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  1. In March I purchased a g425 5H and it felt a tad light but performed well. So this month I bought the 5w and 7w with stock Alta CB shafts without testing and the 5w felt awful first time on the course. Turns out the 5w was only C6! To make it worse the ping shaft offerings are horrible for reg flex mid-high launch I need. Each now has 6 grams of lead tape to get to D0.
  2. +1 for the tour B RX. Surprisingly soft but low spin with plenty of green side sauce. It is the best of both worlds ball. I’m switching to the RXS this season cuz I prefer the softer feel in short game, but for OPs description RX is the ball he’s looking for.
  3. My 6H came in today which is 6 weeks and 4 days from order. Luckily they had a 5 wood in stock at the shop I ordered from so picking them both up tomorrow.
  4. I went with a 919 forged gap wedge. I’ve upgraded to 921 hot metal pros but still use the 919 forged gap. Best gw I’ve ever gamed. After gw I use 55* & 60* Callaway MD4 wedges.
  5. Excellent Oakley flak jacket sunglasses, new prizm field lenses only worn 3 times, new ear socks and nose pads installed same time as lenses. Bought everything to upgrade my frame and found out I need prescription glasses. My loss is your gain. Glasses only for $125/obro with Oakley vault hard case for $145
  6. Even though I’m a Bridgestone faithful I have to admit that Titleist V1/X are the best covers for durability.
  7. My ship date has been changed back to being built!!!
  8. Price includes CONUS priority mail. Only trade interest is Ping g425 Max fwy. Minty Betti SS28 slotback putter, 33”, only signs on wear are light scratches on sole. Currently has new golf pride tour Snsr straight 104g grip, but I’ll also include a Bettinardi Lamkin deep etched midsize grip and a new Bettinardi head cover. Let’s go with $230/obro.
  9. My g425 stock hybrid that was ordered on February 25 is shipping on next Thursday March 25. Exactly 4 weeks from order to shipping to the pro shop for bone stock new line.
  10. Thanks for the response. Since I’m getting 3 more grams from the new sliding weight that’s being mailed out today, I think some lead tape will be used if I need anything further. I was guessing to apply it exactly as you described. Hopefully I won’t need it.
  11. Received my LS and even though I ordered it .5” under with std D3 swing weight it came in at D2 and really just feels light. Called Callaway and they are sending me a 16g weight to replace the 13g stock LS weight. Hopefully that will solve the problem. If not, where should I add lead tape? Thanks for all help.
  12. Specifically to one of your examples the 2020 Tour B RX is way better than all previous models. The new cover is actually a huge difference maker. I refused to play prior RX versions due to lack of spin, but the new cover fixed that issue. With the buy 3 get 1 dz free starting on March 19 that makes the price $33.75/dz. Buying an inferior ball to save $3.75 is not worth it. The price also includes free personalization.
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