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  1. No worries, I'm not saying Els was a good as Phil, simply stating that they are quite close, much closer than the gap between Tiger and Phil which is enormous. At the end of the day, we are all quibbling- if you think Phil is the 6th best of all time and I think he's 15th, does it matter much? He isn't 1 or 2 and he isn't in the conversation for 1 or 2. As for his influence on the game, he isn't Jack or Tiger, or Annika, or any of the many players I haven't mentioned who have really impacted the game. He is however one of the best to ever tee it up, a fan favorite, a prodigious gambler and fan
  2. I'm going to assume you just don't know much about Trevino. From 1971-1973 Jack was as dominant as Tiger. He had 5 wins, 3 2nds and 3 3rds in 1971 (then had 14 more wins in 72 and 73) including a pga championship...and guess what? Trevino was the player of the year with 6 wins, 2 majors including whooping his tail in a playoff for the US Open...then in 72 (maybe Jack's best year) Trevino still won a major and 5 events as well as the vardon trophy. I'll take Trevino over Phil as a player or in a major 100 times out of 100.
  3. That's a completely fair point on PH. To be fair, since several people have mentioned my points, I'd like to clarify: 1. My discussion about having the best year or being number 1 aren't really about either of those things. The point I was making is that during Tiger's dominance their were opportunities for other players to assert themselves, but that Phil was NEVER that guy. He didn't have the best seasons OR hit number 1. Is he the second best player of his generation, yes, but I think that he is a VERY DISTANT second and while people say Vijay isn't that close, what about Els wi
  4. I don't think its about being number 1, I think when you are discussing the 10 best players of ALL TIME, it is hard to make a case for a guy who was never the best player for even one season. Let's try it this way...if we are willing to stipulate that Tiger and Jack are 1 and 2 in some order...a healthy Tiger (1997 - 2009) was bettered over the course of a year by 3 men. Vijay, Padraig, and O'Meara. None of those people are Phil and none of them are in the top 10 all time. From 1967 - 1979 jack was bested 6 times...Watson x3, Billy Casper, Johnny Miller, Trevino.
  5. Interesting tidbit - Trevino has 5 Vardon trophies for lowest scoring average...Phil has ZERO, which I would have thought impossible, even with Tiger...but guess who else has NONE, Jack. Additional note, while I was delving into this I realized the vast majority of us underrate Billy Casper SEVERELY. 3 majors, 5 vardon trophies, 2 PGA runner-ups. 51 PGA wins in a career that overlapped 3-4 of the 15 best players ever.
  6. Honestly. I think they already screwed it all up. Gary and Jack should have asked ANGC to add Watson. He is in his 70's and post Jack dominated the tour and won 2 green jackets...then,, as Jack and Gary transitioned out they could have asked Faldo and Langer to join Watson... I think we then would have seen a bit of overlap moving forward...Phil would replace Watson (the eldest) and then Tiger would come in for Faldo or Langer...and when the final leaves, I actually think DJ comes in. He has a masters (and could win more). No player in his generation is going to win as
  7. I understand what you're saying...but even during the Tiger Era, there were moments...and Phil didn't fill them, instead Duval and VJ did...then later the young guys came around. It's a lot like the US open misses...Phil is just ALWAYS the bride's maid, even when Tiger wasn't the bride. Faldo was number one for two years during a time when Norman dominated the tour. In fact. We'd have Norman a lot higher up this list if he had finished off majors - he was number 1 like 8 different years....but Phil wasn't as good as Faldo or Norman when he was young, or Tiger and VJ during their prime, or anyb
  8. Faldo had 41 career wins, but in his time foreign players didn't play here...that's why Gary player has 21 PGA wins and half of them are majors. Faldo was the best in the world for probably 2+ years. Won 6 majors, 41 total wins. Trevino has 3/4 of the grand slam twice and 30 career wins, but I tend to think he level of competition was better for the prime of his career than Phil's. He also won POTY in 1971 when he won 2 majors and 6 tour events, which is better than any year Phil ever had. They both have a players win, but Trevino has 5 or 6 Vardon trophies to Phil's zero. I think to me the bi
  9. Maybe better than both, though to me not as good as Trevino, Seve, Faldo or Byron nelson...I think Phil is a top 15 guy that could have been top 10, knocking at top 5 with another 2 majors, one of them being a US Open.
  10. I think pretty much everyone has him in the top 20...top 10, I'm sure some, but I doubt it's better than 50/50...top 5, only his biggest boldest most biased fans...
  11. Elway maybe, and still likely not, not Jabbar at all. I think to compare someone with Phil it would need to be someone universally considered top 20 in their sport, but no shot whatsoever of being considered top 5 and never really being the BEST at any given time. I can't think of a year when Phil was the best golfer on tour. To me Phil is like Art Monk. One of the two or three best WR's during his time, but never better than Rice. Definitely hall of famer and given the change to the league in terms of passing, probably a top 25 all time receiver whose stats haven't aged as well. He won three
  12. I could be wrong, and I haven't read every post. However,, of the people I know to be extremely talented at something, they are also keenly aware of their contemporaries. It wouldn't be shocking to me if Ricky decided early on, I'm really good and talented, but not DJ/Rory/Phil/Tiger good or talented, so I'm never going to be the best ever or best of my generation - then I'm just going to be a good golfer, make some money, represent myself and my parents well, be a great ambassador for the game, appreciate the fans, and at the end of day I'll win what I win and that's ok.
  13. I thought it was pretty obvious that I was stating that "new" MC shares a great deal in common with the rac tp forged and r7tp forged from 15 years ago. Those are both nice irons that have a cult TM following, but it's also a 15 year old design. I'm curious to see what actual improvements were made other than less gaudy badges. So sorry I ruined your reading.
  14. It's pretty awesome when companies re-release clubs 15 years later.
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