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  1. But he was 7th in driving distance... T11 in putting What was so novel about this victory or the way he played? We saw Tiger dominate a U.S. Open in way more spectacular fashion. We saw Daly win an Open with incredible length. We just saw DJ win 3 times in 3 months and get to -30 at the Northern Trust (winning by 11 shots). It seems more like what is unique with Bryson is that he took active steps to change his body and his swing in order to hit it further. But the way he won was not very unique or new. Hit it long
  2. Gosh Azinger keeps talking about how different Bryson’s approach is and how everyone doubted he could win, etc They act like he is winning this solely with his driving distance. Which is obviously ridiculous. He’s winning because he’s long but also great in all other aspects of the game. And he’s not making mistakes and self imploding. What he’s doing is not really new. It’s the same thing all great players did. Play better and make less mistakes than everyone else.
  3. Complete and total mental basket case. The swing is just a side effect of that. He needs to at least fire McCormick and go to someone else for a fresh start. Maybe Spieth is just super loyal or too nice so he isn’t able to fire McCormick but it’s been too long with no results. He needs to find confidence again. Right now he’s just filled with self doubt and that’s obvious in the 20 seconds of fidgets before a shot. i think he can fix the swing issues but if and only if he first gets into the right frame of mind.
  4. It’s not though... coverage was on golf channel this morning and NBC this afternoon... national TV.. you can even see it using an antenna if you don’t have cable or do you mean once nbc coverage ends? sorry. I thought you were referring to the coverage as a whole, not the post 5 Pm coverage. I agree it should stay on NBC but I’m sure it will on the weekend.
  5. I don’t think that’s factual. He had a new /same grip put on many times. this is simply a different grip.
  6. So the listing says "Bag wear on the shaft " . . . I think the indentation in the shaft is more than just normal bag wear, but I guess that's subjective. Seems like the seller should have taken a picture of the actual bag wear which they didn't appear to. I would send the seller a message and see what they say...maybe they give a small partial refund and you can buy another shaft.
  7. Can you please post the original eBay listing? It looks like there is an indentation and that should definitely have been disclosed in the listing. I'm not sure if it would affect playability or break, but I probably wouldn't want to play a shaft like that. I don't think there's any point in trying to fix the shaft, there are plenty of decent/good shafts available on eBay for cheap.
  8. Pat Perez says in this interview that Tiger told him that the U.S. senior open is the only champions’ tour event he is interested in playing in, so that’d he have all the titles you mentioned:
  9. not the mock he was using...he was using the adjective adjective not authentic or real, but without the intention to deceive. "a mock-Georgian red brick house"
  10. Yeah he has a better chance going for the NFL? If likes playing golf he should play golf. he has as good or better chance than everyone else his age shooting -5
  11. Superstroke grip? That looks like the "Patina Collection" which is a different finish from the normal Copper one. I have the exact same putter and I really like it. GLWS
  12. A fade lands softer. That's better for firm/fast conditions on approach shots especially. It's also arguably easier to hit a high fade than it is to hit a high draw. And, misses are arguably smaller with a fade. So, cumulatively, fades are a smarter play for smaller misses and tucked pins/fast greens.
  13. You totally twisted what I said. I never said it was as simple as choosing to be in the top 100. Obviously. I simply pointed out one possibility for why a player gets worse: because they no longer put as much effort into practicing. This is literally a fact that some players have admitted to and a choice. I never said that was THE ONLY factor. Obviously golf is hard. My point is "golf is hard" is a lazy and stupid explanation for why a player can no longer compete on Tour. The game of golf didn't change dramatically from 2015 to 2020, did it? Is it harder now?
  14. "Golf is hard" can't be the answer, since there are dozens and dozens of guys still thriving on the Tour. Something obviously went wrong with the guys you listed. They either had a swing failure they weren't able to fix or they had a failure of the mind or motivation or something else. For example, I think some guys (like perhaps Jason Dufner) reach a certain point of success and money and don't care to put in the work it takes to remain elite anymore. That isn't just because golf is hard. It's because they basically chose not to be a top 100 player in the
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