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  1. Brand new, never used. Immediately removed from new Cobra RadSpeed XB. Standard Length, still has cobra adapter and price/sku stickers. Stiff flex Has Arccos in grip. $149 shipped and insured to your door. Feel free to shoot me an offer, worst I can say is no.
  2. I really appreciate this advice. Going to try it tonight!
  3. I need to remove it in order to replace it. The orange "weight" for the spaceport broke and is rattling around inside. Cobra was kind enough to send me one at no charge, but I can't take the old one off so it doesn't much matter at this point.
  4. This is exactly what I'm finding. I believe the metal "arms" of the spaceport will break well before it ever comes loose. I have yet to try the acetone to see if it can break down the seal, but that's what I'm going to try tonight
  5. Tried this today and no dice. It is absolutely stuck. No movement at all. I'm guessing someone did put some loctite on it. I'm going to try some acetone and more heat, see if I can get it to budge.
  6. Hey everyone. I've heard rumors of these getting loose and randomly coming out...mine on the other hand absolutely will not loosen one bit. I've tried heating it a bit, I've tried wd-40. I'm at a loss for how to get it out. Any ideas?
  7. No worries, I'm not saying Els was a good as Phil, simply stating that they are quite close, much closer than the gap between Tiger and Phil which is enormous. At the end of the day, we are all quibbling- if you think Phil is the 6th best of all time and I think he's 15th, does it matter much? He isn't 1 or 2 and he isn't in the conversation for 1 or 2. As for his influence on the game, he isn't Jack or Tiger, or Annika, or any of the many players I haven't mentioned who have really impacted the game. He is however one of the best to ever tee it up, a fan favorite, a prodigious gambler and fan favorite. For all of that, I appreciate him. Happy New Year!
  8. I'm going to assume you just don't know much about Trevino. From 1971-1973 Jack was as dominant as Tiger. He had 5 wins, 3 2nds and 3 3rds in 1971 (then had 14 more wins in 72 and 73) including a pga championship...and guess what? Trevino was the player of the year with 6 wins, 2 majors including whooping his tail in a playoff for the US Open...then in 72 (maybe Jack's best year) Trevino still won a major and 5 events as well as the vardon trophy. I'll take Trevino over Phil as a player or in a major 100 times out of 100.
  9. That's a completely fair point on PH. To be fair, since several people have mentioned my points, I'd like to clarify: 1. My discussion about having the best year or being number 1 aren't really about either of those things. The point I was making is that during Tiger's dominance their were opportunities for other players to assert themselves, but that Phil was NEVER that guy. He didn't have the best seasons OR hit number 1. Is he the second best player of his generation, yes, but I think that he is a VERY DISTANT second and while people say Vijay isn't that close, what about Els with his 4 majors and 46 total PGA and Euro wins???... 2. I think we might also look at the Ryder cup where Phil is trounced by Casper, Trevino and Faldo (Phil has more wins than Trevino - barely - but in 50% more matches). 3. I think we tend to overstate the whole generational thing...looking at the Arnie/Jack years we had a group of 6 players had 48 majors. Then there was the Watson era with 6 guys who won 30 (Watson, faldo, Floyd, nelson, price and irwin) - with a bunch of guys who won 1 or 2. In the Tiger/Phil era we had 6 players (tiger, Phil, Vijay, els, Payne Stewart, padraig) that won 35, again with a bunch of guys at 1 or 2. It is only the VERY recent generation were rory, spieth, dj and koepka have 13 and then 37 other majors won by different guys. 4. Even if we take out EVERYONE before 1950, that still leaves Jack, Player, Palmer, Faldo, Trevino, Tiger, Watson, and Snead. So Phil would be 9th on that list if you think he is better than Seve - or 10th if you don't. But that requires you to believe he is better than not just 1 of those guys from before 1950, but all of them. I also think we should consider Jack won a major at 46 on an ailing hip and Watson almost beat the same "amazing group of ahtletes" being talked about by others at 59 years old. Tiger won a major after spinal fusion over these, "oh my God they are so good and the field is so deep, pga players." Even know the same guys win all the time when it comes to majors - rory, koepka, dj, and Spieth have like 13 of the past 50 majors (26%). Again, Phil is great. I just don't think think he is top 10 all-time, and even we discount all those early guy, he is still pushing it.
