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  1. Ah, a fresh wind blew in here earlier today, clearing out the clouds and humidity, leaving behind sparkling blue skies and a little chill in the air. Fall has arrived. A low of 53 in the forecast for tonight. The link beckon. Soon. I hope all are well!
  2. You're now trending at #justsaynotoibu&acetaandshootyourage
  3. You guys that are taking ibuprofen for pain; next time try taking half the dose you would normally take and take a half dose of acetaminophen with it. I think you may be surprised how well these 2 work together for pain relief. Much better than either alone but make sure to not take more than 3000 mg of acetaminophen in a 24 hour period. Edit: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I am merely sharing info given to me by a doctor, which may or may not be useful to others. As always, consult your doctor before taking any medications.
  4. Haha, I've been bored for weeks. A little frustration and anger sounds like fun right about now! I no longer own any persimmon but I suppose I could implement a blade mandate my first round back. I do still have my Mac blades. I wouldn't call them tiny but they'll be frustrating enough for my rusty game. The word frustration brought back a funny memory. I was playing a round in Georgia with a friend several years ago and he noticed the black insert in my Ping S58 irons and asked me what it was for. I told him it was a vibration dampener. I don't know if I garbled my speech or what but he thought I said frustration dampener....or just pretended that's what he heard. Every less than acceptable shot I hit brought the query as to how well was the frustration dampener working. Now I've blown it with you guys. If I play with any of you and have those irons in the bag..........
  5. It's hard to say who's had the more impressive run so far. Emma had to win 3 qualifiers just to get in the main draw and has not dropped a set on the way to the final. OTOH, Leylah has had to battle through a much tougher draw; having to beat 3 of the top 5 seeds, including the defending champion and major winners, in tough 3 set battles. The final tomorrow is must watch TV for me. Bring on the peppered popcorn!
  6. Great. Was cleared to chip and putt last Friday and should be back on the course taking full swings in a few more weeks. Very little pain left. Doc said when fully healed up I'll have zero pain. The limp is gone. Feels good to walk normally again. Thanks for asking.
  7. That IS insane. Good luck Goose!
  8. Just an Alabama thing I suppose but this pic of the 3 QBs on the 2018 Tide team has gone viral here as all 3 will be starting this week on their NFL teams. From left to right, Mac Jones, now the Patriots QB, Jalen Hurts, now the Eagles QB, and Tua Tagovailoa, now the Dolphins QB. Actually, the Pats and Dolphins are playing each other this coming Sunday. So for us here this is a pretty cool pic...........Roll Tide
  9. Long winded is fine and I appreciate the shared info. Will definitely plant some Scotch Bonnets next year........and I agree that I am also too old to be popping the super hots into my mouth like I foolishly did in my youth. I'm glad that you can still taste the fruity taste of the bhuts (ghosts). All I taste with them is heat as in HEAT. If there's a fruit taste in there it was well drowned out by the heat; at least in the batch I grew. Peppers are funny things. I bought a Cayenne pepper plant a few years ago; thinking that like the famous sauces they would be hot. Well, the plant was a dud. The peppers had no heat at first. As the season progressed and the plant grew the peppers got a little hot but still in the mild category; certainly not what one would expect of a Cayenne. I've had the same experience growing Jalapenos. Some plants yield what you would call a normal Jalapeno and then some plants yield peppers that are very mild. I stopped buying those plants because you just don't know what you're gonna get. With all the great seeds you sent me I won't need to buy pepper plants for years and years anyway.
  10. Fella, just thought I'd toss in a pepper growing update. After a year of growing bhut jolokias and having enough in the freezer to last for years (if they last that long)and giving most of them to friends and neighbors I was ready to grow some peppers with some good flavor and heat but not the extreme heat of the bhut jolokias...........so we grabbed the seed stash you sent us and planted some aji limons several months ago. What a wonderful pepper. Great flavor; good heat but not overpowering. I've been eating them with many different dishes. They go well with just about everything and the plant is a bountiful producer. It's nice to have peppers on hand that you don't see in grocery stores; at least around here. I'm thinking next spring we'll plant 2 or 3 varieties of the other seeds; to continue the pepper adventure. I'm going to avoid the super hots for awhile. TBH, I'm not sure what good a Carolina Reaper is apart from the economy of being able to season a gallon of bean dip with 1 pepper, lol. Again, thanks for all the seeds and the write up descriptions!
  11. Not quite that cool here yet but am looking forward to fall so much this year. Fall is normally our "dry" season and we need a break from all the rain this year...not to also mention the golf will be great, college football is starting (Roll Tide!) and the slow buildup to the holiday season. When I lived in SoCal, fall was my least favorite season; living here it's become my favorite.
  12. I used to play a course in Eloy, AZ quite frequently as it had easy access for the big rig. I played this course probably 5 times until it dawned on me that there were no sand bunkers on the course. It was a desert course and there was plenty of sand, rocks and cacti if you wandered too far off the fairways but not a single man made sand bunker anywhere. The link to this article popped up on my screen this morning and so I went over to Golf.com and read it and it brought the course I just mentioned back to mind. Frankly, are sand bunkers that important to a golf course being a good golf course? Why this golf course decided to remove every single bunker
  13. Speechless Bill? Ya, me too. Awesome start Sol.....and nice mic drop. I would love to have been there and seen it. People like to say "just act like you've been here before". Indeed!
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