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  1. Todd Lewis on the Golf Channel flashing the West Side (gang) hand sign as a joke three times
  2. Yeah I don't think Wolff wants to stop playing professional golf... He just wants to enjoy playing golf again. The way he did when he was a kid (or as close as possible to that). He wants to try to achieve both - - - "happiness" and success as a pro golfer. I think every Tour pro probably felt like him at some point in their career. Maybe not "clinically" depressed, but certainly burnt out and no longer enjoying the game. But, they probably found balance in learning how to say No to certain opportunities and learned how to achieve contentment and joy within the professio
  3. they should establish a large, empty tent on each hole. Whenever someone’s cell phone makes noise, guards take them to the tent for time out. During time out, they have their cell phone taken away and they are forced to sit in silence for 30 minutes with no social media, golfwrx, etc. pure torture.
  4. Watching the replay on golf channel now. Spieth having a mini meltdown over a chip shot. guy is a head case.
  5. Just an offer? Had you even responded to it? You're definitely not obligated to accept any offer. But if you make a written agreement with someone or accept payment from someone, that's different. I agree with the others, if you tell the first person you got the offer for all 3, they would probably understand.
  6. Well people like to talk about who is the all time greatest or who are the all time best 10 golfers. so, it isn’t pointless to insert someone into a different era. It’s a way of highlighting the strengths/weaknesses of a certain era and the strengths/weaknesses of a particular player. The best players should excel in any era. E.g. I think Tiger Woods would be the best in any era. I think Jack Nicklaus would be highly successful in the modern era and any era. But someone like Gary Player might not be as good in the “power era”. So maybe t
  7. Hi. hope you have a great time. I'm a big fan of Chicago also. I'm not an expert but I live nearby and I've been a couple times. The course is located in sort of a 1 way in, 1 way out place (technically it's 2 ways). My recommendation would be to take an Uber/Lyft but have them stop about a half mile short of the course and just walk the rest of the way in, if it's crowded. The same thing when you leave. Walk a half mile from the course and jump in your Uber there. Unless you go at off hours, it can become extremely congested near the course.
  8. Also, invite the seller so they can give their side of the story if they want to. you should be able to @ their username
  9. If the OP’s story is accurate, I think he has a legitimate beef with the seller, too. it is not fair practice to accept a payment (if it was in the agreed upon amount) and then sell the item to someone else. Just because the payment says “pending”, potentially not because of the buyer’s fault. that’s a situation where you work with the buyer to get it resolved. You don’t just blow them off and make them wait 30 days to get their money back (not sure if seller is doing that, but that is OP’s story) imagine if this was common..that as a buyer you just have to
  10. I don't think any of my Puma stuff says sample. These look like regular retail tags. Maybe it's the women's puma gear. But I don't think sample necessarily indicates lower quality. If there are problems with the clothes then yeah, that's an issue. 2nd swing would make it right I think, if the clothes have issues.
  11. You can find a lot of options on apps or websites like OfferUp. but that is buying from local individuals, not a retailer. but you can get some really low prices on there if you hunt around.
  12. she could post a thread like this and I STILL wouldn’t complain
  13. Yeah your best bet would probably be to Google “golfwrx sim max vs sim2 max” I don’t see an exact thread but there are several similar threads and if you read through those it might help or ask the question in the equipment/drivers forum.
  14. Yeah, my post was meant to be humorous... But I did mess up CBS/NBC, I will give you that.
  15. Did you notice NBC put an asterisk by Cantlay's name...
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