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  1. I have a DF it plays similar to the blue. I went with Ventus black 6x to lower launch and spin a touch.
  2. I hit it yesterday, feel much much much better than the old sim. The old one felt like a rock this one is actually a bit softer feeling. SImilar spin to old sim from what I can tell, maybe a bit more forgiving.
  3. What flex do you play, I might have an entire set to sell hybrids and all.
  4. Speedzone Xtreme is the most forgiving driver I've ever hit. Switched to the regular Speedzone today and got phenomenal numbers. Compared it head to head with the new TSI3 and found it to be every bit as long as just as forgiving.
  5. Ironically I just bought a set of 623 M's and hit the Srixon Z forged today. Overall very similar across the board, I think the 623 Ms feel softer on a flushed shot and are more forgiving though.
  6. mid/high launch mid spin very smooth feeling.
  7. I tried to go single plane for awhile with mixed results. Now I'm more upright and damn near single plane without really trying.
  8. I play to a 3 index and for what its worth the biggest thing for me is tee boxes. I have a high swing speed but still have 3 hybrids in the bag. Having a 7 iron length hybrid that I can hit 215 in the air and roll out another 30 yards is huge for me especially on tight courses.
  9. Switching to a Bryson style putter changed my game I use the Flo model
  10. Atchafalaya golf course in Patterson, LA was my worst. I was literally coming off the best round I ever played, first time breaking 80. I had not been playing that long and I thought I was well on my way to being a good player. I went out there and teed it up and got absolutely murdered by that course. Hole 2 is a 230 yard par 3 with lots of trees lining the tee shot and bunkers everywhere. Pretty much every other par 4 and par 5 has blind tee shots where you have to hit it in an area where you look like you got no business hitting it. It was miserable. Shot in the one hund
  11. He doesn't play his irons at 72 degrees anymore, they are more like 4 up now I believe.
  12. I play one length irons and honestly score very similarly with those to variable length irons. I hit variable length slightly longer, I have tested on trackman and it is very slight until you get to at least a 4 iron everything else is identical distance. I get less truly bad shots with single length i'm just more accurate, more prone to practice wedges, and more consistent. I'm currently playing OL and I'm a 2.7-3.7 index.
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