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  1. I started smoking when I was 17. When I was 21 I got the flu but kept working, etc., until I wound up with pneumonia. I went to the doctor and he gave me medications and sent me home to rest. I slept virtually nonstop for 3 days and when I got up the last thing I wanted was a cigarette. I did not touch a cigarette for 9 years. In those 9 years I became a fitness and nutrition devotee. When I was 30 I was living in South Florida on the beach. I was down there for work along with a bunch of others who had also been relocated there from other areas of the country. Since I was single at the time, it was just another adventure for me. We ate most of our meals at restaurants and back then you could still smoke in restaurants. After each meal it seemed everyone would light up. I'd watch everyone enjoy that post meal cigarette and remember how much I used to enjoy it myself. One night I bummed one off of one of the girls cause she was smoking ultra light menthols and I knew I could not handle a strong cigarette. Fast forward a few months and I was, by then, a full blown smoker again. I convinced myself that ultra light cigarettes wouldn't do much harm, lol. Over the ensuing decades I quit many times but not for long; anywhere from a week to as long as 2 months. When Cobi and I met in 1997 we were amazed that we smoked the exact same cigarettes; which at that time were Benson & Hedges Deluxe Ultra Light Menthols. Ya, I was smoking chick cigarettes, haha. It got worse though as we were both smoking 120mm Virginia Slims Ultra Light Menthols when we last quit. Yes, I smoked Virginia Slims, regularly. In the late 2000s vaping started to become available. on July 31, 2010, I had my last cigarette and switched over to vaping. Unlike with cigarettes, you can actually control the amount of nicotine you get with vaping. I vaped at low nicotine levels for years and then finally decided to wean myself off nicotine and have been off nicotine for several years. I still vape because I enjoy it and I think partly to self medicate because the menthol soothes my sinuses and helps keep them clear. I vape a lot less now than I did when I was driving for a living. Smoking all those years kinda made my sinuses a mess. I've had 2 sinus "procedures" and take 2 allergy medications daily along with doing a twice daily sinus "rinse" with a steroid and saline solution. Vaping with menthol helps. My doc knows I do it but we just don't talk about it cause he can't officially condone it. Between the procedures and the meds my sinuses are crystal clear 99% of the time. As far as drinking; I don't think I've had a drink in over 20 years. I used to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine but over time I just lost interest in drinking. Now, when I was young I could party with the best of them. IMO though, that is something one should grow out of. If you don't you can end up doing great harm to yourself and others. I have seen it as I'm sure we all have seen it.
  2. No Ben Gay for moi......no Blue Emu either; sorry Johnny B.......you still da man though. I took 2 Aleve before I left the house. They're good for 12 hours. I feel like Superman.............
  3. Glad you're out of pain. Sounds like you'll be back on the course soon! I'm gonna go hit 300 balls again tomorrow.
  4. I read somewhere it takes hitting 10,000 balls to get into a groove. I've never been a range rat and don't plan to start being one now. I did learn one thing though yesterday. My swing has been getting shorter and shorter and I think that is why I was losing distance. At some point yesterday it dawned on me and I began focusing on trying to get my lead shoulder pointing down toward the ball to finish my back swing. Not only did I start hitting the ball further but I was also making better contact because my transition and path was better.
  5. I did not hurt my back hitting all those balls. I was just tired and sore all over. Years and years ago I had a case of very bad back spasms from overstretching my back for long periods. It was then that I learned that wiggling a toe involves one's back and there is no bodily position one can escape to to alleviate the pain. It was that experience that gave me much empathy for those that deal with back pain and issues on a daily basis.
  6. Back problems suck! You cannot move a baby toe or a pinky finger without engaging your back it seems. And there is no position you can get into to make the pain go away.
  7. Today was our last day of good weather for awhile as the forecast turns to sh** starting tomorrow. So I decided to do my best Soloman imitation and went to the range and hit 300 balls. Dang, that's a lot of balls. And he did this every day for 10 years? Truly, he is the Grille's iron man. I'm wiped. The good thing is I now have several days to rest and recover!
