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  1. I’ll be down that way in April. I’ve played Verdae, Furman and Walker in the past and Furman was my favorite. I’m going to try to get on at Thornblade or Chanticleer this time. Has anyone played either? Preference between the two?
  2. I needed to play in the morning unfortunately. Ended up at Torrey South. It was nice and I enjoyed it, but it was probably a one time thing. I couldn’t justify dropping $200 to play it again. To be honest, I thought the North Course was every bit as good as the South Course. You San Diego residents are lucky!
  3. Maderas for $139 or Torrey South for $227? I played Torrey North yesterday and enjoyed it.
  4. IՉ۪m playing Torrey Saturday afternoon, but I want to play somewhere early Saturday morning. As a single, with other GolfWRX members, etc. The catch is that I need to be able to play and get back to the PQ area by noon. Is it possible and what are your recommendations? Thanks!
  5. I’m in town for a few days and looking to play 18 Saturday morning. I’m thinking Balboa or Coronado, but I’m open to suggestions. I’ve got an afternoon tee time, so the earlier Saturday morning, the better. I’m a 10.1 HC, but I play fast. Just looking for a casual, fun round. Walk or ride - doesn’t matter to me. Send me a message.
  6. I’m looking for info on golf in eastern Poland. From what I’ve found, there isn’t a lot to choose from and based on what I’ve read above, it may be cost prohibitive anyway. I’ll be spending a significant amount of time I Poland, though, so I’d love to play if I get the chance.
  7. Came across several of the TW 17s in Black and also white/Black/red. Sizes 10.5 to 13. Myrtle Beach Ross near Tanger outlets.
  8. Myself and Matt_thatsme check the Knoxville store pretty regularly as well. We haven't seen anything yet. Seemed like our store got them late last time though. Dropped by the Knoxville BCF today. Still no shoes, but they had plenty of Nike polos. Sizes S - XL. Prices $21-$30. Several Aeroreact slim.
  9. Shipping info PMed to buyers on items sold and mailed today.
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