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  1. its Chris Como’s house. Swing coach, formerly worked with Tiger.
  2. It’s not really a big deal at the end of the day. Ralph Lauren will go on and JT will probably sign a more lucrative deal with someone else. The incident will maybe be remembered, just barely, because golf seems kind of gossipy. Players are held to a very high standard and people love to remember any wrong doing.
  3. He needs to see Dr. Phil.
  4. “it is you”... what does that mean exactly? as if every one of us hasn’t at some point in our life said something in anger that we regretted. Something that didn’t really reflect our entire mind. There’s a reason there are varying degrees of crimes. A crime of passion vs. murder 1. if JT did this over and over and over with no remorse, than yeah. That’s “who he is”. but to draw that conclusion off 1 instance? Makes No sense. and also I think it’s silly to have such an emotional reaction and outrage to someone saying a WORD to begin wi
  5. Notice he's having to pop up/lift the back heal to get the club through. And if we had a better angle/better quality photo, I think you'd see that his belt buckle is pointing left of the ball. He is clearing his hips, just not as much as usual. But wow, you found one photo that doesn't show significant hip opening at impact. I can post 1 million pros with open hips at impact. So what's your point? Oh look here's Jack. And I can see his left butt cheek...
  6. I'm not exactly positive (is that jack or Johnny Miller?) who those two guys on the right are, but their hips appear to be somewhat open. Their belt buckles don't appear to be pointed at the ball...they are slightly open. Like you said "less open". Did I ever say the hips needed to be "wide open"? No, I didn't. Here's a different pic of Phil where his hips are more open: My ONLY point was that in general, the hips should open on the downswing. For a good, powerful swing, the hips are normally open at impact. Whether it's
  7. I think you're 100% correct. Especially if a man comes to the game a little later (age 25+) when they are already physically developed and strong, the tendency is to want to swing at the ball with the arms/upper body because the club is light. We wouldn't try that with a sledge hammer but with this light club I feel like I can throw my hands and create power. A woman, especially young woman, with little upper body strength must use her lower body to create speed.
  8. I never said that is the advice I would give someone. I was describing what physically happens, whether someone consciously knows it or not. I also never suggested mimicking positions. The question was whether "clearing the hips" is important, necessary, etc...and I am saying yes. You can't physically deliver the club-head well to the ball, with speed and without extreme early extension, unless you open/clear your hips on the downswing to some degree. Now, what people think about when they swing or what you "ask someone to" do is a totally diffe
  9. Every single top player seems to have their hips "open" at impact. If you are looking to maximize your "dynamics" and your distance/accuracy you generally have to have the club trailing from the inside and have your hips/shoulders opening through impact. This is the same as asking if you need to open your hips to throw a football a long way. yeah, if you want to throw the football far you will clear/open your hips. Do they need to be "wide open"? No. But if your hips don't open at all, generally you have to throw/flip/stand up to get the club head to the ball.
  10. Yes, you're right. Sorry I meant 360 not 460. I also have led tape on mine. It looks similar to this: Maybe it's somewhat mental but I feel this putter makes up for the flaws in my stroke more than a Newport style putter. But, there is more joy to putting with the Newport. The lighter head seems to bring more freedom of movement and maybe a little more touch.
  11. Being a good putter is 90% of the equation, at least. I.e. put any putter in prime Tiger's hands and he will put well. Because putting is mostly about green reading and your setup/stroke/ability to hit the ball on the proper line with proper speed. That won't vary very much from putter to putter. Having said that, I find it easier to putt well with an Odyssey White Hot 7 compared to a Scotty Cameron Newport. The heavier mallet, weighing in at 460+ grams and being face balanced, covers up more for the flaws in my stroke or the flaws in my hands I may have that d
  12. Well it says he’s “open to negotiate”.
  13. There are few things more annoying than someone who does something clearly wrong but somehow still blames you for it, huh? I think I had an encounter with Mr. Asshat's son. Very similar scenario. It was a par 3 for gosh sakes, and my friend and I are standing near the pin, hitting our putts. As my friend is about to attempt his birdie putt, a ball literally hits him on his leg. This hole is only 135 yards. We turn around to see these two 16-18 year old punks on the tee box. I yell, and it may have included the F word. They come up to the green an
  14. Yes, no one said it was a bad thing to lose height in the downswing. If you look at my first post above, you'll see I showed images where Jmoneyy lost a lot of height in his backswing. Which is not something Tiger Woods or other great players do.
  15. yes I’ve used mine twice on the course and I really like it. it seems to read similar yardages to my two friends who have Bushnells. so far so good. We’ll see if it stands the test of time.
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