  8. Ya, I-84 is a piece of work if you're on any stretch of it at the wrong time. I knew all those little towns in Oregon well; La Grande, Baker City, Farewell Bend. Of course, it picks up the Snake River at Farewell Bend and pretty much follows it through Idaho until you get to the I-86 fork. Don't know if you know this or not but after I-84 disappears when it meets with I-80, east of Ogden it suddenly reappears in eastern Pennsylvania where it forks off of I-81 near Scranton and runs up into Massachusetts and dead ends into I-90. That stretch is no fun in bad weather either!
  9. I don't miss winter on the road. I'm perfectly content to sit right here and watch the chaos on TV. So many non fond memories of winter driving in the PNW. Chains on chains off chains on chains off. You actually get proficient at doing it.....except one time we got fed up........We had some cheap cable chains we put on, compliments of Schneider National. Cobi was driving and just said the he** with the on and off gig and drove with those chains on from Pendleton, OR to Ontario, OR. She just drove those chains right off. By the time we got to Ontario the chains were all gone and we had 2 blown tires on the trailer. I'll never forget that. It was hilarious. We hate that stretch of road during the winter as sometimes, in that 150 miles from Pendleton to Ontario you might chain up and then off 3-4 times as you go up into the mountains and down into the valleys.....and we're talking 10 wheels total that must be chained and then unchained each time. The worst state to drive in during the winter though is Wyoming. Horrendous things happen there.
  10. That looks a lot better than these chicharrones. You have the gourmet version.
  11. Speaking of weather................woke up this morning and went outside and it was snowing! Temps in the high 30s F so no accumulation. Rare for us to get snow down here but it does happen every now and then; about once every 2.1 blue moons. It's still snowing now.
  12. That day when I played with Otey III I happened to ask him about hitting hickory clubs. I was under the impression that these were high torque shafts and you had to learn how to swing them or you would hit balls all over the planet. He said no. He said he could put fast swingers in an X flex shaft that they could swing just like any steel or graphite shaft. He moved out of Selma and lives in Prattville now. He still has the putter business but it's slow these days. I don't know if I mentioned this before but he is Tad Moore's club builder. So he is a very young 70 years old and and Tad is much older. He said he tells Tad he better let people know who is building his clubs cause the odds are Tad is going to die before him and his customers are going to need to know who to go to for club help, lol. He said he still enjoys club building and helping golfers in a sort of part time, no stress way, but does not want to be too busy at this stage of his life. Like I said before, he plays with modern clubs but uses one of his own hickory putters. He plays in the dogfights at the Millbrook muni we play sometimes. I've thought about joining there and playing in the dogfights but just haven't wanted to commit to playing there twice a week no matter the weather. I kind of enjoy my freelancing, nomad ways but that can change as nothing for me, golf wise, is set in stone.
  13. The microwave "cozies" are pictured below. Cobi makes them, just for fun and to give away. I think she's made and given away north of 300 of them in various sizes. Since they are good to use IN the microwave they become easier to use than the normal potholders, mitts, towels and whatever else someone might use to remove a hot bowl or dish from the microwave. The bowl or dish can stay in the cozy, into and back out of the microwave as needed. They soon become a minor necessity, lol. We use ours a lot. Cobi also has made special flat ones with pockets to stuff potatoes into for baking. We use those a lot too. If any of you would like a few just PM me your address and I'll send you some. I think should be OK to ship to Canada but too costly to ship to Aus or other far away places. Sorry for that. Also, I can't guarantee what color you might get but if you have a preference let me know and I'll do my best to get you that color. Also, it will take a few days for Cobi to make some more so I'll ship them as soon as I can. I had Sol's, Stu's and Fella's addresses on hand since they had sent things to me previously, so I, stealthily, sent them some cozies as a surprise. Since they all seem to like them I'll be happy to send some to anyone else that wants them, at no cost. Cheers to all.
  14. .....mmmmmm......love scallops......love abalone, too. When I was a kid my dad would go scuba diving off the SoCal coast and come home with abalone. I'd help him beat it with mallets. Then he'd batter it up and pan fry it. I grew up eating a lot of seafood. My favorite fish is halibut. Halibut steaks are so good and you can prepare them many ways. Swordfish steaks are good too. The meat is a little darker and a little more fishy tasting than halibut. I miss all the good seafood. These days, here in Alabama, the fish in the stores is mostly farm raised, even the shrimp! The "Wild Caught" label, when I see it, makes me laugh. That used to be the norm.
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