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  1. You can always have the bent weaker. This is what I am doing with my 223/221 combo set to make the lofts match up. Wk
  2. i emailed everything I wanted and he called me that I was all set to go. Cant wait. Wk
  3. Mizzy didnt want to pay him the amount he was asking in my opinion. Wk
  4. New Ball Callaway staffers like Xander Scauffele, Marc Leischman, and Sam Sounders are already playing. It produces higher ball speed with reduced spin and low launch. Have to try it and compare it to my PROV1 and TP5. WK
  5. I will definitely get one for 2022. I will see what shaft works best with the collection of shafts I have. Wk
  6. Loving the ferrules. I wish Mizuno had them.. Wk
  7. I like his game when he is slinging it right to left. he should not change. Wk
  8. 1. City, State? Flemington, NJ 2. Handicap? 0 3. How would the Apex Utility Wood fit into your bag? since i have a 4 iron it might replace my 5 wood 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Apex Utility Wood? never had a Callaway wood before 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes Wk
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