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  1. I played 18 holes with my first sleeve of the TP black balls yesterday, some early impressions.. Softer more powerful feel of the face then the Callaway HX Hot I was using previously much like a Pro V1. Very nice distance off the driver, nice mid high launch, flew straight and long with a good roll out.. noticed this feature in particular, the ball seemed to bounce and roll out a lot further than any other ball I've tried recently.. ProV1, HX Hot. Feel off the driver reminded me of a Srixon URX, you could feel the ball compressing and jumping off the face. I have to mention durability
  2. I had a Speeder 757 in my R7 400cc, swapped it out for a Accra 75 stiff. Very happy with the change, I tend to fight the slice, push slice... and this shaft head combo has definately straightened out my driving, I can swing harder with the Accra and not worry about it going right, a problem with the Speeder. The Accra also feels smoother than the stiffer, more boardy 757 at least to my feel. I tend to hit the ball high and I believe the Accra has also lowered ball flight, the head is a 9.5 loft. Cheers, Potts
  3. I'm still using a quad, just had it reshafted with an Accra SC 75, can't wait. I've hit a few of the new ones and posted here recently for some new driver suggestions... I'll stick with the R7 for now, I prefer the 400cc head over a 460, just find it easier to turn over. Hit a Cleveland Launcher on the weekend for a few holes and really noticed the lag from the larger head.
  4. Sumo = Hibore... gotta be... You wouldn't have a 400cc driver with the name Sumo, surely not. ...And since they've already done the Powerbow, what's left... larger frame with a "scoop" Sumo and Sasquatch, I still can't believe they would be names for golf drivers... :D :D Maybe the crown of the Sumo will have a belly button alignment aid...??? :D
  5. I've played 2 rounds in 2 days without my driver cause it's getting reshafted, at the end of the day I've had my 2 best rounds for keeping it in the fairway and consequently hitting the green somewhere close to regulation... :drinks: I drove with a 3 iron or a Mactec 5 wood and was most certainly hitting far more second shots from the fairway and definately having a more enjoyable day. The course I play is a links "style" course where a bad drive can leave you almost immediately looking at bogey or worse... The biggest dent in your game is your ego, not pulling out the "big dog" and ripp
  6. Excellent, sign me up... been dying to pop the Speeder out and try something new. Potts
  7. Potts

    R7 or FT3

    Hi, I have an R7 400cc 9.5, which I'm contemplating selling... I've hit a FT3 draw model with the factory shaft, loved it, it was most definately longer and at least as forgiving as the R7. They are both great clubs, but the FT3 is in the top 2 as a replacement for the R7. As I've said in other threads, I'm not convinced about the movable weights, I've got 48 grams :cheesy: in mine and I can still put a slice on it, you can't beat some driving lessons to sort out any swing faults... Hit as many clubs as you can, get fitted by a pro, can't beat it. I didn't know there was such a club
  8. Excellent, thanks for all the replies... ... so that's.. er... 42 clubs in the list now :cheesy: Nike... hmm dark horse, hard to find an on course demo here... don't know about this one, just not grabbing me you know.. Hibore, yes maybe, the Bridgestone guy down here does Cleveland as well, I've "seen" a Hibore, but he's reluctant to have anybody hit it, even in the nets, it may be the only one to make it across Bass Strait... the aussies will understand :) 905, yup... I spose you'd have to put it in there. I'm not sure what it is, but I have a thing for the NVG2, probably cause
  9. Now the FT3, that club will probably get on the list.. erm, ever increasing list... :cheesy: I had the chance to hit a 9.5 draw model with the stock shaft and was hitting some of the longest drives ever, I don't mind the sound, like I said to the other guys on that day, it can make any sound it wants if it goes 300 straight down the middle!.. Thanks for the replies, even though my choices are increasing.. Potts
  10. Excellent, thanks for the replies guys, Yeh, I had a look at the cobras, new one out BTW! the HS9, have not seen one "down here" so all I've got to go on is reviews, may come into contention... There is a Bridgestone rep here so I've had a look at those too, didn't have a chance to hit one as he did not have a demo club :cheesy: Geez, how do you decide, I'd be a serious driver ho if the ol' back pocket would come to the party... damn those luxuries like food and heat... :) Potts
  11. Moving on from the R7...Hi all, I've been playing an R7 quad for about 18 months now, but seeing all the new models coming out I've decided to move on to something else, added to that I'm not totally convinced about movable weight technology, I've had it set up for a low fade and you can still hit a high draw... it's much more about good fundamentals, and a repeatable swing, not screwing a whole bunch of weight in the heel and expecting it to fix my occasional :cheesy: banana slice. The current R7 is a 9.5 with a stiff 757, my swing speed is in the area of 95-105 and my bad shot is a block
  12. I have an R7 400cc 9.5. Speeder 757 s flex 48 grams total. (cool) :golfer: 2 x 14 grams in the rear ports, 2 x 10 grams in the front, mainly just to increase the swingweight. The setup would be neutral, high launch. Standard swingweight just feels too light for me, as do most standard 400cc plus drivers. I'm not trying to pull a Hulk Hogan act here, It just feels right to me. I've been playing this config for about 6 months now and when I pick up a buddy's driver it just feels like a balloon on a stick. I am going to experiment with some other configs, probably using 10's and the 2'
  13. Yup, Seen those two... there certainly going at it... I was interested in putting a pair of 18 gram weights in my R7 ( old 400cc )... from the guy in the second link, they look like the build quality is a little better than the first guy... the hand scribbled diagrams don't really fill you with confidence. Personally I think the swingweight of the standard is a little light, at least for my taste anyway, but after seeing the prices from the States (I'm in Australia) I just went down to my local taylormade dealer and purchased a pair of 14 gram stock weights... arrived in a week, cost me 4
  14. Yeh, I'm a member of the Cult of Taylormade... like the gear plus it matches my surname... :cheesy: I currently play an R7 400cc... the "old" one.. and a Rescue Mid. IMHO... Maybe too many drivers on the market.. especially since the 400 R7 is still market leader, geez I still have a 510 I still hit regularly... Retail here, (Tasmania, Australia) is HORRENDOUS for Taylormade stuff. $700.00 for an off the shelf stock standard driver is too much, especially since the latest from Callaway and Titleist at my local Pro shop is around a couple of hundred bucks less... Speaking of the Pro
  15. I recently purchased a Mactec 5 wood and I couldn't be happier, great distance off the fairway and the shallow face gives a lot of confidence off a bare lie. They can be found quite cheap off Ebay as well. I'm now after a 3 wood to add to the bag! :)
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