Design Tour AD MT-7s shaft plays 43” and D4 SW normal marks on face (see pic) crown is clean with stock headcover included$395 $385 $375 SOLD TaylorMade SIM Max 22* #4 Hybrid w/ VEYLIX Rome 988 Wildeye hybrid shaft playing at 40” and D4 SW told was X-flex but assume
  7. I also have a Gen2 19* with the TENSEI Pro Blue 80TX and usually not a real X-stiff type player but this shaft just works and I love the hybrid
  8. the TC serial means it's a tour head...so would need original spec sticker/actual measurement from tour van to know exact loft. anyone know what a normal Callaway 4+ means? 16*?
  9. love it still trying in Mavrik FWs...and paint scheme matches perfect
  10. Did they lose much weight? I have one that may want to do this to what was charge? and what finish do you ask for on their site...just say you want it raw?
  11. More like lucky duck! good thing I didn't win I'd be ripping that shaft out of there so fast, like a good club ho
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