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  1. Wonder if Phil will put a driver in the bag at Torrey?
  2. Brooks, you dont deserve to win not getting birds on 5s!
  3. Brooks is hot as FISH GREASE
  4. Hope coverage is better at Torrey!
  5. Shampoo with the lucky rules break... Change that crap!
  6. Hope this puts a cork in it for announcers fawning over shampoo!
  7. Choke.. Pure and Simple! Like going for the pin on 12, well TW learned from Jack that you go center of green, 2-jack and keep it moving! How you not hitting it center of green and using slope!! Choke! And I like the guy!
  8. And Trevino is in Hall of Fame and considered of of the greatest faders of the ball.. No comparison!
  9. Thats what I dont get.. If you've watched the final round... You know where the ball has to go on this hole and 12.. Just ignorance!
  10. Caddie has to know where to land that.. No excuse!
  11. Xander...Just not ready.... You know where that ball has to go!
  12. Would love to see his Master's Dinner.... Break out the Fugu and see who has the balls to eat it!
  13. Bring on the next Major! So glad I didnt take the day off to watch this!
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