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  1. Isn't Nike still paying BK a bunch of money, and maybe behind the scenes these guys are bidding themselves up by betting on themselves right now?
  2. Let me know what you have. Motivated buyer
  3. Website blows...played a Rome 688 S Wildeye for two years in an Epic. Low/low shaft that compares to some of the best out there. The bonus with the Wildeye shafts is, you probably won't see another one like it. Never saw a bad review, and have nothing but good things to say.
  4. True, but until he stops swinging out of his shoes, I doubt he'll ever get to that level. And, how long can his body take swinging like that?
  5. That vise model was just what I was looking for!
  6. Kinda what I was getting at
  7. Ya but.....how much longer is the SIM 2?
  8. Dam they were ugly though...lol. That Callaway did tighten the dispersal, but I couldn't get over the aesthetics.
  9. Finally willing to let these go. Awesome shape for its age, TM 15° V Steel 3 wood, shafted with a Graffaloy Prolite 35S $100 obro shipped conus, or willing to pull shaft, head only SOLD shipped conus. Same TM V Steel 15° 3 wood head, but in like new condition SOLD obro shipped conus pin 12/3
  10. Flanigan Bilt, very pleased with his work with good communication.
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