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  1. My frail ego defaults to x firm. Wonder how these profiles compare to a stock steel putter shaft. Thinking feel/feedback will be king here. Would love to be proved wrong with data.
  2. Will be interesting to see if more fitters start incorporating things like the SAM and other devises as this market expands. Also looking forward to comments on why would I spend an extra $250 on club I only hit 30 times a round.
  3. Ordered 2 sets 3/10. Stock set of ZX5's- took 2 days to get. ZX7'/5 combo set with KBS Tour 130's arrived yesterday. Srixon was kind enough to expedite with free FedEx overnight. The rep said Hideki winning the Masters has been great, but is causing even more stress on delivery times. Stock builds are going to go out much faster than custom orders.
  4. I have been playing the T20's for about a year now. Wedges in my bag typically have very little job security. These have been better than expected. I looked at the e21's and can't justify the switch. My draw to these was their lower launch and spin on 3/4 and full shots. If you are looking for a bunch of spin Cleveland Zip Core should fit the bill. Vokey and Jaws seemed to fit in the middle between Mizuno and Cleveland for me.
  5. Might just be an all out effort to finally get rid of that gopher.
  6. If they make the crazy looking one Dufner has in 34", I'm all in. Can't fully disagree with your comment. Just look at the Cleveland putters. Great shapes and CNC milled faces for $150 and you never see them.
  7. So true! That is near perfection for me. My wife who plays a few rounds a year has the Studio 1 in her bag. Funny how people in my house play nicer putters than I do, and don't even know what they are throwing in their bags.
  8. MIM and 3D printed like Dufner's? or just MIM and standard production?
  9. Heard they are pretty Sik looking!
  10. Still feels like all roads keep leading back to the LTD. Just make LDT2 already!
  11. Getting a Miami Dolphins vibe from the SB guys running golf lately.
  12. So True! This statement on their site is a dead giveaway
  13. Titleist doesn't care one bit. There is even a guy at the ball plant in charge of making sure they run the older versions of the balls the pros need, and shipping them in the non descript white boxes directly to their lockers at each tour stop.
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