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  1. This news saddens me. I had the good fortune of living near his shop when he was in Huntington Beach. I walked into his shop without an appointment and we spent a good 15-20 minutes together. We talked about putters and I putted on his indoor green. I’m sure he was busy, but he had no qualms about spending time with me that day. I ordered a DH89 in mystic pearl finish in 2014 and it’s still my gamer today. It’s such a good putter from a true gentleman and expert craftsman. RIP Byron. You will not be forgotten…
  2. I’ve gotten a couple rounds and driving range sessions in the past 2-3 weeks. I still have DG S400s in my wedges. I do often practice 100 yards and in with the wedges. The tennis elbow definitely acts up more when I hit the wedges. The elbow has been perfectly fine with the PGIs. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with PGIs. It was an easy transition coming from the S400s. Looks-wise, the black and red color of the shafts is great. I usually carry when I play and the shafts are holding up well in my Ping Hoofer. Had the opportunity to play Torrey North last week. Here’s the shaft in my 8 iron with 12th green and clubhouse in the background.
  3. Played a round today. I definitely like having the 2 logos on the side. Looking down and addressing the ball, it is clean and not distracting. I found the yardages to be about the same as with the S400 shafts. The swing weight is closer to D5-6 so I will need to get used to the heavier feel. Or I may have to have my buddy trim the grip end of the shaft. I’m willing to see how the heavier swing weights work out. Once again, my left elbow feels great after the round - this difference cannot be overstated. I should have changed to graphite shafts a long time ago. I can swing confidentially knowing that my elbow will not hurt. I typically carry my bag so I’ll see if any wear develops on the shafts.
  4. I was selected by @KBS Golf Shafts and GolfWRX to test the 100G KBS PGI shaft. First time trying graphite in irons. Long time DG S400 player. I can confidently say that I’m not going back to steel. I have mild tennis elbow on the left. It flares up especially after hitting balls off a mat at the the range. With the PGIs, my elbow feels totally fine. The vibration reduction is impressive. Even with that, the feel of this shaft is smooth. Good shots feel good and poorly struck shots are noticeable, but not painful. Knowing that my elbow won’t hurt has enabled me to swing normally without fear.
  5. Sorry, I have not hit the Steelfiber. This is my first experience with graphite in irons. I'm so impressed with the lack of elbow pain. I thought about hitting an extra bucket of balls... I am loving the higher trajectory. I think with the elbow feeling good, I am not hesitant about making full swings.
  6. I’m testing KBS’s PGI shaft through WRX. It’s early but the best thing about graphite iron shafts is the lack of elbow pain. I’ve switched from DG S400s and the elbow feels totally fine. After a range session with the S400s, I would have tenderness that was manageable but annoying. If you can find a graphite shaft that meets your expectations, then I would 100% recommend switching for elbow comfort alone. I’m enjoying testing the PGIs. I don’t see myself going back to steel shafts.
  7. I finally had a chance to hit the MP-64s with the PGI shafts. I'll be comparing it to what I recall from years of playing the MP-64s with DG S400s. What's the most noticeable change? I'm pain free. I've been dealing with tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) on the left for 6 to 12 months. It's not bad, but I definitely feel sore after a driving range session off the mats. It's been manageable with massage and Theraband exercises to strengthen the forearm, but the best thing about the range session was the lack of left elbow pain. This is probably the case with other graphite iron shafts, but it's the best thing about the PGIs. I really don't see myself going back to steel because of this reason. I'm guessing the primary reason for being pain-free is the vibration dampening. Graphite reduces vibration better than steel. This may lead one to think there is lack of feel, but I did not find this to be true. I can still feel mishits. Solid shots are rewarded with the typical Mizuno feel that I remember with steel shafts. I agree with the others testers that the PGIs produce a high ball flight. Ball flight is subjectively higher than the DG S400s. It doesn't balloon, but it's higher. I'm not the best at flighting a lower trajectory, but it was more difficult compared to the S400s. The range I use typically has 5 to 10 mph headwind. I found distance to be about the same, but I've only had one range session. Perhaps the higher trajectory was punished so the overall distance was no different. The 100 gram PGIs are slightly stiffer than the DG S400s. I did not have any difficulty adjusting to the PGIs. It is very smooth and reminds of an older True Temper product - the Black Gold shafts. The Black Gold shafts were True Temper's answer to Project X before the two companies merged. The Black Gold shafts were the smoothest feeling shafts that I've hit and the PGIs are very similar. I'll report back after more range sessions and taking them on the course. Overall, I'm very happy with the performance of the PGIs.
