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  1. I have been blessed with the opportunity to purchase a chunk of a sizable golf collection. I plan to start listing irons and wedges on here, beginning with this lot. With the size of the collection and life in general, I am going to sell these as-is. At this time, I do not know specs on many of them other than shaft/grip. Prices include PayPal and shipping in the lower 48. I will ship elsewhere for additional cost. •Cleveland 588 TT - Tour? These have a serial on the 7i that begins with a T. These are 3-PW with KBS Tour Stiff shafts and MCC grips. 3 iron is still in plastic and has different MCC grip. $325 •Cobra F7 One Length. These are 4-PW with Recoil 660 Regular flex graphite shafts. The 4-7 are approximately the same length, with the 8-PW having a progressive shortening with Lamkin grips. $425 •Cobra S2 Forged. These are 4-G. The 4-PW have different serials but the same shafts, Project X 5.5 flighted. The G has a Nippon 1030H stiff. All have Golf Pride 360 grips. $275 •PING S57 Red Dot. These are 5-PW with some type of True Temper shaft and Tacki-Mac grips that need cleaning. $225 •PING S57 Black Dot (Set 1) These are 3-PW with Project X 6.0 shafts and Lamkin Crossline Midsize grips. $325 •PING WRX S57 Black Dot (Set 2) These are 2-PW with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts and PING grips. SOLD •PING S57 Yellow Dot (Set 1) These are 3-PW with PING Cushin shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. $325 •PING S57 Yellow Dot (Set 2) These are 3-PW with PING Cushin shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. 3 iron has some sticky substance that should be removable. $325 •ISI BeCU 3-PW, SW2 are Blue Dot, SW 3 is non-matching and is green. These are 3-PW, SW2, + a non-matching SW3. All have PING shafts and 3-PW and SW2 have WINN grips that need replacing. SW3 has Golf Pride Tour Wrap. $500 More pics can be PMd. Thank you!
  2. Hi WRX team. Let's say you have the opportunity to play a multi-day, team event at a nice club that is typically either A) hard to get on , or B) expensive. What is the most you would pay to play a fun, two-day event that included golf, food, gifts, prizes, and entertainment (guest speaker, concert, etc.)? Thank you!
  3. Hey everybody...Parker here from "Flatstick Focus". Thank you for taking the time to post in this thread. We will work to level out the volume in our next episode. Thank you for all of the listens and downloads!
  4. Sorry for the delay. Here is a pic of the 970 face. Also, please note, I have dropped the price on every item. Thank you!
  5. 3 ITEMS LEFT Hello all. I'm looking to unload some sticks. I will try to keep this short and sweet. I can send more pics if interested. Lengths of are approximates and measured from grip cap to middle of leading edge. All prices include shipping and paypal in the lower 48. Will ship elsewhere for actual shipping cost. Trades I would be interested in: *Don White Irons/Wedges *Lajosi Putters Thanks for looking! -NEW Tour issue M2 3HL with Prototype Attas Shaft. I believe this shaft was a pull that was put into this club. 44.25-44.5" $200 -Titleist 906F3 Prototype. This head was not released to retail. 18*, Graphite Design YS Stiff. Chip on topline. 43.5" $95 -Bettinardi BB-54 Proto. Ding on leading edge. 34.5" $195 -Ping iBlades. 4-PW, Red Dot, with Red/White/Blue Ferrules and Multi-Compound grips (I believe with ribs). Ferrules might need to be sanded down a little to make flush. KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff. Face pics are W, 8, 6, 4. SOLD
  6. Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well! I’m looking to see if anyone in the forums has any ties to the medical community in Houston. I’m looking for some information regarding Houston Methodist. Thank you!!
  7. Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm looking to see a set of Red Dot PING iBlades and 2 Glide Wedges. The set makeup is as follows: Irons: 4-PW, Red Dot, KBS C-Taper Lite, Red/White/Blue Ribbed Multi-Compound Grips, Red/White/Blue ferrules. There are a couple of grips that are a little more crooked than others, and the ferrules could probably use a turn down to skinny them up to match up to the hosels better. 5 iron length is approximately pictured (started at grip cap). 50*: Glide Gorge, SS Grind, Dynamic Gold Spinner (Wedge Flex). Non-Ribbed Red/White/Blue Multi-Compound, Red/White/Blue ferrule. 54*: Glide Gorge, SS Grind, KBS Hi-Rev (Regular Flex). Non-Ribbed Red/White/Blue Multi-Compound, Red/White/Blue ferrule. I'm looking for $650 shipped and paypaled in the lower 48. Thanks for looking!
  8. Who's got a putter made for a Tour Player? I'd love to see em!
  9. I'm a huge DW fan and would love to see what everyone has. Thank you!
  10. Hello all! For sale is a 009 with what I feel is pretty rare stamping. I wanted this one for a while and finally got it. I'm not thinking about letting it go :/. We've got: -Retired Head (009 - They are not making standard 009s anymore) -Carlsbad -Small font -Flying T -Scotty Dog -Retired finish This one is an unstamped 340g and is 34". Comes with COA and Black Studio grip. I believe this is truly the Black Pearl Mist as opposed to standard Black Pearl. As you see, at some point, this one received a ding on the topline, as well as some dings and scratches on the sole. A topline might remove some of the top ding. More pics can be emailed if these don't show up well. I'm not even sure I want to let this one go, but I can be tempted at $2,850. Not looking for trades at this time. Thanks for looking! Current COA: http://www.scottycam...aspx?rn=a031647 Previous COA before paint changes, dings, etc: http://www.scottycam...aspx?rn=a014417
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