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  1. The ad reads like it’s from an English speaker/golf enthusiast. Scammer probably copied and pasted it from someone else’s ad. it doesn’t match the writing style in the PM’s
  2. If Koepka practiced left handed for 6 months+, I think he might be able to. short of that, no.
  3. Koepka will win easily. If it happens. With a couple weeks of practice I think Koepka could be a single digit handicap left handed. A lot of the same talents/skills/knowledge quickly translate.
  4. A 1990s Scotty Cameron Tel3 Newport long neck in very good condition from an online Japanese retailer for $140.
  5. ya that photo quality is terrible. It looks like a photo of a photo. but it’s not because he’s “frugal”... it’s just that he doesn’t GAF about social media compared to some
  6. Jeez, until shaking hands literally becomes illegal, who are you to criticize someone for choosing to do so? You don't think that's kinda weird? You think your COVID mania gives you the right to tell other people they shouldn't shake hands, without a second thought? What else? No hugging loved ones, because you say so?
  7. Labels to advertise their shafts...they’d be silly not to provide them. but nice of them anyways.
  8. So if you choose to go to a doctor and they do a terrible job and misdiagnose you, that’s all your fault? no. Obviously there is some fault on both sides.
  9. "I think when you look at what guys are doing now with the arm lock and moving the grips to the side where it's parallel or matches the face and then when you do that up against your arm, I mean, it's—you know that face is dead square and that face doesn't rotate at all," Horschel continuted. "It's just sort of locked in. Guys are doing it too good." --- Billy Horschel It sure sounds like Billy sees a physical, technical advantage to the arm lock. Just like anchoring the grip to the belly creates a more consistent stroke. So, I think one can argue it IS "objectively
  10. If it's a real advantage and makes putting easier, why doesn't Horschel use arm lock?? As long as it is legal...isn't the goal to shoot the lowest score possible. He should switch to it. Or does he not use it out of principle? Or is it not actually that much better?
  11. He already does: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/tiger-woods-backyard-practice-area-and-putting-green-rare-look It looks like he's at TPC Sawgrass or something. Absolutely mint. What's happening now is renovation. He's had a world class backyard golf course for years. He makes one of the greens be an imitation of Augusta National before The Masters, for example. Turf? no gracias.
  12. Well then why don't you just let go of the club after impact? Or why not just stop the follow through with the shaft parallel to the ground every time? Obviously what happens on the follow through, after the ball is gone, is a reaction to what happened on the backswing and downswing and through impact. It's all connected, and the ability to hold your finish on your left foot generally means that you had good sequencing and good balance. Holding your finish is a clear indicator that you are "in control". I'm not saying you absolutely must hold your finish to hit good s
  13. Agreed with everything @Valtielsaid one thing you can do at home is just stand in your golf posture with a wall a couple inches behind your butt. put your hands on your shoulders (no club required unless you want to) and just practice your backswing with your right butt cheek hitting the wall both cheeks should be on the wall during the downswing - at impact just left cheek And your left cheek/hip should remain on the wall through the finish just practicing that enough times should help you to learn the feeling of keeping your hip d
  14. And I would say maybe DJ has that fire deep inside that Xander doesn't. I would rather see Xander skip the interview and go break something. I think he has 17 top 10's since his last win. So he's making bank! He is a very good actor if he was "hurting like hell in that interview". Seemed fine to me but obviously just my imperfect interpretation.
  15. I think Tiger once said something along the lines of "My dad told me to swing as hard as I want as long as I can hold my finish, and then swing a little bit softer than that". So probably around 85% of max. I think that's a pretty good rule for your stock shot. You are not babying it, but you are also not maxing out. And you must keep your balance and hold your finish (except maybe with the driver where it's okay to fall back a little bit sometimes). However, each shot is different in terms of if you are in between yardages, where the pin is, what the wind
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