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  1. ALL PRICES SHIPPED USPS PRIORITY NOT looking for Trades, PM ME! Titleist 917 F2 21* 7 wood w/ Fuji ROMBAX P95 X-flex plays more like a 5 wood at 42” and set to 20.25” on D1 setting have 14g Draw/Fade weight which makes perfect D3 SW see pics for condition…slight marks on crown, no headcover $OLD Titleist 915F 15* 3 wood w/ OBAN Kiyoshi Tour Limited 05 Flex (X-stiff) 70g Plays 43” and shaft Pure’d from Tour Spec, playing D3 with blue (11g) weight Aligned to play in “4” setting which makes slightly Flatter lie I believe He
  2. if you like Titleist the TS2 21* head is smaller then the older 917 and it's adjustable
  3. yes, irons and 3 wood still available (although got multiple messages about both. so hopefully won't last long. post will be updated as soon as item is sold. if price is listed, then it's still available
  4. Stock shaft = NOT Pro and like above, best way to tell is looking for weave going all way up under grip
  5. Looks like just nicked when cutting off grip and may not have been clean cut at butt end so couple shards peeled down? I doubt it’s anything structural and in danger of snapping. If it was at tip, then I would worry. But just regroup and should be just fine. If really concerned just butt trim it a bit more and play in a fairway
  6. Not sure I would leave a fitting not knowing exact shaft and specs I was just fit into
  7. Any 7 wood head still will have different cg and turf interaction then typical hybrid head Got an old Adams Tour head that’s 20* and perfect blend and you may still be able to find old Fwy/Hy heads
  8. Def. try the new Mizuno ST-Z I too always had difficulty elevating 3 wood and resorted to 4 or even 5 woods but the Mizzy in 15* is great and don’t have to turn loft sleeve up. Note that it is also a lot flatter lie then other fairways I’ve tried and the Motore shaft is real deal and just added bonus
  9. would be interested to compare the higher end fairways as well...anyone hit the Proto or Gen4? (got a Gen2 and they are some of the best/most underrated fairways ever made IMO)
  10. ALL PRICES SHIPPED USPS PRIORITY NOT looking for Trades, PM ME! Titleist T100S irons 4-PW w/ rare Accra iSeries Steel 125g X-stiff shafts (play more in between Stiff and X) custom built by Will Peoples w/ Z Cord midsize grips all Std. Lie and Length (off 38" 5 iron) but believe 1* weak (45* PW...so in between T100 and T100S) these are mint and don't look like been played much. Got them from another member, but decided on another combo of T100S and T200. $1150 SOLD sexy, sexy black blades...Sub 70 639-mb Forged irons 5-P KBS Tour 120
  11. then, no...you can't make a non-adjustable hosel into one
  12. not sure I get the question, but if you're asking if you can pull a shaft from an Callaway adapter and install it into a fixed-hosel fairway wood? the answer is: yes. just get club builder who knows what they're doing...it's not a DIY job unless you have the tools and experience in clubmaking.
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