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  1. yeah, I read somewhere that mentioned the blade length was longer on this version than the 2013. Cool to know it's longer than the Pro as well.
  2. I think we will see this happen at some point. Collab blades between TGR and Taylormade would sell out so fast I don't know about sell out fast. If they do a limited run, that's changes things. But if it's a full run I doubt it would sell out. The blade has such a niche audience.
  3. Everything here is priced to sell. Forced to offload gear to pay for major car repairs. Sucks. PM with questions as I likely won't be checking this thread regularly. NOTE: NOT LOOKING FOR TRADES AT THIS TIME TITLEIST 718 AP3/CB COMBO SET - PRICE $880 Only the 7-iron was used on practice mat a couple times. Rest of the set hasn't seen a golf ball. And before I field questions, I would consider breaking up the set for the right price, but I'd prefer to sell all at once. - 4-PW (4-6 AP3; 7-PW CB) - True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (+.25") - Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips
  4. The raw finish thing is driving me crazy. How is this not a US option? What's the point making it available in Europe? So frustrating.
  5. Up for sale is a Miura Giken ICL-601 driving iron. Club has 23 degrees of loft and has a KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 85X shaft. PRICE: No longer available
  6. I doubt you see anything next year. They have an option for everyone and made it clear they wouldn't be pressured into releasing something new unless it was markedly better.
  7. Callaway Apex Pro 16 (4-PW) - PRICE Backup set that was never used. These are as mint as they come. Considered keeping them but I'm almost certain I'll start testing the waters when new gear comes out. - True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts - Shafts are +1/4" over standard length - Standard loft and lie - Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips Ping G400 LST driver - PRICE $OLD Titleist 716 T-MB 2-iron - PRICE $OLD
  8. As the headline states, selling Callaway GBB Epic Star driver and fairway wood. Both are mint and don't have any face or sole marks. GBB Epic Star driver 10.5 degrees Mitsubishi Grand Bassara GB39 REGULAR FLEX shaft (45.5 inches) D0 swing weight GBB Epic Star 3-wood 15 degrees Mitsubishi Grand Bassara GB49 REGULAR FLEX shaft (43 inches) D1 swing weight
  9. Looks slightly larger in that photo. Or are my eyes deceiving me?
  10. Those look so good. Can't wait to try them out.
  11. I'm dying to get my hands on the MB. I still don't know why they put them out on tour early in the year and then never did a release. Just seems weird.
  12. These look awesome. Can attest from seeing them in person.
  13. PM with questions. Mizuno S18 60-degree lob wedge (only selling the 60-degree pictured) PRICE: $OLD Mizuno CLK '17 hybrids PRICE: GONE
  14. Shanked wedge with 59 on the line. Just watch.
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