  8. Shaft replacement is done! Tips hand sanded to fit the 0.355 hosel. Trimming done according to KBS recommendations. Swing weight was a bit heavier than with the S400s - closer to D4-5. If it’s too heavy, we can trim the shaft at the grip end. Grips were air-compressed on so should be pretty easy to do. Shout out to my buddy who did all the work in his garage - thank you!!! First look? The black/red color scheme with the red grips looks sharp. Grips are Pure Pro in red - matches perfectly with the red color in the shaft. Wanted logos down, but since there are 2 logos on each shaft, we decided to place the logos on the sides as best as possible. Looks-wise, it has put new life into these irons. Will be testing at the range and on course in the next few days. Super excited to hit them. This is the 7 iron at address. Logos are positioned at both sides with a pretty clean look at address.
  9. Still working on getting these shafts into the MP 64 heads. Life gets in the way sometimes, you know? Should be able to complete it this week. Here are a couple of pics. Please ignore the lefty fairway wood in the second photo.
  10. Fantastic photos. Trip of a lifetime for sure. Thank you for sharing.
  11. 1. Join SuperStroke Nation HERE 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? Yes 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? S-Tech Cord 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? Traxion Tour 2.0 SKU: 70130
  12. Placeholder updated with some info about me and photos. Thanks to GolfWRX and @KBS Golf Shafts!
  13. Placeholder Thank you to @KBS Golf Shafts and Golf WRX for this opportunity. I regard it an honor to test these shafts and hope to give the WRX community my full insight on the product. A little about me...I'm 49 year old male with about a 5 index. I have been playing Mizuno MP 64 irons, 3 through PW, with S400 shafts for nearly 10 years (the 3 iron makes an infrequent appearance as I prefer 3 hybrid). It's a great opportunity for me to try graphite shafts as I get older. I will be testing the 100g weight shaft. Ideally, it would be best to install the shafts on a second set of MP 64 irons to compare with my gamers. But, I think comparing the irons with these new shafts with my experience will suffice. I don't tinker much with my clubs. The only clubs that have changed in my bag the past 10 years are driver, 3 wood and putter. I received the shafts individually wrapped in a sturdy package. As you can see from the photos, it's a very sharp looking shaft. The shafts are 0.370 parallel and the MP 64s take a shaft with 0.355 taper tip. According to the KBS website, the 0.355 taper tips are to be released later. Researching GolfWRX posts, it sounds like people either sand the tips down to fit the irons or ream the hosel to accommodate the 0.370 parallel tip. We will be sanding the tips down. We will be following tipping instructions found on the KBS website. Swing weights on the MP 64 irons with DG S400 shafts are: near or at D3 for 7 to PW and D4 for 6 to 3. I'm not sure why there is a difference as I purchased this iron set used at a local shop. My buddy will be installing the shafts for me but it may take a week or two since we both have day jobs! Please ask me any questions. Thanks again. Here are the trimming instructions and stiffness from KBS.
  14. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location. Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Newport Beach, CA 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting?Irons for sure
  15. 1. City and State? Tustin, CA 2. Handicap? 5 3. Current irons? Mizuno MP-64 4. Current Iron Shafts? DG S400 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? (50G-100G). 100G stiff 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  16. I don't change drivers much, but I picked up the Mavrik Sub Zero 9 degree with Aldila 70x after testing drivers including Epic LS, TSi3, Sim2 and G425. Coming from the TM M3 440cc, the SZ is longer and more forgiving. Sounds better as well. I got the best numbers with the SZ and so far it has translated on course. Very happy I made the switch.
  17. 1. City and State? Tustin, CA 2. Handicap? 5 3. What ZX ball do you want to test? Z Star 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Current golf ball? Rotation of Chromesoft, ProV1, ProV1x and 2016 Z Star 5. What do you look for when buying a new golf ball? Consistency. Durability. Good spin around the green. Low spin off driver. Moderate feel (not too firm or soft) off putter. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
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