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  1. Last years TD was awesome. Was as good or a little better than the PX Hulk on a launch monitor for me. Hopefully the previous version drops in price if these come to retail.
  2. Ti Fiber is a great shaft that is pretty under the radar. Played the 70g version in my G400 Max. Was thinking of throwing a Titleist tip on it, thanks for reminding me.
  3. Makes it much easier to determine who the target audience is based on looks alone. Deciphering letters and numbers on some of the new clubs this/every year can be a little maddening for someone walking into a golf shop.
  4. These will be out soon, and disassociated with the release of irons.
  5. Thank you! Trying to forget most of 2020. G400 Max in 2018 might have thrown me off.
  6. I took the 425 LST for a spin yesterday on trackman with the Rogue white 70-X. I have gone to 60g driver shafts recently so not a great comparison. My biggest takeaway was that it's a Ping driver, looks acts and preformed pretty similar to the their last few iterations. G400 Max with a low spin shaft was special, and will remain (excluding sound) difficult to improve on. I almost wish they would go back to the 18 mo./2 year cycle for woods. Or bring back the I series and go every other year G then I.
  7. Yes, totally agree. Most people who don't know there is draw bias will greatly benefit from it. I haven't seen any of the new Callaway stuff in the flesh to know if the draw is from internal weighting or face angle. Between the bonded fairways and 11 drivers on the USGA conforming list, this years release has left me a little less excited than most Epic reveals. I will give them credit for the ability to remove the chevron on the crown as an option through Callaway Customs.
  8. Through a fitting I am a recent convert to the driver 5w setup. If you are not chasing a few extra yards, the TSi 5 will hopefully find a few more fairways playing an inch shorter. 100% agree on sound and feel. Whatever they did in this line is very appealing vs. the competition.
  9. Callaway calls it semi-draw. Which is better than robust draw. Wonder if you got down 1 o2 degrees on the adapter if it takes care of the semi-draw.
  10. Clean sans-logo crown option has been added to Callaway Customs. Per Callaway: A new “clean crown” option is also available for a sleek look at address.
  11. 1. City and State? Philadelphia, Pa 2. Handicap? 6.3 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes, we play all winter long here! 4. Current Iron setup? Srixon Z 745 4-P KBS Tour shafts 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? V-SOLE!!! The return of the look of the 745's with 5+ years of tour input, consumer feedback, and additional R&D. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  12. Are you going to let Greg touch your clubs, and are you testing out any other grindworks clubs in addition to your irons?
  13. Yes, McCumber is listed on their site. Probably not the guy though.
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