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  1. Got a PTX pro 7 iron, UIHI driving iron, and VKTR hybrid in route! Next week should be a blast!
  2. The 902's have been on my radar and at such a low price, I'm sure I'll own a set. It's just a matter of time. They seem like a worthy alternative for former PC users. I've read countless threads about how great the J40 PC was and wish I had bought them instead of the J15DPFs.
  3. Guilty as charged. There are so many great options out right now and I want all of them, or at least to try all of them. There aren't a whole lot of quality fitters in my area. If I had access to a club champion or something similar, I'd be able to try every option and not have any temptation to see if the grass is greener. I have 4 iron sets in the house and can totally see myself buying two more. This place is a bad influence haha.
  4. I have the DPF's. Hit them side by side and I just prefer the Bridgestone feel. However, the 785s seemed tighter in dispersion and consistency once I adjusted to the recoils. I'm going to follow up with Hogan about getting some demos. Twenty bucks and I could have this question sorted out in a few days.
  5. I've been on the wait list for months for some demos. I'm not sure whats going on over there but everything seems to be back logged. In all likelihood I'll take the same route you did and sell whichever set I decide not to game.
  6. Interesting you say this. I know the guys at TXG said they were essentially the same iron in a more compact package and without the tungsten in the long irons. But I think you may be on to something. The 785s feel very solid out of the middle. I would describe them as being more solid then soft. I was hoping for more of that marshmallow type of softness. Believe it or not, the 5 iron I struck well immediately but it took me a while to groove the short irons. I attribute this to having such a light weight in the short irons. I switched from mid weight steel to the recoil 760 which is not ideal
  7. I just got a new set of Srixon 785s that I've been testing for a few weeks and I have to admit I'm a bit underwhelmed. I love the look of these clubs but think my j15s feel a bit better and offer more forgiveness. I had a set of 765s years ago and think they were softer than the 85s. At least that's how I remember them. A buddy of mine has the Ben Hogan Edge irons with the same recoil shaft and I was more impressed with the performance of his clubs. So I'm thinking the PTX pros might be exactly what I'm after but maybe I just need to give the 785s a bit more time. I'm also considering a move
  8. Been watching Ridyards vids on youtube and heard Sieckmann was very similar. I purchased Sieckmann's book off of amazon and can't wait to dive into it. So far, using the little bit of instruction that I have gathered around the interweb is proving to be very promising.
  9. My buddy has the TS2 16.5 cranked up as high as it will go. Tried it out on the course and fell in love. For reference I play a tee xcg6 at 15* and though it was the best 3 wood ever until I hit the TS2. I have no problem elevating my XCG and it typically goes 220-240 depending on course conditions. The level of consistency I got from the TS2 blew my mind! Shot after shot had the same flight and landed in a tight grouping within a few yards of each other. It was a little bit shorter than my club but I was very impressed with the distance considering it had almost 3 degrees more loft.
  10. Very tough question to answer because everyone has their own individual feels. PGA Tour player Kevin Kisner stated that the full swing is analogous to swinging a kettle bell back so you can fling it down field as far as possible. This is a great image that encourages you to use the big muscles to power the swing but golf is not that simple. Fundamentals like grip, posture, posture, alignment need to be ingrained first in order to sling it back to the correct position.
  11. Seems like Faldo, Nobilo, and Pepper genuinely enjoy each others company. I found it refreshing and enjoy when they give each other the needle a bit. Immleman occasionally gets in on the action as well.
  12. naj959

    Dead Hybrid?

    This! The simplest answer is most often the correct one. I'm ballooning the crap out of this club now and never really thought about it. I Thought the super high launch was cool but a 20*hybrid launching like an 8 iron is less than ideal. The ball goes more up then out. My other hybrids launch on a flatter trajectory and I get the expected distance.
  13. Great responses. Sounds like it's a very individual thing and can work for some and not so much for others. My fist set of clubs were an old set of Bullet Tour blades with 130 gram Dynamic Gold Steel shafts. That was 20 years ago. Since then I've stuck with mid weight 115ish gram steel because I felt like I was working to hard to swing heavier shafts. I had Modus 130s for a very short time but felt like I had to swing at 95% to get the most out of them. I've also had a set with Nippon 1050s and they felt too "mushy" if that makes since. In my mind light weight graphite "should not work" b
  14. Haha I think we'll make age 50 the cut off since that's the age for PGA Tour Champions
  15. Any younger guys gaming light weight graphite in their irons? I tried my buddies set that has Recoil 780s in both F3 in the short irons and F4 in the mid and long irons. I was thoroughly impressed with the performance. I got a higher flight, tighter dispersion and picked up a clubs worth of distance compared to my own set. I currently have DG pros in S300 in my gamers. The dispersion leaves a lot to be desired and I wouldn't sneeze at a little extra elevation. A little background, I'm 33, 5'11 and 180 lbs. I'm also a gym rat and do Muay Thai so I consider myself very fit. My driver swing speed
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