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  1. You've got it. Bow the lead wrist and ulnar deviate the trail wrist (a down cast movement). Get the trail shoulder into external rotation (like skipping a stone). You might get better responses in the Planemate thread. Have you watched the advanced protocols that unlock when you register?
  2. Pandemic golf flat out sucks. I managed to play 5 holes in the past 2 weeks. Every course in town is booked solid and I typically walk on as a single so my options are limited to twilight if that. I thought things would be a bit better on Black Friday but they weren't. I can't wait until the courses aren't filled with newbies that have nothing better to do.
  3. naj959

    Dead Hybrid?

    I agree on the launch monitor. It was more of a passing thought that I was curious about. It's slow here in California with the curfew and what not. I find myself posting a lot more of my random golf thoughts with all of this free time. The plan is to just pass the Cleveland on to my cousin who is just beginning and get a Mizzy CLK.
  4. I know its not exactly what you're asking but an interesting watch none the less. http://youtu.be/XncOANzb_OA
  5. This! OP, when I here duck hook, I automatically think tilting the right shoulder down in transition. Leads to a super in to out path and low snap hooks especially with the longer clubs. I know that flaw all too well and it usually infects the whole bag over time if left uncorrected.
  6. naj959

    Dead Hybrid?

    Looks and feels the same. I can't see any cracks and the face appears to be fine. The only thing I can think of is the shaft being a bad fit since my swing has improved over the years. Perhaps it's adding dynamic loft and spinning way too much but the flight doesn't appear to balloon. I actually prefer the super high trajectory. Now that I think about it, I doubt I've struck anywhere near enough times to reach failure.
  7. naj959

    Dead Hybrid?

    I was just wondering if hybrids can loose their pop over time and if anyone has experienced this? I have one of the original Cleveland Launcher hybrids which I believe debuted in 2006. It used to be my solid 190-200 yard club. This year I've noticed a 10-15 yard loss on strikes that I would consider very solid. What was once a 3 iron replacement now goes the same distance as my 5 iron. The obvious answer is to hop on a launch monitor and look at it's efficiency but I don't have easy access to one in my city and I don't have a baseline from when I purchased the club. I've heard of drivers loosi
  8. I think I will incorporate that into my practice routine. I tend to get "ball bound" on the course and think this would help to free me up a bit. I typically work on my short game a minimum of 4 days a week but the improvement on the course has been very slow. There are days when I feel like I own it and will never blade the ball again and then there are the days when I regress and feel like I'll always have this affliction. It used to drive me up the wall considering how much work I put in but I'm trying to embrace getting fractionally better each time I play.
  9. A lot of instructors teach to open the club face a tiny bit on all shots except hardpan. Ive tried the square face ball back setup and I lay the sod over it every time. Width the ball forward and open stance, I had a 50/50 chance of hitting a good shot. Depending on whether I unintentionally held the angle or let the club naturally release. Getting steep with the leading edge is not ideal for me.
  10. Thank your for the analysis @MonteScheinblum I have UTB 1.0 on my old laptop and will re-watch it to refresh all of the concepts. You were spot on as usual. Went out today and tried to cast away the wrist angle and stand up through impact. The rhythm of the motion, consistency of strike and distance control all improved. The move isn't perfect but looks so much more athletic to my eye. I will have to really commit to the cast when I play. Not the easiest habit to break for a chronic handle dragger but babysteps. Heading over to Rebellion golf now to snag the wedges video and work on those part
  11. Ok Gents, I ran out to the course to hit balls and captured a few chips/pitches before I settled in. Please excuse the poor camera angles and poor lighting Things that pop out to me upon viewing: Standing a bit too far away from the ball, I think getting the shaft more upright and choking down would help the cause. I'm VERY handsy to start the stroke. Plane may be too flat going back or is it the bad camera angle? Through impact, my body does this weird thing wear the head slides forward and the hips kind of hang back. It looks godawful and in no way resembles a good player. B
  12. Anyone compare the Edges to the Ptx pros? Friend of mine has the Edge model and I hit them on the range. Fell in love with the clubs. Picked up 10 or so yards and probably 20 feet in peak height. I'm sure the graphite shaft and weaker lofts played a large roll in the extra carry. I'm coming from J15s with stiff DG Pro shafts. I'm thinking the recoils in stiff may be a better fit. I much prefer the aesthetics of the Ptx Pro over the Edge. I prefer the cleaner lines on the back and reduced offset. I'm hoping to get very similar performance in the better looking head but I've been on the wait lis
  13. Makes so much sense because the legs felt totally dead/inactive throughout the shot. A very foreign sensation for me and I would have assumed was incorrect.
  14. I think keeping my eyes on the ball may be a more apt description then keeping my head entirely still. I was attempting to look at the ground under the ball a split second after it left the turf and then let momentum pull me out of the shot. That was my only swing thought and I loved the simplicity. I'm trying to understand why this worked because I would think staying down a split second longer would inhibit proper rotation of the body? I'll have to get some video when I get some free time to see If in fact I am stalling the body or if it just feels that way. In the video posted above it cer
  15. @MonteScheinblum I suspect under pressure, when I know I need to get it up and down to save par, the right arm stalls and I try and help the ball into the air. I know I have to keep that right arm moving but fail to do so. The fear of the blade causes the blade. I'm trying to becomes less outcome focused and just think about the process to take pressure off the shot. I was having success thinking turn the chest through the shot until one day it stopped working for me. Yesterday, before the tip, I double hit a shot from a couple yards off the green. It actually landed nice and soft and got with
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