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  1. I have stated in nearly all of my postings on this subject that the thing that makes tour pros so great is their game from 100 yards and in....they can usually plan on getting up and down at least 50-60% of the time from inside that range. That entails pitching, chipping and putting.....the great known secret to great golf. In fact, I play with quite a few older gentlemen (like mid 50's or older) who hover in the low handicaps, and it seems like they just swipe the ball all over the course. But, by golly, if they have a chance to get up and down, they do it. They'll make a 50 ft putt to
  2. I don't believe long enough has anything to do with being a top teir player. Jim Furyk is ranked 176th on the PGA Tour for driving distance at 274 avg. He's top 10 in the World Golf Ranking. The things that he is at the top of the list for is driving accuracy, greens in regulation and srambling. As I have opined before....short game is what makes these guys so great. That being said, to answer the OP's original question....how long is long enough? You're long enough when you can score well. If I'm a great iron player (I.E. Jim Furyk), 270ish is plenty long to play most of the courses o
  3. Rosin BagsSo, here in Florida, hot and humid is completely back in swing. I can walk out of my house at midnight and feel sticky. I was born and raised here, and absolutely love the hot weather (as opposed to freezing my buns off every winter). But, the humidity is taking its toll on my game, as I game it gloveless. I try to keep my hands and grips clean using a half wet / half dry towel during my round. But, on those really humid days, my grips just don't quite seem to cooperate. I typically have clammy hands, but I absolutely hate the way a golf glove feels. I was wondering if
  4. My game is rounding into form...ish. I made a complete swing overhaul in the last 4 months. In my last 3 rounds, I was 3-4 under par at the turn, only to shoot 3-4 over par on the back. I attribute it to lack of concentration on the back nine and a little bit of a short game glitch. I'm hoping that with a little more short game practice and some competitive rounds this summer, I'll be down to a + by the fall. I would really like to post some top 10's (perhaps, maybe even a top 5) in some amateur tournaments over the summer. But, it's all in preparation for my major for the year.....an Oc
  5. Long IronsAlright, so here's my problem. I am hitting my 3 and 4 irons pure, but I don't like the trajectory....it's too low. I can carry my 3 iron 215 - 220, but its a very low trajectory. After its carried 215, it's rolling another 10 - 20 yards. The only exception to this is off the tee....I can hit it consistenly 225 off the tee with a higher trajectory, and it usually stops where it lands. But, off the ground, it's traveling too low. Now, I'm trying to figure if this is a swing issue or an equipment issue, and here's why. With virtually every other club in my bag, including my wo
  6. I went through this same thing last year. I figured out where I f-ed up....when I had a bad day ball striking, I assumed there was something wrong with my swing. I tinkered and experimented with different things in my swing to try to "feel" that good contact feeling again, and I only got worse. Then, I finally just went back to my trusty 'ol swing, and, was hitting it good again. I think what one of the above posters said is right one....fundamentals. When we have a bad day, week, month, etc. ball striking, we began tinkering with our swings. But, what we should really be doing is going
  7. This is also an aspect of bermuda grass. In order for it to be that fast, it has to practically be dead. Bermuda grass is thick and grainy, and tolerates the Florida heat very well.....fantastic for fairways and rough and for keeping grass on the green year round. Not so great if you want to get the green rolling 13 on the stimp. They could probably keep the grass green and rolling around 10 or 11....but not 13.
  8. im in the same boat as you.. i think this is very good advice. i have the speed to play an x but i start getting handsy and losing control. for the original poster, play s in the irons. you'll thank yourself for not being as tired at the end of the round and for lower scores because of better ballstriking. maybe hardstep your s300? 170 yard 6 iron is definitely s300 (possibly r300???) and NOT x100 distance. I was hitting the 6 175 into a 10-15 mph headwind. 185ish - 190ish without wind. And, my driver swingspeed is average 110 - 112ish, 115-116 on good ones. I'm pretty sure that qualif
  9. Some Wierd ResultsSo, I took a couple of my Bridgestone J33 Cavities to the range with me yesterday. They have x-100's in them. My current Snake Eyes cavities have s-300's in them. Both sets are set up exactly the same, except for shaft stiffness. I decided to try them out head to head. Just to give you the conditions, the range I practice at is pretty flat, but always plays into the the afternoon seabreeze....usually a 10 -15 mph headwind. After warming up, I decided to compare the 6-irons. With the s-300, I was hitting it with a medium-high trajectory, consistently landing about 170
  10. Wow....one to two years even practicing and playing everyday? OK....I do clean them with a scrub brush and dish detergent...probably not enough. I usually wait until I'm starting to feel a little slippage before I do that. But, I haven't tried the sand paper. What grit should I use, how hard do you scrub, etc?
  11. I've never hit Miura clubs....so I can't say that Snake Eyes feel better. I do own Mizunos and Bridgestones, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Snake Eyes feels softer than those two. As far as wear and tear, my irons, after about 8 months of practicing or playing everyday, have definitely worn on the clubface. The grooves are still great, but I definitely have browning where my ball meets the clubface. Also, the chrome has worn off quite a bit on the bottom 1/8 inch of the clubface....I believe this is due to the sandy soil of the driving range I practice on. Ultimately,
  12. How Often to Regrip?I am finding that my GP Tour Velvet Chords are losing their tackiness every 2-3 months. I use them a lot (play a couple times a week and practice nearly everyday). Is every 3 months too often to be regripping? P.S. Don't know if it contributes, but I also don't wear a glove. I would think this would make them wear less quickly?
  13. Endo did the forging for Bridgestone. I am currently playing the Snake Eyes 675c, which I switched to from the Bridgestone J33 cavities....they feel nothing alike. Snake Eyes has a soft, heavy feel to them....Bridgestone's have a soft, yet clicky feel to them. Same shaft in both. In my opinion, Endo did not forge the Snake Eyes.
  14. I have my 675b's with TTDG Sensicore shafts....pure butter. I have hit forgings from all of the big name companies, including Mizuno, and I like these the best. Plus, I was able to get a custom set built at under $500!
  15. I try to feel my entire left side pulling....from my left shoulder all the way down to my left hip.
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