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  1. Not bragging but i got the tees free. Wk
  2. Did you check on the price of Peter Millar Tees? Last time I check it was like $1 per Tee. Crazy. I got a bunch of them. My tees alone in my golf bag are worth $100. Wk
  3. I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share with all of you. Wk
  4. Ok. Do one play with it or frame it? UUHHMMM if I had disposable income i would jump at it and play them. I got a circle t with a certificate and i have been gaming since. Wk
  5. I thought they made a mistake crossed off the word Deep the first time I saw it. Not a good marketing there. Wk
  6. Maybe Couples was ahead of our time using the ladies flex like the new Autoflex shafts.. Wk
  7. Where did you get your fitting that has a X7 as one of their shafts? Wk
  8. What is going on? Is he getting soft on us? I would of never thought of that I would of guess the other way. I am shocked its soft stepped. Wk
  9. Looks sweet but love to see the CB version. Cant argue with the older CB version they had when they were with Titleist. Wk
  10. Curious what the swing weight will be for the set? Wk
  11. If you are crazy then we are all crazy. DO IT!!! Wk
  12. Perfect for the off season. Then the new version will be available in 6 months. Wk
  13. Rickie is doing just fine. He has fans, fame, and family, thats a win. A tour win is an icing on the cake. Wk
  14. It could be just me, I put both on track man with ventus blue and I was getting slightly better numbers with the max. The ventus was spinning a little too much for me so I figure I would get lower spin with the Smoke. Wk
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