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  1. Thanks for the info! Licensing would make a lot more sense-- I wouldn't think the market would be large enough for it to be worth a counterfeiters time, especially across all the different models they are offering.
  2. As a fan and collector of T.P. Mills putters for years, I was excited to see one pop up in my local golf shop today. Upon picking it up, it was obvious that it wasn't one of the hand made models I was used to-- all the designs were machined into the head vs. being stamped, and the face has deep milling marks (or a casting texture that looks like milling marks) vs. the typical smooth Mills face. A quick search of the model number brought up a bunch of Korean sites, confirming my authenticity concerns. Are these just straight-up knock offs? Or is it possibly some sort of additional sales cha
  3. Hi Hobbs-- all shots were slight draws with the exception of a few that I blocked out a bit right that stayed straight. Nothing moved left to right. I really with now that I had gone back and hit more with the MP-5's at the end of the session when I was loose, as I think not being loose at the beginning cause me to not make a full turn on the way back (but I came through them normally, pull hooking them)-- that's a pretty common miss for me early in a round.
  4. Wow Howard, thanks-- that is a lot of awesome info to unpack! A few thoughts based on that: * I hit my gamers first, so it's possible I wasn't completely loose yet. I can't think of another reason they would have been so different in so many ways vs. the others. * All the shots to the left definitely have me curious about the lie angle of my gamers-- I'm going to flatten them out a bit and see if it makes a difference * I definitely got a bit wild with the P790's with the Oban shaft. After the first couple of swings, I was encouraged by the solid feel and probably went after the next few
  5. Good point-- that definitely accounts for most of the distance difference.
  6. Hi all-- I went in for a Trackman fitting today, and I'm still trying to get my head around the results-- I'm hoping some of you experts can point me in the right direction. I was a decent player as a junior/young adult, but work/kids/etc. over the years dwindled my playing time down to a few scrambles annually (and my scoring suffered accordingly). Now in my mid-40's, I'm looking to play a bit more and get my game and back into the low single digit handicap range. As part of that effort, I want to make sure my equipment is suitable to my current game and goals-- hence today's fitting. I
  7. I'm really torn on how to approach it. I'm 37, and I've been putting with a long putter, primarily, for the last 7 years. Honestly, I don't like putting with it. I think it's ugly, it's unwieldy, I can't pick my ball up with it, etc. I greatly prefer the experience of putting with a traditional short putter. HOWEVER-- I absolutely putt better with the long putter. It's worth at least 3 putts a round for me (especially under pressure, in tournaments, etc.), so I feel like I have to use it to be as competitive as possible. I've tried to switch back many times over the years, but I keep goi
  8. I've been paring my clubs down to get ready for a big move, and this is the last one that needs to go. It is a Titleist 910h, 19 degree, with a Diamana 'ahina stiff shaft. It comes with an unused headcover. This was the last 910 I bought before switching away from the Titleist woods, and it consequently has seen very few rounds. However, I did put a nice scuff on the crown towards the toe on the range when I was first trying it out. I'll take $120 shipped CONUS, and I'll eat the shipping and PayPal fees. I'll ship immediately upon receipt of payment. Thanks! IMG_5282 by maroonandwhi
  9. Hi ckwL-- I pm'd you, but haven't heard back. Let me know, so I can open it up to others if you are no longer interested. Thanks!
  10. This thread really resonates with me. I've been in the driver wilderness for a couple of years now, after giving my 425 TP to my dad. He's absolutely killing it, so I wouldn't dare take it back. But I have been through 6 drivers since I got rid of it, and none of them have been as consistently long and straight as that 425 TP. I don't know if it is the Rombax x-stiff shaft in it that makes it such a good fit, or the unique head-heaviness of the combination (which I have been unable to find in the new drivers I've tried). I just sold my 910D3 to fund a new driver...by I literally have no i
  11. 910FD now sold. Lots of interest in the 910H from several Canadian friends, but the shipping is so high I can't sell them at a great price. Price drop for CONUS buyers-- take $10 off the remaining clubs.
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