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  1. I was all set to make a "built like a linebacker" joke on account of Foley being about 5'6" and Irwin having played a little football, but it turns out that's actually quite close to the truth. Getty images says: MAY 19 1969, MAY 20 1969 Golf "Buffs" Compare notes Hale Irwin (right), former University of Colorado all-conference defensive back, shows Bobby Anderson grip he is currently using on the pro golf tour. Anderson is Colorado's starting quarterback and a senior in school. Credit: Denver Post IIRC, Irwin was on staff with Wilson through most of the 80s and into
  2. Shape looks like one of these to me. (Both shamelessly stolen from this thread)
  3. lol, remember back when Phil called Tom Watson a peckerhead in front of god and everybody at that post-Ryder Cup presser? Good times!
  4. Lol, you’ll pry my #9 Protype from my cold dead hands….my #8 Protype though…I could be persuaded to part with that for a “reasonable” offer.
  5. No but maybe Bruce could try to have a little class about it. Did Nicklaus sulk like that when he lost?
  6. Dude looks like his date left the bar with someone else. Ya hate to see it folks haha.
  7. Judy Rankin. Born 1945. Died 2021. Cause: trampled by Phil fans.
  8. Couple of birdies and Phil could win by eight. Crazy day.
  9. Bruce smelling blood in the water.
  10. Ah, that explains it, thanks.
  11. What happened??? I stepped away to prep dinner for a second and all hell breaks loose!
  12. Yeah, that’s a funny one. Brussels sprouts is wrong on Morikawa’s menu. They’re named after the city, which is not named Brussel. And on Bruce’s menu, demi-glace is all wrong. Thus concludes today’s episode of the Saturday Morning Pedant Show.
  13. Absolutely. It really is. A fantastic test, and one of Dye’s best.
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