  10. I don't think its about being number 1, I think when you are discussing the 10 best players of ALL TIME, it is hard to make a case for a guy who was never the best player for even one season. Let's try it this way...if we are willing to stipulate that Tiger and Jack are 1 and 2 in some order...a healthy Tiger (1997 - 2009) was bettered over the course of a year by 3 men. Vijay, Padraig, and O'Meara. None of those people are Phil and none of them are in the top 10 all time. From 1967 - 1979 jack was bested 6 times...Watson x3, Billy Casper, Johnny Miller, Trevino. Despite their dominance, they each had years where other players were better. In Jack's case, it was extremely high level players that were generational talents...in tiger's case it was 3 good players who caught lightning in a bottle... Either way, other players managed to be the best in a particular year, evwn with a dominant player,, something Phil has never been able to do in 30 years. When we are talking the best of the best, that matters. If you have Jack, Tiger, Watson, Palmer, and Player as absolute locks in the top 10, that only leaves 5 spots and to me, Phil simply can't be there over guys like Hogan, Snead, Hagan, Jones and Nelson. So that's 10 spots. Personally, Trevino, Casper, Faldo and Sarazen would all be ahead of him - for exactly what I mentioned above, they were (for at least one, but sometimes several years) the best player on the planet and their body of work is as good or better (value pga wins as you will, but all but Casper have more majors, and they all have 25+ wins and are near the top of the all-time list). I have Phil 15th. As for Norman, his career wasn't as good as Phil's, but similarly that's because of what was between his ears. Euro + PGA he had like 35 wins and he won 2 majors. He was the bar none best in the world from 1984 to 1987. Phil isn't even THAT much better than third best player of his generation. Vijay did hit #1, did have the best season at least once, won 35 times on tour and 12 more on the euro tour and had 3 majors. Phil was better, but not a whole lot better...and as I said, all those years Tiger wasn't on top, Phil wasn't the one who stepped in, it was other guys. I like Phil, I think he is an amazing talent, and I think where I view him historically reflects all of that. If you have him higher and don't care that he never had the best year, that's ok. If you have him lower, that's OK too.
  11. Interesting tidbit - Trevino has 5 Vardon trophies for lowest scoring average...Phil has ZERO, which I would have thought impossible, even with Tiger...but guess who else has NONE, Jack. Additional note, while I was delving into this I realized the vast majority of us underrate Billy Casper SEVERELY. 3 majors, 5 vardon trophies, 2 PGA runner-ups. 51 PGA wins in a career that overlapped 3-4 of the 15 best players ever.
  12. Honestly. I think they already screwed it all up. Gary and Jack should have asked ANGC to add Watson. He is in his 70's and post Jack dominated the tour and won 2 green jackets...then,, as Jack and Gary transitioned out they could have asked Faldo and Langer to join Watson... I think we then would have seen a bit of overlap moving forward...Phil would replace Watson (the eldest) and then Tiger would come in for Faldo or Langer...and when the final leaves, I actually think DJ comes in. He has a masters (and could win more). No player in his generation is going to win as many tournaments overall, he grew up an hour away from Augusta. It makes too much sense (and he is about to be 36, which means in 21-30 years he's be a great age to be a starter).
  13. I understand what you're saying...but even during the Tiger Era, there were moments...and Phil didn't fill them, instead Duval and VJ did...then later the young guys came around. It's a lot like the US open misses...Phil is just ALWAYS the bride's maid, even when Tiger wasn't the bride. Faldo was number one for two years during a time when Norman dominated the tour. In fact. We'd have Norman a lot higher up this list if he had finished off majors - he was number 1 like 8 different years....but Phil wasn't as good as Faldo or Norman when he was young, or Tiger and VJ during their prime, or anybody now (even Tiger again after back surgery). Don't get me wrong, Phil is an AMAZING talent, and he is somewhere in my top 15, just not quite the top 10.
  14. Faldo had 41 career wins, but in his time foreign players didn't play here...that's why Gary player has 21 PGA wins and half of them are majors. Faldo was the best in the world for probably 2+ years. Won 6 majors, 41 total wins. Trevino has 3/4 of the grand slam twice and 30 career wins, but I tend to think he level of competition was better for the prime of his career than Phil's. He also won POTY in 1971 when he won 2 majors and 6 tour events, which is better than any year Phil ever had. They both have a players win, but Trevino has 5 or 6 Vardon trophies to Phil's zero. I think to me the biggest knock on Phil is that he was never the best. Not even for a year. Even David Duval, VJ, DJ have been the best for a year (also, not hard to imagine DJ winning two more majors and 15 tour events to have a resume exactly like Phil's)
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