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  1. I imagine anyone who wants a 48" driver has one already. It's not a big deal swapping out driver shafts these days. A 48" driver would likely have a heavier swing weight but that can be fixed with back weighting in the grip. If I was taller and/or had short arms I would try it out. At 5'10" with longish arms I think my swing plane would be too flat with a 48" driver and I would have control issues. My current driver is 45.5" and is in my comfort range. Give it a try Sean. At 6'5" it would be like a twig in your hands and you could increase you swing radius by a significant
  2. Well, Da Beast did the unthinkable...............................he bombed and gouged his way to a 6 shot win on a US Open set up. Da Beast doesn't need to hit fairways; he can play from 5 inch rough no problem. No golf course is safe when he's around.
  3. Ya, can you imagine the search parameters you would have to use to find it? "Um, let's see, we have 10 trillion videos from last week, are you ready to start the narrowing down process?"
  4. These days anytime you're outside......or inside (away from home) you should just assume you're on camera and behave accordingly. But you can bet your bippy that if you make a hole in one you'll never see it on video....but the video does exist........somewhere................................so you run into the clubhouse and ask to see the video and they're like "WTH are you talking about? Call Google and see if one of their satellites caught it"....so you call Google and they say what course and hole was it on?" So you tell them and they say "no, that's not us, call Larry'
  5. Well, we got 5.87 inches of rain yesterday in our small town, which is actually quite a lot though far less than what was thought possible. We never got the really heavy downpours typical of thunderstorms; actually we never heard a single rumble of thunder. It was just a steady medium rain from early yesterday morning til the wee hours this morning. The wind kicked up stronger late last night as the eye passed south of us. All the old growth trees are still standing but a cypress tree I planted maybe 12 years ago came down and took out part of the back yard fence so
  6. Ya, I have the "go into another room and forget why I went there" thingy. Usually I'll just look around and see something and go "oh yeah I came for that".....................yet, I can stand on the 18th tee and remember every shot I've hit up until that point. I guess that means golf is more important.
  7. LOL, I guess all older couples go through this!! Too funny.
  8. Yes, the forecast has been changing because this thing has been nearly stationary. The latest forecast has the eye making landfall at Mobile and coming right up to us here. We live north of I-85 between Montgomery and Auburn. Originally we were expecting 3-8 inches of rain and 30-40 mph winds. Now they're saying we could get up to 20 inches of rain and winds in the 40-50 mph range. Thankfully, our house is on high ground so we're safe from flooding though areas around us could flood and prevent us from going anywhere outside our small town. I decided to mow the
  9. I don't get tired of reading about Grillster's rounds. We all support each other. Golf is a fickle game and we all have good and bad days on the course. I've posted about rounds where I barely broke 100 as well as rounds where I've played reasonably well. One of the really good things about our group here is that we all feel comfortable enough to talk about our games and rounds.
  10. BTW, congrats to Stewart Cink for winning today. Nice to see one of the old guys beat the youngsters and get it done! Anyone have any picks for the US Open next week?
  11. Ya, I was thinking about that. I remember the smoke when we played but that didn't look anything like the videos I've been seeing on the news and online. Like you just said; this looks much worse.
  12. We've been following on the news. You guys stay safe out there. We don't need more rain here. If I could I would divert Sally up your way to put out the fires and clear the air.
  13. Although we can play year round down here in Bama, I don't like to play when it gets too cold or too hot because it simply stops being fun. My sweet spot is anywhere between 50 and 90 degrees F but I am not inflexible about it and will go a few more degrees either way if the buds really want to play. I guess you can be a little more picky about it when the courses are open year round.
  14. Cooler weather is coming here starting Tuesday. Unfortunately it's coming along with 3 days of rain and bluster as Sally moves through. After that though the temps are predicted to remain cooler with highs in the high 70s to low 80s and lows in the low 60s to high 50s........so much better golf weather is coming. What a difference from last year when we had a heat wave and flash drought that lasted til almost mid October. Southerners love the fall with cooler temps and college football. Down here the SEC is just gonna play 10 games this season and just play aga
  15. I took one of the ghost peppers off my plant, cut it up into tiny pieces and sprinkled them on top a plate of spaghetti and ate it. 1 as in ONE pepper! I'll normally eat several peppers with a meal. No way I could do that with these and I knew better than to try cause I took one tiny piece and put it in my mouth beforehand. Peppers like these are not about flavor, they're about getting an endorphin high, lol. Of course, that is what makes peppers addicting for us pepper fans. We like the pain and we love the high as our bodies send all those endorphins to rescue us
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