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  1. I stopped lining up the logo and put and singular dot on the ball. I focus on the dot and try to keep my head stead and concentrate on the dot. I sometimes never see the ball go in and just hear it.
  2. If you ever decide to try something pretty radical compared to conventional chipping. I recommend watching a video of Vijay Singh hitting pitch and Chipshot left hand low. I started having the yips chipping and the only thing that saved me was going to left hand low from 30 yards in.
  3. Does anyone know what Jose Maria has in the bag this week? Thank you in advance
  4. I forgot to add that I also use a tee instead of a hole sometimes on the putting green or a dime on my indoor putting green as the target. The ball must hit the tee or roll over the dime. Smaller target helps with hitting the entry to the hole and it helps make the hole feel bigger.
  5. 3ft 6ft 9ft all on same line and can’t go to different spot until all three in a row. clock drill ball at 12, 1,2 etc from 3ft. Then move back to 6 and then 9 if can. Finish each “clock” without miss or start over. try to practice as often as possible but if practice green crowded then just 3, 6, 9 drill from 4 places. I also do competitions with son.
  6. Stay away from 120x. They feel great but I spin the hell out of them and dispersion all over. You want 125
  7. I always wonder why Watson and Nicklaus get left out of these lists. I mean Jack is the Greatest of all time and that swing with the high fade is a thing of beauty (from someone that fights a hook) snead easy on body and very smooth Faldo was a machine Stewart had a timeless swing I actually like that move Boom Boom puts on the ball Els never was an Elkington fan.
  8. Thanks for the low miss comment. I pick the ball so that is my main miss. Thank you both
  9. I forgot to add that I am one that loves the feel of the nippon 120 but can’t stand the spin and launch. Too much of both for me but the feel is so addictive. Any wind and I’m screwed.
  10. They go with what works for them as should you. Anytime I go into a fitting I go with an open mind towards getting the best fit. If you prefer blades then go for it and don’t worry about what the pros play.
  11. I currently play mixing jpx850 forged with nippon 120x ssx1. Before that I was always an s300 or s400 player. I do not have as much time to practice as I used to and the last time I did a fitting the settled on the ping i500 with dynamic gold 120 x ssx2. I am wondering if the forged tec with the amt white s300 would be a decent fit from those with similar experience. Thank you all for your contributions.
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