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  1. I think that Olympic was one of the best I've seen...maybe not the best, but close. It was refreshing to see the pros sweat over shot selection rather than just play bomb and gouge all day long. Bring on Chambers Bay!
  2. My local shop the other day had a new rack of Ogio Golf Polos. I didn't even know they made anything other than golf bags and the like. They looked pretty good..... Anyone tried?
  3. Kinda funny......Kinda ironic he's preaching stop deforestation while cruising in a 8mpg Lambo. Go figure.
  4. There are several drivers out now than have the same perfomance features ( or better) as your G2 with alot more forgiveness built in. Rather than suggesting any one brand in general, I would suggest that you go to a pro fitter ( along with your old driver) and try some of the new models out along with a proper fitting. When you get your specs dialed in, then it comes down to looks and price..... cheers, spin
  5. If you read the rules of posting on this site and realize its a privilege rather than a right to post you'll never have a problem......pretty simple stuff IMO.
  6. Not sure what to think of poor Ernie. I think he likes playing the victim.....like he's cursed or whatever. If you play into that mentality you're toast.
  7. [quote name='rockinar' timestamp='1339904344' post='5111390'] [quote name='Willie Malay' timestamp='1339902548' post='5111188'] Tiger Woods is not a god! Their fawning over this guy is sickening! Give it up. Lets talk about the guys leading this tournament!! [/quote] I'd rather watch Tiger play bad than watch Jason Dufner playing good. There's nobody in the top 10 worth even talking about beside Furyk and McDowell. Their careers are not much to talk about. GO TIGER!! [/quote] Are you serious? You'd rather watch lipped out two-footers for par over great shotmaking? Wow, talk about
  8. I think the thing that struck me today was that 1. Either the regular Tour stops are set up really easy or 2. The US Open is set up properly to challenge the players. This kind of set up makes players alot more conservative.....its refreshing compared to some of the cupcake bomb and gouge tracks I see every week on TV.
  9. Wow, what a great day of golf. Jacobson and G-Mac really showed alot today. Looking forward to more tomorrow.
  10. Tiger didn't seem to happy after walking off the 18th today. Seemed to be playing golf swing rather than golf again today......Wow, help Sean!
  11. What kind of courses do you play? Courses and condition of said courses dictate what type of club I would be looking at. cheers, spin
  12. I game a R11S FW and love it. I put up a review a few months ago about it for those interested. The R11S is in no way the same as the original R11....way more feel and alot more pop. I think its under the radar due to the RBZ hype. I have to play a FW that sits open, and the RBZ sits neutral to slightly closed at address. With the R11S I can open it as well as adjust the loft to play as a 4 wood. I am regularly hitting bombs as long as my old PING G5 13* with this setup. -spin
  13. Who cares if your core temp. goes up? Just drink more Gatorade.....What about during the winter time? I sweat during winter time rounds at Bandon, by wearing performance material does that mean my core temp is going down?
  14. So, last week I was playing with my dad and two others we got paired up with. On the 13th hole, a twosome behind us hit and their ball rolled to about 25 yards behind us ( we were on the green) .....no big deal I guess. However, we got to the 17th green and they hit into us again. This time I was lining up a putt and their ball landed on the green. They could see us from thier position, it wasn't a blind approach. My dad as well as the twosome playing with us pretty much lost it. ( Think Goodfellas on the golfcourse) Though I was pretty upset, I just figured no one was hurt and lets act
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