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  1. For sale is my Scotty Cameron button back del mar special release putter. It is in great condition. Barely any scratches. Barely gamed. This putter was originally released in 2010. It comes with the original headcover. It still has the original red stitchback grip in great condition as well. It is 35" asking for SOLD SOLD Please message me to talk about any offers/price. Not interested in trades at this time. I think its within reason when comparing prices to what's on the bay, especially given the condition of mine. Happy to match if you find one cheaper & as good
  2. Have had this for quite a while, let the pictures speak for themselves. Comes with COA. Yes it has been gamed a few times. Yes people love to look at it. The grip is not original. I will provide a standard scotty headcover for it as it did not come with a HC on purchase originally. If you need more images let me know. 34" length. Looking for $3,850 USD OBO. DM Me with offers. Open to negotiate if my price is unreasonable. Just based from what I’ve seen here previously as well as eBay prices. I am open to trades for some very unique HIVE original Bettinardis that come wi
  3. as title states .. looking for a mallet style putter head that is toe balanced ? (does it even exist ?) i currently have the putter below but ive been having issues .. time to switch it up and test some other stuff out prefer to play scotty or betti
  4. If my pictures suck I apologize please let me know I will obtain new ones as requested. All prices include shipping. FEEL FREE TO OFFER ME/LOWBALL ME/POTENTIAL TRADES YOU NEVER KNOW 2 IRON MIURA BABY BLADE LEFT ONLY SOLD SOLD SOLD Hzrdous Smoke 6.0 90g hybrid shaft -pulled right out of a brand new u500 2 iron, never been hit SOLD SOLD SOLD PW-2 iron Miura Baby Blades 1957 - KBS Tour 120 Stiff shafts, standard length, golf pride Z grip cords, mint condition, iron headcovers included PRICE 1750 1650 3-PW SOLD SOLD SOL
  5. I have a serious addiction with buying too much stuff... im trying to control myself and moving forward do not want to buy a single club until i get properly fitted to buy stuff that specifically works for me and is tuned for me how many of you are actually fitted for your clubs or are you just like me who buys straight of wrx/ebay/store and just go for it
  6. > @smitty said: > ![](https://i.imgur.com/8erUs7Y.jpg "") > > ![](https://i.imgur.com/ik2d6kN.jpg "") > those are sweet.. where from?
  7. > @nandersen said: > > @nandersen said: > > > @f123acez said: > > > > @"PopIt&DropIt" said: > > > > > @f123acez said: > > > > > guys i love my baby blades, more than anything whatsoever, best iron ive ever hit ............... > > > > > > > > > > BUT .................... > > > > > > > > > > i cannot hit my **** 2 or 3 iron.. even the 4 iron off the turn.. off the tee on par 3s or short 4s they are fine, i can get the ball in the air... but second shots into par
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