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  1. I just purchased a putter from him recently. The putter was just as he described. It took me time to negotiate with him on pricing though which I found to be higher than other sellers. Good luck!
  2. In my opinion, a more forgiving set of irons should give you more consistent and predictable yardages and direction even on mis-hits. I don't want to lose too much distance on mis-hits or go over the green either when I hit it flush. I don't want my irons to go longer. I just need it to go the same distance every time.
  3. Check out Tom Slighter. I've had nothing but great experience with him. Great guy to work with. He is very detail ordered and would go the extra mile to make you happy. Top notch turnaround time too!
  4. UPDATE: I was able to get a good number of balls. Already shipped everyone's orders. I have a few more boxes if anyone else wants to try a box of 2 dozens. My cost is $40.63 (shipped via USPS Padded Envelope) which I am just passing on to any WRX member. Here is the breakdown of my cost: Price for 2 dozens with 8% Tax = $32.3892 Shipping Cost for 2 dozens = $6.80 (Via USPS Priority Mail) Paypal = $1.44 Total cost for 2 dozens = $40.6292
  5. I found a Costco that still has it. Will be headed there tom. Please pm me if you want a box (2 dozens). Doing this as a service to Wrx'ers so will be charging the exact cost + tax + PayPal charge + cost of shipping to you. Wish me luck...
  6. That is odd. He normally responds right away. I think he was on vacation a couple of weeks ago...
  7. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company's end product.
  8. No free drop unless the area was clearly marked as GUR.
  9. I would try Craigslist or my local Goodwill. But if you absolutely must have a replacement now, why not buy the 4 iron on eBay. Weaken the loft, shorten the shaft and of course change the paintfill to another color to distinguish it from your regular 4 iron. Good luck with your search...
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