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  1. Ordered my custom LH 5-pw ZX5's from JustSayGolf.com and got them in 9 days order to received.
  2. ZX5's delivered today- 9 days total order to delivery. Hit a few balls into the field near my home with the 8 iron; I think it's gonna be love!
  3. Wow! Got a FedEx shipping notice that my order ^above^ placed on Monday 4/12, has shipped and scheduled to deliver on 4/20. We have complained about being left handed and having limited offerings from some companies, but It paid off to be left-handed THIS TIME!
  4. Ordered a left-handed 5-PW ZX5 just yesterday; custom build length, Recoil 95 and Dri Tec grips. The dealer checked with Srixon and no back-order on any of the components so 2-3 weeks estimate for delivery. Must be the supply of heads that is the hold up on the RH models.
  5. Reminds me of a guy I played with a couple of times who could not pitch or chip..... his excuse: "I'm not used to missing greens".
  6. if I didn't play 3-5 hybrids I would NOT be a single digit!
  7. Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten S - Will have some of the same feel, has a perceived smaller footprint, and has interchangeable weights as you desired.
  8. I bought one in Scottsdale a few years back and it worked great in the Arizona desert. Brought it home to Arkansas and my head basically suffocated in the humidity; they don't work well in the south.
  9. I just got in an order from Bradley Allan and the quality is fantastic..... especially at the fire-sale prices! I hate that this probably means the 'end' of the products, but I re-ordered after ensuring the fit and quality was there. Size up on the polos, but the short/pant waist is true to size.
  10. I am going to Maui this month as well. Looks like Kahili has a better rate of $79 on HawaiiTeeTimes, but a note says 'repair work being done'. Any ideas what is going on there? I played the Dunes last year and it was a real challenge; some whacky holes but in great condition. We stay in Kehei, so Maui Nui is a couple rounds for me and $89 on GolfNow is the best I've seen, but there are some Hot Deals available. Really want to play the 'new' Plantation, but at $329 I can get 2 rounds at Wailea Emerald or Gold, so that's probably a better use of my $$. Aloha!
  11. One swing coach told me that being left eye dominant was great for a right hand golfer; and vice versa. He said that when you play golf the same handed and eye dominance, your nose comes into vision on your back swing and that you will naturally shorten the backswing to keep from loosing focus of sight on the ball. Made sense to me and I have consciously tried to overcome this tendency.
  12. I am completely left handed and left eye dominant. However, when a kid I only had right handed youth clubs available so started and then played right handed until I was 35. Never could hit a draw right handed and shot in the mid 80's. On the last of a 4 lesson teaching session, the pro suggested I try to hit some left handed. 4 of the 12 shots turned over (the other 8 were bad... and hurt). He told me if I'd give up two years I'd be a better golfer left handed, so I made the switch. 25 years later and the best golf decision I ever made; your results may vary.
  13. I play the Modus 105 in a stiff flex and have no problem getting the ball in the air. Actually this is an easy shaft to change ball flight with ball position; love the feel!
  14. The shanks for me are a result of 'casting' the club with my arms. If I start the downswing with my hands, instead of allowing gravity to 'do it's magic' dropping the club into the slot, I WILL shank the ball. Always on a partial swing within 100 yards.
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