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  1. Just here for the Scratch, love seeing sick irons made by DW. GLWTS !
  2. That’s funny, like the eBay drinking stories, did I do that?? lol
  3. Hey Guys, Picked this up in the spring, used twice, bc we had a mevo+ on sight from one of our suppliers. Shipped from Canada, $100 insurance included, no returns for that reason, see feedback. NOW $350…or possibly a trade for a OG Sim 9* driver with a nice shaft Cheers, tbomb
  4. Jonathan Wall went to golf.com and has been doing some great articles, very entertaining (former golfwrx contributor) 100% Dormie, you can see their "Handmade in Nova Scotia" tag on the left hand side
  5. As per the golf digest link posted above RE: Lofts
  6. I'd love to know how many free agents are on tour+ how many guys are using SM8's?!!! Lastly, who's the Cobra rep and why spray sunscreen/bug spray on greens?
  7. Read as many posts as possible in this section (especially the pinned posts). Learning how everything works is essential. Ex. A mid size grips weighs more, therefore will increase total weight, reduce swing weight, and decrease club face rotation. I'd recommend starting with grips and a digital scale, all you need is a vice, and a rubber clamp + grip kit. Then pick up a blow torch, some sand paper, ferrules, and some epoxy. Tear some irons apart, weight them, then make use of the online swing weight calculator.
  8. Check out the PX Satin in the 3 iron....I didn't think there were many of those left kicking around anymore Phil bought a silly amount of them before they were officially discontinued
  9. Weird seeing the tour fairways being opposite of the retail like Quigley said. That putter is awesome tho, I really liked the older miller heads
  10. It looks like Hulk has a PXG 52* in the bag too?
  11. If you look closely at the head, there's a label printed that says RF CTR 16G 2 on there. So I'd guess 16g weight?
  12. I think Lexi needs some new grips on her irons, those are crusty. Interesting bag tho!
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