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  1. I'm happy to see your post! I was starting to wonder if you were OK, bro.
  2. Agree on both counts. In other news I just bought G410 17 and 19 degree hybrids. The G410s are the first adjustable hybrids Ping made and I want that ability to adjust lofts and lies on hybrids.
  3. Yes, Welcome to the Grille Golfboy. Masters Sunday!
  4. Well, that makes 4 of us for starters. I'm sure more will chime in as time moves along. We're scattered about so the "where" may take some negotiation. As for me I'll travel pretty much anywhere in the continental USA for the CGT&B! I don't know about English but after 27 years in Japan your Redneck sounds pretty good to me.
  5. I 2nd the Grille meet up. Maybe when things get back to normal we can pull one together.
  6. Certainly not ugly. Your swing looks smooth as silk to me and very consistent. I can't remember the last time I saw such an easy almost effortless looking swing. My guess is you don't miss the sweet spot on those Hogans......or miss fairways either. EDIT- I did enjoy the music............. it contributed to the smooth vibe of your swing.
  7. That's awesome. When I think of jazz and bass playing I think of Esperanza Spalding. She's also a jazz singer, of course. Her melodic bass playing is unique IMO. She's usually playing an electric bass but grabbed an acoustic bass for this one.
  8. Ya, you were talking about your 2 iron...................
  9. Well, I decided to throw my 3 and 4 irons back into the bag for my round tomorrow. I also pulled my GolfWRX Winter Rules putter cover and put in my GolfWRX Masters putter cover. It's gonna be 80 degrees here tomorrow. Time for some fun in the sun.................
  10. I didn't know she is 5'5". Makes what she's doing all the more impressive. She didn't make a bogie in the final round and shot a very respectable -4 68 under all that pressure and on a tough golf course.
  11. The used market has been pretty good. I just sold 6 clubs and an iron set on eBay and got way more for them than I was expecting. The high prices for new stuff has significantly and positively affected the used market. If anyone has clubs they want to unload on eBay, now is the time.
  12. Glad you're still enjoying the G410+. I've been looking at maybe getting a G410 hybrid to try out. I like that they are adjustable up to 1.5 degrees up or down and up to 3 degrees flatter. I'd like to experiment with maybe a 17 degree one and see what I can do with it. Congrats to Jordan on getting back into the winner's circle today! No doubt he'll now be one of the favorites at Augusta this coming week. Wow, Lydia Ko's on fire shooting a 7 under 29 on the front. Patty had a chip in eagle on 2 but has been pretty quiet but steady since. Lydia is now
  13. Some of these young girls are hitting the ball as far as the boys. On the golf channel after round 3 of the ANA they said Patty Tavatanakit has averaged 327 off the tee for the first 3 rounds......and she's hitting fairways and greens and making putts. She's just 21 years old but looked very calm and collected out there yesterday. She's gonna be facing final round major pressure today. I'm gonna be watching on the golf channel later today. So far she seems to be another one of those fearless young players who is not afraid of the big stage. She started the
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