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  1. Seriously doubt that... Not if you want a W!
  2. BD didnt congrats that birdie......... LOL
  3. Spoke too soon..Nice putt!
  4. Cant and BD, both birdie 1st.. Announcers please STF* about length!
  5. Not now... Water balls for all!
  6. USA for the GOLDDDDDDDDD!
  7. Like Brooks chances better, but CM will get there!
  8. Speezy got that 009 rollin!
  9. Heck naw, let em suffer!!!!!!!
  10. There needs to be more security.. Glad it didnt happen at Torrey!
  11. Damn.. Guess I can nix it if its play n stay!!! Ooh well!
  12. toddnt

    Nanea & Kukio

    Pretty sure you better know a member, first hand!
  13. Well since you're staying there.... Id toss in Poipu.
  14. Fat lady tuning up
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