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  1. Looks like it could be an exciting last day. Is it likely that they will get it finished today?
  2. I for one hope he finds it again. He seemed quite uptight at the open championship, didn't look like he was really enjoying it. I still watch his first US win at Quail Hollow back on YouTube. That was immense. His two major dominations were pretty impressive too. His length and iron play should really command better scores.
  3. Give the guy a break, I can see where he is coming from. This place would become pretty boring if every time someone posted a picture of clubs/bags/covers etc and said 'they look amazing or awful' for everyone to say 'does it matter what they look like'. Some like the look, some don't, it's not an issue, or at least it shouldn't be, we are all here to talk golf. Out of curiosity how many people have actually hit them?
  4. Congrats, a fantastic score to be proud of. I cannot remember the last time I broke 80 :-(. It will happen again I am sure
  5. Now on the mobile app and all appears to be good. Didn't actually know there was an app. Thanks
  6. Using the mobile version. I have tried blocking cookies, and turned Java off, but it still happens even when I'm not logged in. I literally opened the web page to check for replies to this post and straight away I was directed to other sites. It's really frustrating. I will try the app and see how that goes.
  7. Recently whilst selecting topics I have been redirected to other websites which get blocked by my phone, finally getting a pop up asking if I want to open in the App Store. This morning I made the mistake of trying to go back to golfwrx and was greeted with a web page with two naked females. I have gone to my history and deleted, managed to write this, but as soon as I start browsing the forum it happens within 5 minutes. It only happens on this site. Could someone look into this for me as this site is my weekly golf fix, re event photos and gear. It must be something that has got in under the golfwrx radar?
  8. I was watching DJ on the range at the open on day 3 and he doesn't even look like he swings it that fast, but when he hits the ball the club must be really traveling. It just doesn't look like it.
  9. Have a few competition trophies which are always nice from the 2007/08 season. By value, it would be the TM Burner 09 Driver, although didn't need a driver so swapped it for a sky caddie SG5. I still have it, but haven't subscribed for a couple of years.
  10. If I am playing with someone, then I try to contain it, but normally a frustrated 'come on' If I am playing alone, 'oh [email protected] off' comes out when the driver misbehaves, but only ever with the driver? (and no it's not the Indian, it's the arrow!). Lol. This actually made me chuckle thinking about it. The last time I played, hit my first two drives in the first two holes about 30 yards right of my target, no.1 was contained, the 2nd was a big frustrated 'ofo'.
  11. If I am honest I have no idea. Having never had a hole in one I would love to think I could get that lucky one day, but I have hit a 295 yard par 4 and run it right past the hole (holed the putt for eagle and have eagled the hole twice that way). Rarely find the fairway with my driver now days :-(. If t is true, then wow. If it isn't, give it another year or two and he will probably shoot the perfect 54?
  12. Did noone else think that the head of Rory's 3 wood came off way too easy? Maybe the bond broke as he hit it, causing the awful feel and bad shot and thus his reaction. Watched him for a couple of holes today but he really didn't look like he was enjoying it. Andrew Johnston on the other hand was fantastic, interacting with the crowd and looked like he was having a blast. Followed him between 9 and 13. Great chip in on 13, which Sergio also appreciated with a huge smile.
  13. TBH he is probably just fed up of being asked the same questions, he has made his decision, lets just move on. It wouldn't be the first time that the press have asked questions that are no longer valid or tried to stir things up. I do agree that the format is all wrong. Stroke play at the Olympics is flawed. An all out 4 player team Scramble would be be different enough to get attention and quite entertaining too. IMO I certainly won't be watching a 72 hole stroke event.
  14. Phil is great. I never tire of watching him play or contend. His almost gung-ho style is maybe something we could all take something from
  15. I don't quite have your swing speed, (carry a 46 wedge 115, carry 8i 150, carry Driver 235) but I have found similar in irons. With the Mizuno optimiser and fittings in general I have always been around a Stiff Steel (last Optimiser was Dynalite Gold XP S300) but I don't like how they feel (key word right there) I like to feel a smooth kick, and Apex 3, Dynamic Gold Lites R300 do wonders for my game because they feel right. One of the sweetest feeling irons I have hit was a set of Mizuno MX25 with Senior graphite, they felt wonderful. Miles away from my recommendation, I just wish I hadn't sold them (we're dads old clubs)
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