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  1. saw other replies that compare it to a DI, but not quite right I think I would say it's most similar to the IZ...and can see where Justin Thomas went from the ZF I think now to playing the IZ. Both are stiffer in the handle and tip, with softer mid-sections
  2. think the Cooperheads are kind of a special profile that I haven't found in other shafts (reading back it's similar to the unicorn Tensei Pro Orange V2)...and only in the "TX" as the lower flexes are completely different shaft
  3. Sometimes play 50* gap, 56* sand and 62* lob..great combo and keeps 6* gaps (the 62 is a 64* HiToe turned down to take away some of effective bounce
  4. Actually playing a heavier (5 wood) head with longer shaft (from 3 wood) would make heavier swing weight I have Sim Ti 19* turned down to around 17.5* with 42.5” shaft and is perfect D3-4 and no need for a 3 HL although new Sim2 Ti is intriguing they are smaller (20 cc in the 5 wood) so think the OG Sims are better for making a “4 wood”
  5. Yeah, and the new Sim2 Ti are smaller (think 20cc in the 5 wood and still no 3HL) so the original Sim Ti 5 wood should still be go-to for turning down loft and making a “4 wood”
  6. ALL PRICES SHIPPED USPS PRIORITY NOT looking for Trades, PM ME! Callaway MAVRIK set of Driver and 3 wood BOTH w/ Graphite Design Tour AD shafts 10.5* std. head with IZ-5 x-flex and 3+ Max head with IZ-6 x-flex (think this one tipped 1') both play std length (45" and 43") with Z-grips and no headcovers included will not split up...$650 $625 TaylorMade SiM 5 wood 19* (currently turned down to 17.5*) with TENSEI Pro White 70 TX plays at 42.5" so more like a beast of a 4 wood...with a PXG Pure grip see pics for condition...crown and topli
  7. Ping (and I think Titleist) offering TENSEI AV Raws? these shafts the same as their after-market shafts, or just not the same unless you're getting a TX with better materials?
  8. try KBS TGi 100g Stiff or KBS Proto hybrid 85g/95 Stiff (they also make a S+)
  9. search TXG's videos on YouTube while back they tested the stock/non-VeloCore Ventus Blue in TM drivers to the real deal, expensive aftermarket version if I remember correctly, there was noticeable difference in stability and consistency with that added upgraded material in the shaft
  10. Sounds like the regular Epic Speed head may be better fit the Triple Diamond heads aren’t that low spin (think that’s the double Diamond) and the LS model may not be best...although also head the Max LS isn’t that low spin compared to previous Sub Zeros
  11. PM me if interested in an old school Cally Big Bertha Titanium 20* Thinking it would be perfect, smaller workable 7 wood
  12. Looks like been refinished in the black and looks pretty mint. Would say you could easily double your money if selling
  13. PXG Gen2 (like Ping G410/425) can be set to Flat with hosel adjustment and they are much more solid/better sounding IMO...best hybrid I've hit
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