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  1. I guess since I grew up watching Anime, the dubbing didn't bother me too much. There were a few super cringe moments but overall I thought it flowed once you got into the show.
  2. Put the ball on the sweetspot, simple as that. If that means teeing it lower, than do that. Your swing will dictate the best ball position and height. Having the ball way above the crown is such a fallacy in my opinion. I tee my ball up so maybe a 1/4 of the ball is above the crown. That's where my swing naturally bottoms out for a level approach into the ball.
  3. I think I have 2 episodes left. I had to see what all the hype was about. One of the better series I've binged this year. I would have never returned after the first game. There are better ways to make money haha.
  4. Hands down, the easiest hybrid to hit has to be the Ping G15! I still think about putting one in the bag despite it being a hideous club to look at. Honorable mention goes to Callaway Super hybrid but I consider that closer to a utility wood since the head is rather large.
  5. Something sounds off; D7 with an 85 gram shaft? Like @Valtiel said has to be over length or you added a ton of weigh to the head?
  6. For me it's very dependent on the situation and what obstacles I have to get around. For example, if there's nothing in front of the green and there are no severe slopes, I can literally chip a pitching wedge 50 yards. This is a small no hands rock the shoulders type of swing. If I need a shot that has a lot more carry into the green, I'll use my lob wedge and change the technique. I use Iteach's straight arm drill to hit partial wedges. Ball flight is lower than a normal swing but it's a great control shot. And takes 20 yards off my full swing. If I need a high shot with a ton of spin, I fully set the club at hip high and then rotate hard to a full finish. Fells like a 7 to 2 swing. The last shot is not as consistent as the others because it does require good sequencing. A little too quick and the ball flies further then I planned.
  7. When I use my Detour, I feel like I get a much purer roll when I feel like the weight of the head hinges the wrist. It feel like there's a bit more swing but doesn't look like it on camera. I especially focus on the right wrist as a trigger and it flows form there.
  8. IMO face is open in transition so you wipe across the ball to try and get the club square. The exact opposite of what NTC teaches. I vote for NTC although I found Efficient Swing to be more beneficial for me personally.
  9. I agree, thinking squat in the backswing could be hazardous for some people. I used to squat right off the ball and my trail knee would actually increase in flex. As you could imagine, my tilts were way off and I had no extension of the spine. I was incredibly inconsistent. Had to learn to pivot better. I think extension, squat, extension is a much better way to think about using the ground.
  10. @scratchmcgee looking good man! Thanks for the description for monitoring knee flex. It never occurred to me to draw lines on my knees but I will definitely be doing this from now on. Great way to monitor the pivot.
  11. Always a great feeling to have a relatively clean card. The caveat is that pretty soon you'll be kicking yourself because you didn't save par on those bogey holes; especially when you give yourself a makeable putt. My current situation.
  12. When I first started using my PM I was hitting everything really well but my old flaw did re-emerge because I stopped consciously keeping it in check. My tendency is to have an outside take away and not bend my trail wrist soon enough. Kind of the opposite of most who suck the club inside. So I'm still able to feel the stretch in the takeaway even though I'm out of position. Some times I could time it and shallow enough to get reasonable alignments but it's much easier to shallow from a more on plane position....at least for me. So with Driver I had enough time to get it where it needed to be but irons were coming in super steep. Took me a while to figure all this out and I was getting frustrating using my PM daily and not hitting it well. Knowing what I know now, I should probably start using it again I really liked it with driver because everything felt wide and synchronized. No creating of unnecessary angles or movements to get speed if that makes any sense.
  13. I've had warm up sessions where I have no idea where the ball was going and then I proceed to stripe it on the course. I've learned that a bad range session means jack squat. Heck, I never hit a warm up bucket now; just stretch, chip and putt.
  14. @acekun I haven't used mine all that much this year. I was using it with driver last year and had some of my best driving rounds. Nice penetrating trajectory, "heavy hit" if that makes sense. The problem was, I was hitting driver and 3 wood very well but my irons and wedges were all over the place. I had to go back to things I was working on with Iteach and some things I picked up from Monte's Efficient Swing. So I'm kind of at a loss because the PM driver swing feels very body driven while the things I do to hit crisp irons feels more handsy. I've shot a few career low rounds this year with the more handsy feel but the driver doesn't feel as good as when I was using the PM.
  15. I think you answered your own question. Until you fix the EE you're going to struggle a bit on the course. As soon as you're playing for something, whether its score or a small wager, the ability to manage the EE lessons since you're probably making a healthy pass at the ball and not those smooth swings from the range. I'm in the camp that believes that you should be able to swing as hard as you want if you have a fundamentally sound swing.
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