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    CJ Cup 2021

    Yeah, and IIRC, Phil said a bunch of similar things about his mental game after finally winning the Masters in 04, that basically he really had to work at improving it over time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to dump on Phil—in fact his mental game on the weekend at Kiawah is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen in the game—but he had some absolutely massive holes in his game in the early part of his career, despite his success. I remember even when he won the Buick at Westchester, that was supposed to be a turning point, like ‘oh okay, maybe he can win tournaments on tough tracks that aren’t total shootouts.’ And that was after he’d been on tour nearly a decade and won like a dozen times! Anyway, point is, the prevailing wisdom on golfwrx seems to be that Rory is well past his prime, and I don’t see it that way at all. It’s entirely possible the second half of Rory’s career is just as good as the second half of Phil’s career. And Rory’s first half has been unquestionably better IMO.
  2. jmck

    CJ Cup 2021

    Yeah not just that, but for a loooong time he had a reputation of not just not winning majors, but not winning anything big at all. Look at his pre-2000 wins and there’s nothing too prestigious in there. The Bob Hope, Hartford, Phoenix, stableford formats and so on, over and over. I remember when he won the Tour Championship over TW in 2000 and people were like ‘okay maybe he’s FINALLY ready to actually start winning big ones,’ and it STILL took him another four years to win a major. Never won a scoring title, never won a money title, never #1 in the world. Meanwhile, Rory is over here, like…..fastest to [insert achievement] excepting [Jack, Tiger, and occasionally Tom Watson] in the modern era. And golfwrx is like…..Rory is washed, unmotivated, lazy, done, and can only win on soft courses anyway. Bizarre, I tell you.
  3. jmck

    CJ Cup 2021

    Sky Sports has it. Is NBC really showing the old dudes right now? That’s crazy lol
  4. Bunch more pictures and details here: Posting links to other websites like G.o.l.f.c.o.m. is not allowed - Thx I wonder why they went with a 681 stamp instead of 680. They’re “almost exact replicas” of the 680s, according to Adam Scott.
  5. Probably posted half of these back in the early days of this thread, but the board changeover would've eaten them anyway. I just love Seve. Polar opposite of YJS in personality, but YJS is the only one of the current guys whose game reminds me of Seve. Can be wild off the tee, but totally unafraid to hit any recovery shot he can dream up, and just a preternatural knack for getting the ball in the hole around the greens. See for instance that moon ball of a pitch in the Ryder Cup. And possibly my favorite shot of a reverse C of all time:
  6. prolly should've added the /s to that, but oh well. 8pm eastern and the crazy hot takes are coming out of the woodwork.
  7. Here lies Hunter Mahan Rory McIlroy Bernhard Langer Golfed to death by Pure American Testosterone RIP and may God have mercy on their souls
  8. Thoughts and prayers to Justine Reed during this difficult time.
  9. If he’s that concerned about breaking his wrist he’s more than welcome to drop out of there and take a one shot penalty like a big boy.
  10. +1. Really love hearing the minutiae of pre- and post-fitting. The more details the better!
  11. A real snub is Larry Nelson never getting to captain a Ryder Cup.
  12. Here are a couple that were mine (sold them on the BST a few months back, but still have the 50* in the bag) for any fans of Fourteen wedges out there. These really picked up a lovely patina IMO. One shot in the shade, one in the sun:
  13. Not mine, but someone's got a real purdy 4-iron listed on ebay:
  14. I don't suppose any of you were coming from a Vokey low bounce K or similar? If so I'd love to hear what you were fit into and why.
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