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  1. What are you guys talking about saying you could beat them… wasn’t brooks under par?
  2. Callaway - just not a fan of their branding. I don’t like the look of anything they do. From their logo to their club design. It’s all just cheesy. Maverick, Epic, Diablo…I feel like they are targeting new golfers or 20+ handicaps. Probably why they’ve grown PXG - no explanation needed
  3. “It’s brand new swung 1 range session.”? I prefer not to buy from people who think something can be called brand new after a range session. who knows where else they are very casual and loose with the truth.
  4. If the item was shipped on November 6th or 7th, it’s still very possible that it will reach you. USPS doesn’t always update tracking. it’s definitely not the best transaction I’ve heard of, but I would give it another week. then file a PayPal claim if you haven’t received the item.
  5. lacks detail… How is my iron/wedge play? If my iron/wedge play isn’t decent, the length off the tee doesn’t matter much. if my approach game is elite, my short game doesn’t need to be. what does “struggle” on the greens mean? Am I below average by Tour standards or am I 3 putting every other hole? and exactly how long off the tee are we talking? Longest on Tour? but to answer your question I think putting is easier to fix.
  6. I’m not a fan of his rollercoaster climb backswing, gives me anxiety. But the downswing is nice. seems like a generation where world #1 will be a revolving door.
  7. Spieth’s ball striking/swing just isn’t good enough. Needs to go back to Butch.
  8. Tied for the lead and he just drove a par 4. Sympathy is not one of the things I feel for rickie. Maybe a little jealousy.
  9. They did spell out a criteria. And, Tiger isn't winning because of the car accident. He's winning because he's so freaking famous and a cultural icon because of past performance. So, he's still getting more Google searches than anyone else. Because he's Tiger Woods. Honestly, there is some legitimacy to it. Tiger is so famous and magnetic that he actually does draw more people to the game than anyone else, even when he's out injured.
  10. Phil is a level above all of those guys and is still long off the tee. That's the difference. The driving distance average out there is 275! Phil is gonna be 20+ yards past many of his competitors. He's like Bryson out there. He just won the PGA Championship. I know I'm stating the obvious but it's not even fair for Phil to be on the Champions Tour. He has kept himself in good shape. I don't think he cares to play a full schedule on the Champions Tour but if he did I think he would shatter every record out there.
  11. i really don't know. It seemed like maybe that's what Bryson was suggesting, but you will have to ask him. I personally haven't studied it. I never miss from 6 feet and in so it hasn't been an issue.
  12. Position the ball so that the imperfection causes upward/downward movement rather than sideways movement
  13. Can't say I agree with your logic. The Tour average from 4 feet was 92.19% in 2021. The Tour average from 5 feet was 81.49% in 2021. The idea could be that a putt that is sent barely off-line by these dimple issues, still goes in at 3 feet. But stretch the putt out another foot, and now it lips out. I.e. you can get away with being slightly off line from 2 feet or 3 feet, but not from 4-5 feet I am not saying I support Bryon's theory of the golf ball dimple edges being a big problem. I have no idea if he is right about that or not. But, in theory, it is possible. And just looking at the 3 foot stat does not refute the theory.
  14. On the podcast I think he alludes to the solution... I think the idea is that you position the ball so that any undesired movement happens vertically, not sideways. i.e. hitting the edge of a dimple but sending the ball up or down, instead of right or left (off the intended line)
  15. expand your search to 4-5 footers... "When you’re hitting it softer, like a 5-footer or like a 3-footer, you hit it a little bit off the edges, it can now come off line.” Bryson
  16. Wolff has fantastic tempo and balance. his swing is a thing of beauty. just like 17 pga tour victory Jim furyk maybe you’d prefer ty tryon or Charles Howell iii
  17. I agree he doesn’t get a fair shake even if his comments kinda make sense. I’m just saying I’m all for criticizing him when he deserves it... but going after him over these dimple comments is just silly. It wasn’t that big of a deal.
  18. There’s really nothing wrong with his comments about golf dimples though. maybe he is correct. We can’t fault a professional golfer for trying to remove factors that might be causing them to miss short putts
  19. He said this on a podcast...and I don’t think he was saying that he is going to compress short putts or hit them harder. I think the point he was getting to is that he worked with Bridgestone to design the ball so this doesn’t happen or that he lines the ball up so that he doesn’t hit the edge incorrectly.
  20. yup. I’m taking a hard look at that 825/1 bet that Charlie wins a major before age 25.
  21. The real question is if Tiger will ever be able to beat Charlie again
  22. so your goat is a liar?
  23. I was mostly replying to this idea: "Like rehab the leg then when it’s recovered we’ll fix your ankle?" My point was, if they saw something wrong with the ankle right now that they could fix through surgery now, they would do it. They are not likely waiting for "the leg" to heal before "fixing the ankle".
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