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  1. Ya, we'll find out. We normally have 7-8 months between freezes but could be as low as 6 some years so we may have fruit some years and none in other years.
  2. Yes! When you think about it as you get to the end of your backswing you are not quite in a good position yet to bring the club back down to the ball. There is a slight repositioning or resetting as you get ready to start your downswing. It will vary by golfer whether it's the Snead squat, the Monte zipper away or some other move. This move puts us in position to hit the ball; clears a path to the ball, re-routes the club, gets the weight onto our lead side and moves the swing bottom toward the target.
  3. It could be just something simple Sean. You might have the inside downswing path blocked with your right hip, which forces you to start the downswing with your shoulders, which causes a steep and over the top downswing plane. The simple solution is to get that right hip out of the way to open up your inside path to the ball. Monte's old zipper away move is a great cure for this problem and actually fixes many things. Before you start your downswing just move your pant's zipper back away from the ball. If your hips have turned back (which they should) in you
  4. We planted the red skin ones that were given to us by a friend. They're like a bulb in that they die off up top with the first freeze, then we cut them to ground level and they multiply when they grow back in the spring. Have had them for 2 seasons and have yet to bear edible fruit though they came close this last year, with some small fruit that didn't mature. I'm glad they are amazing cause at some point we're going to have a lot of them!
  5. When I was growing up in SoCal there were dairies everywhere with most having drive up stores where they sold all their goods. The town next to us was named Dairy Valley actually. The real estate these dairies were on became very valuable as the burbs grew and the dairy owners were sort of forced to sell their land (and make $$millions) and move their dairies further inland. Most moved to rural towns (at that time) called Chino and Norco. As Dairy Valley grew and changed the city council changed the city name to Cerritos.....no dairies were left, lol, so that made sens
  6. And Alabama v Ohio State 8 pm tonight on ESPN for the National College Football Championship. I may be the only one here but I will definitely be watching, lol. That's 8 pm eastern time at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL.
  7. I normally follow only college football but sometimes I watch the NFL to see some of the players I liked when they were playing in college; mostly Alabama players but a few others as well. And................viewership of pro sports is way down.....and it's NOT because of c o v i d. People are fed up with politics in pro sports. Just shut up and play.
  8. When it's your time it's your time. A record falls and the Steelers are stunned.
  9. Wow Bill, that's the most amazing play I've ever seen to start a game. I'm rooting for the Browns anyway but wow what a gift! Edit for video And then they get a pick and a few plays later get another TD. Great start.
  10. In the old days at Schneider they would pull that cr** on me now and then and every time I would just say put it in writing and send it to me on the Qualcomm; that you are ordering me to violate the hours of service laws and that you personally assume all responsibility for what happens.....and every time they backed down, lol.
  11. I have a Garmin GPS watch and a TGW rangefinder with slope adjustment. I've compared the 2 out on the course. Sometimes they're close and sometimes they will differ by 2-3 clubs because of the size and shape of the greens. Frankly, I just trust the rangefinder more and really like the slope adjustment feature. My rangefinder is not a top of the line one so, like Sean, I sometimes have a hard time locking onto the flag. I always thought I had steady hands until I got this rangefinder, lol. Shooting a pin from long distance with trees or other objects in the
  12. Well, there is at least one benefit to be being a club ho for awhile and that is if you are reasonably intelligent you will eventually learn how clubs and shafts work, what works best for you and what you prefer.......and would rather fit yourself than entrust the job to someone else. Industry folks would like us to believe it's rocket science and we should pay someone to fit us..... .............and that we should go buy some new club because it's a nano micro better than the last iteration. I'm not going to be critical of people because after years
  13. Wow, Sixty and Bill, your Buckeyes are putting a hurt on Clemson 49-21 in the 4th qtr. Looks like we'll see you in the National Championship Game. Roll Tide!
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