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  1. Thanks all - Robhatter - great response. I will take your advice - there are some Callaway demo days locally around me which I will check out.
  2. Question, I got some Callaway X-20 irons and I was fitted for 1 deg upright. I have found from this site that on the face of my club the top groove color is green to represent 1 deg upright and all the other grooves are white. If you are standard, then all the grooves are white. I have owned the clubs for 1 month. Here's my problem. I am not any expert so when they guy said I should be 1 deg upright, I wouldn't have known one way or the other. Pretendin I was shopping for clubs and without telling them about my X-20's, I got fitted again at a different place, and the fitter there said I should NOT be 1 deg upright, but standard. I said thanks and that I would think about - but now I was not sure who to believe. Went to yet another place and went through the same routine. Got the same answer, not 1 deg upright, but standard. So now I feel I messed up for some reason. Here is my question. The place I bought the clubs has a guarantee of Lie adjustments. But if I go back, are they going to ship these back to Callaway and give me new irons/heads with a standard lie (and thus the color white on the grooves). or will the place I bought them just bend them thereselves to be standard, so I will have the green color on the face even though they will be standard. I don't really care about the color, just curious what I could demand to this place? Anyone have thoughts?
  3. Thanks Dan and Lionstar. Will pass on your feedback about ChampionsGate and Reunion. Lionstar, Good to hear that you feel Metrowest is just as great as Orange County National as that was one of the courses that was considered this year that we did not go to, but was already being talked about for next year. Since we loved Metrowest that is good news. Thanks TeetoGreen about Eagle Creek - will also pass that info on. Talk to everyone in a year :-)
  4. Just wanted to follow up on our experiences this past week. Played the following three courses: 1. Highland Reserve - really dissapointed. Really poor conditions at tee box, fairway, and greens. Wide open, no water, and lots of elevation change - but could not get past the poor conditions. Would not really recommend. 2. Metrowest - on the other hand - this course was the exact opposite. Great conditions, water on 2 holes - good challenging course. Mega-GPS on carts(shows how far drive is, other carts, beer cart, etc). Great restaurant. I would highly recommend 3. Southern Dunes - we have played this before - but still in great shape, still a great course. Would like the Mega-GPS instead of the just the distance GPS that they have - but still a great course for the money.
  5. I see that one person mentioned Metrowest. Anyone else have feedback about this course?
  6. I know exactly what you are talking about. During last Big Break, I didn't pay much attention to her - but since this show has started I am thinking the exact same thing you are.
  7. Gary and Mark had to take shots out of a sandtrap to a green - it was a big bunker. Gary took a bunch of shots to get it in the circle, so then Mark had to go and do it in less strokes than Gary basically. During Mark's shots, Gary was standing behind him and was swinging his club with one arm in the sand. Everyone noticed and commented that it looked like Gary trying to distract Mark. It didn't work, Mark did it - and everyone felt justice was served.
  8. I have X-20 reg that are 1* up and the very top small scoring line on the face is definitely GREEN. I did not know that this was the reason why, but it is good to know. Thanks.
  9. Ogio Edge Woode system. I compared lots of stand/carry bags which was the combo I wanted - and this one I liked the best.
  10. Hey Shook23. I am exactly talking about the range in Southborough, MA. Too funny - what a small world.
  11. Hi all, got some new clubs(Callaway X-20) and trying to judge distances at the driving range compared to my old clubs. Of course, there is a big sign that states that driving range balls only go 80% of a "real" golf ball. Is this accurate and true? So if I am hitting a club 100 yds with a range ball, is this telling me that with a "real" ball I would be looking at a distance of 125 yds? I live in New England so can't really get out to a golf course and confirm, so I am relying on the yardage markers at the driving range to give me a feel with my new clubs. Also, if accurate, why are range balls like this? (I assume it is related to cost somehow)
  12. Agreed, I stocked up on these balls as well. One large sports(not golf)chain had then marked as 19.99 and I bought all 7 boxes that were left. When I went back to see if they restocked, the price was now 29.99(either a sale, or a mismark the first time). That seems to be the starndard price what I have seen at other golf and sports stores. Recommended by me. I have heard the ball is designed for faster swing speeds, but I have a pretty average swing speed, and I get great results out of this ball.
  13. I play to an 18, and I will be starting the season with Callaway X-20. I looked at X-20 Tour and Mizuno MX-25 - but as much as I would have loved to play either of these - the X-20 were the right fit for me.
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