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  1. Day 2 price drop 1. Titleist 915 D2 with Diamana S60 x5ct flex - S Shaft 9.5 loft. Includes head cover but no wrench. Excellent condition - $175 $165 OBRO 2. Callaway XR Pro 9.0 loft. Head Only. Includes head cover but no wrench. Excellent condition - sold
  2. Captain Underpants!!!!
  3. Canadians following Mike Weir alert!!! No, 'good shot "EH"!' even if whispered in the appropriate polite low tone.
  4. Mrs *****le would have the Pro taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn and painting the house before he tees off. Not to mention that he would be very very tired after sleeping with her in the house.... :swoon:
  5. The GolfWRX news Ted Potter Jr. earned his First Major and third PGA Tour victory of his career with a win in the 2018 Masters on Sunday in Augusta, Georgia. Potter shot three under in the final round to finish at 14 under for the tournament. Dustin Johnson came in second place at 13 under. Angered by being beaten again by Potter, (Johnson lost to Potter at the 2018 Pebble Beach Pro-Am, earlier this year, where he refused to shake hands after Potter's win), Johnson refused to participate in the Green Jacket Ceremony and instead sent his wife, Paulina. Johnson refused comment. (fake news an
  6. Apparently Hardy now has a Video on the LOP and the RIT called "The Release: Golf's Moment of Truth". I'm wondering if anyone has seen it and would recommend it? [media=] [/media]
  7. As a Canadian, I can 'civilly' say that I am 'positive" that any discussion about this will go nowhere.
  8. How much cash are you willing to add for my Ping 55's in addition to your clubs? :swoon:
  9. Since this tread is about winning a major, it is only fair to point out that the absolutely worst player to win 18 majors was Jack Nicklaus. Anyone disagree? No? Mods lock this useless thread up....
  10. "Hogan's knee SECRET" Learn Hogan's post car accident secret movement that was passed on to me from a friend of a friend. Only $14.99!! Act now and get the newest secret, how to think without thinking. :-)
  11. Q. "How soon did you play after a vasectomy?" A. "The next day. She was wearing something sexy and one thing led to another...."
  12. Put some spikes on those socks. Presto! No slipping and sliding. Hit ball far. Find it and hit it again. Punish that little bugger. :-)
  13. Obee: Congrats!!! Just a suggestion. When you come out for the tournament don't stop at Rancho Mirage and waste time looking around for the Ironwood Country Club because the tournament is in Palm Desert not Rancho Mirage. About 15 minutes East of Rancho Mirage. ironwoodcountryclub.com It's a great track and you will undoubtedly enjoy it. :-)
  14. Excuse me but Mr. Johnson is not driving today....
  15. So did that portion of the "prize" go to the low amateur, or is it unclaimed? (asking for a friend) Good question. I believe it will be offered to the low amateur but am not certain. If it is, whether he decides to accept or not would be up to him. I thought earlier you said the pro won the shop credit? Shop credit yes, but as a Pro he is ineligible to play in the SCGA Tournament of Champions and therefore his entry will go to the low am.
  16. So did that portion of the "prize" go to the low amateur, or is it unclaimed? (asking for a friend) Good question. I believe it will be offered to the low amateur but am not certain. If it is, whether he decides to accept or not would be up to him.
  17. The Pro joined 2 years ago. The various golf committees over the years have always made it clear that the CC is for Ams. Non employees golf Professionals have and one continues to be a member. They knew that the CC was for Ams. and never even once complained let alone threatened to quit if they could not play in the CC. If you can find a couple of hundred Pros who want to join and compete on our 5,400 yd. track, I will champion their inclusion in the CC as there could be Pro and Am divisions. Perhaps we can get CBS or Fox to television the event and fill the club's coffers from the increase
  18. Only 18? Figured it would be at least 20. This has been an interesting thread. Did the pro take the goodies that went along with winning? he will take is proshop credit but will be unable to go to the tournament of champions next fall. I think you have less of an arguement next year now that precedent has been set. If there is no 'official' ruling making it an "am only event" between now and the start of next years golf season I don't see any reason why they would not allow him in again. Have to make your case now and get it voted on or forever hold your peace. You are correct an
  19. So, final results. Pro shot 69, the nearest Am shot 75. Which means that the Pro won the CC by 18 shots. On his behalf, I plan on approaching the Manager to see if the Pro can play in the Ladies CC and the Junior CC. If, I get anything but a yes from him, I am going to threat to quit. Yes, I am kidding. I appreciate everyone's comments whether I agreed with them or not. I know that sometimes people and organizations have to change and sometimes they should change. My club is not the Augusta National Golf Course. Minorities, Women, Children and hackers are welcomed. Yes, the Pro is a
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