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  1. +1. Was just about to say the same thing. It all coincides with flash memory getting cheap, processors getting good, and governments getting serious about fuel economy and crash test standards. And it isn’t “spying,” it’s just modern vehicle management working within a modern can-bus system. Your car is not “spying” on you* as the term is commonly understood among those who don’t understand how cars work (*leaving aside things like GPS navigation or voice commands). But if you crash a car built within the last 10-20 years it almost certainly knows what you were doing input
  2. Don’t forget about Woody Austin! Bank teller to four time PGA tour winner.
  3. Back in high school, being young and stupid, I wrapped an ’81 Honda Accord around a tree at like 45 or 50 mph. Simple twist of fate it was the passenger’s side, and simple twist of fate I didn’t have a passenger with me. Walked away, but could’ve very easily killed myself or someone else. Month later one of my best friends, being young and stupid, pulls across a four lane highway and gets t-boned by a fully loaded down F250 work truck doing 60 or 65. Moved the car like a quarter mile down the road, he had his little brother in the passenger seat which was the side that was hit. The
  4. Dang! Been on the lookout for a 54k for a while. Have a 58k and 60v that rotate through based on conditions, great wedges. GLWS!
  5. Can we please, PLEASE, all agree right now that no one is to post a picture of Alex Smith's crabmeat leg.
  6. Yeah, I mean they're literally the ones who broke the whole infidelity thing wide open back in '09. People were on here saying the exact same thing--OMG TMZ NO WAY--never mind that they were proven exactly right within 24 hours.
  7. Uh, that's got nothing at all to do with what you originally said, which was "this site probably doesn't exist if its not for what tiger has done for the game." Crediting Tiger for the existence of Golfwrx dot com is about as silly as blaming Tiger for the disappearance of Bomb Squad Golf dot com.
  8. Yeah, no. As an Old, I can confirm that people were talking about golf on the "internet" pre-WWW, back in the BBS days, and they'll no doubt be talking about golf on the "internet"--whatever it looks like--long after you, me and Tiger are all gone.
  9. So many high horses in this thread, so very concerned about "speculation." Here. Tell me which part of this is speculation: Had leg surgery in 2008. Single vehicle crash, Thanksgiving 2009. Admitted to being on Ambien + booze. Gets citation for "careless driving." Goes to rehab. Had fourth back surgery in spring 2017. Single vehicle crash, summer 2017. Arrested for DUI, tests positive for Vicodin, Dilaudid, Xanax, Ambien and THC. Pleads down to "reckless driving." Goes to rehab. Had fifth back surg
  10. Yeah, I saw it too, but nothing untoward going on, just a camera angle that changed maybe—I don’t know?—180 or 270 degrees from when they showed it after his first shot landed to before he hit his second shot. That’s why I said a page or two back I thought he was going to have to hit it left handed with an upside down iron. That’s what the first camera angle made it look like, but no way the ball was moved, just an optical illusion with the first shot they got of it.
  11. You see that interview? Dude’s way too wasted to be mad right now.
  12. Oh, never mind, initial camera angle made it look different.
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