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  1. Excellent playing, thank you for sharing! Why has no one asked, can a 6 handicap beat a 4 handicap?
  2. Great early feedback, besides the long round. Please share how ho they fit your gaps, feel, flight etc.. as you keep playing with them. Athletically they look great. There is a ton of room to stamp and add paint fill. I like the red line and faces that show ware. Are they a little shorter heel to toe than your Pings? Wishing you continues success with your new Stix!
  3. The raw face on these will serve many people well, when they start explaining to their significant other why they need new wedges. Excellent photo, thank you.
  4. QuiglyDU, I know you can get after it. I am very interested on hearing how this works with the speed you can generate. I've had my eye on this one for a while. No pressure guys to get the rest of us onboard, j/k. Looking forward to the reviews, congrats to all.
  5. Interesting, this is definitely more face balanced with the longer neck than his last putter. GW is easy to root for, hope this works well for him.
  6. Adam's irons are a 1 of 1 set Titleist made for him because he likes extra offset and minimal bounce. We are never going t see these at retail. And if we did this whole site would complain about the extra offset.
  7. Do we know which putter made it in the bag this week? For no good reason I’m hoping he went with one of the Cobra putters.
  8. Looks promising. For the annual fee the ROI could be pretty quick for a lot of people.
  9. Agreed, timing for Apex seems like it should have been more in line with PGA show/ early 2022 releases. I am intrigued by both of these clubs but would not carry both.
  10. It certainly feels that way. I would speculate Callaway would like to capitalize on Phil's win at the PGA.
  11. Best view of this yet, thanks Greg! Loving the absence of the Chevron.
  12. That doesn’t suck! Great info thank you.
  13. Z-forged look much better with the lead tape. Never loved the curved line across he back.
  14. I really like that they went with a steel crown. This sound/feel will be a welcomed change for some. Looking forward to comparisons with the Super Hybrid.
  15. City, State? Chester Springs, Pa 1. Handicap? 6.8 2. Current hybrid? Cobra Bio Cell 2-3 3. What is important to you in a hybrid? It has have adjustable loft, look good at address, and not want to go left. 4. Why do you want to review the Cobra KING Tec Hybrid? I am always looking for the perfect gap between diver and 4-iron based on the course I play. I prefer the length of a hybrid vs. 5w and use this spot in the bag frequently to hit specific tee shots and longer shots into greens. I really wan to try the King Tec hybrid because of all the adjustability and its ability to be dialed in and then switched as needed per course conditions or desired flight/distances. 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? yes
  16. I bought the category 5 60 g a few months ago because of you guys. Still need to find someone local that is competent enough to take the Callaway adapter off and throw on a Titleist one. Thanks for reminding me I need to do this.
  17. Great feedback, thank you. I am generally looking for wedges with a higher CG, these just might fit the bill.
  18. 1. City, State? Chester Springs, Pa 2. Handicap? 6 3. Current hybrid or fairway wood? Titleist TSi 5w 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid? I am looking the ideal combo club that can be used from the tee as well as the fairway and rough. I am still searching for the perfect gap between driver and 4 iron that caries a certain distance off the tee and can still be maneuvered from the fairway. The Super Hybrid seems to check all boxes, and I prefer the look of a larger hybrid to a fairway wood. 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes
  19. Alignment dot and about a 1/2 shaft offset on the Austin looks awesome. Hope this is a sign of things to come (to retail).
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