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  1. Demo on trackman and you’ll know. My experience led me to Titleist TSI2 3 wood. Low profile so easy off the deck and adjustable for lie angle and slight loft adjustments. Ball speed winner for me that’s easy to launch and my SS is only low 90s with driver.
  2. No trades needed at this time. Price includes CONUS priority mail shipping. Very nice Ping g425 hybrids, 5(26*) and 6(30*), stock reg flex shaft, near new midsize MCC grips, matching head covers. I’ll let the pics do the talking but very nice, I’m the original owner. Small nic in the paint on the 6 where the shaft goes into the head. Not visible at address. Really want to sell as a pair, so let’s go with only $350/obro for both, or $190/obro each. 5 is sold; the 6 is now $175.
  3. The raw blue 65 is fine in terms of weight but it’s weak to flex. My driver SS is only low 90s and I’m going to have to replace the reg flex blue 65 in my tsi2 3-wood with a stiff. When demoing on trackman it seemed fine, but in real golf on the course it’s soft.
  4. For true GI without offset the answer is 921 jpx hot metal pro. The forged are very forgiving for what they are but they’re not truly GI irons. Demo both and decide for yourself, but if you really want forgiving irons hot metal pro would be the choice.
  5. Prices include CONUS shipping. No trades needed but Bridgestone Tour B RXS balls are always needed. Kenny Giannini G-1 anser style, 33”, great milling on face, sound slot, minor wear marks from being gamed, 358g head, Scotty matador midsize grip in very good shape. Steal it from me for $125/obro. Mizuno/TP Mills #5 anser style blade, 33”, was refinished years ago, pics tell the story of a well gamed classic forging, not sure on weight but feels like 330g range, Scotty pistolero grip. Take your buddies’ $$$ with this sweet stick. Let’s go with only $60.
  6. When I had the flash I thought it was great. Now I have an Epic Max LS and I hit a friends flash and it felt like garbage. Totally weird, but Mavrik was slightly better and Epic Max LS is way better than flash.
  7. Guilty as charged. I plead insanity.
  8. I thought I read that the orange was CB but then I couldn’t see that info anywhere. Thanks for catching that for me. CB shafts are a no go.
  9. My gamer is a 4W and demoed sim max 2 HL so same loft. Just concerned about lie angle of them.
  10. Of course you’re correct that shorter would alleviate the problem somewhat, and I was hitting off mats so that may have made things worse. Unfortunately I don’t belong to a club so no way to demo on grass.
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