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  1. I hated that pick from second SS made it, head scratcher!
  2. Damn...... Bad wedge and can't make the tie'n putt...Sit his sas down!
  3. But they continue to host Majors and Ryder Cup events!
  4. Agree, its a Dye course.. You know exactly what you are going to get!
  5. I dont either.... Would you put Rors back out, hell no!
  6. Dont all these Cups come down to putts... And these two are not making them.... Unless Im watching a different match!
  7. Please sit Justin and Jordan next session!
  8. JT n JS need to get it going.... Sputtering along!
  9. That par3 just made this a bucket list course!
  10. Another disgusting L for the USA...... Hope the men can do better at WS!
  11. Damn, the announcers sucking up Shampoos backside... Ok, we know hes hitting it a mile!! Damn!
  12. Club twirl said it all!
  13. How much daylight left?
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