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  1. Super forgiving with minimal offset has to be 921 hot metal pro. 921 forged has thinner sole but to me it’s not the level of GI that it seems you’re looking for.
  2. I also went from std Mavrik to LS and it’s definitely worth it. I’ll remind the OP that Callaway has the 50% trade in bonus. Just sayin... you
  3. Epic Max LS with your favorite shaft is the answer.
  4. I go 16.5/4W then g425 7W set at 21.5 which is the best out there IMHO due to adjustability, then g425 5 hybrid set at 25* and g425 6 hybrid set at 29*. I have never been a ping fan but with their adjustability for flat settings and multiple lofts it’s sooo easy to get your gaps right and that’s critical to play even mediocre golf like I do. Here are carry numbers. 4w - 195 7W - 185 5H - 175 6H - 165
  5. Don’t know how easy it will be to find in a 7W, but the tour edge exotics E8 E9 E10 models all fit the bill. The beta titanium versions are the bomb and smaller than the steel models. There are a couple on the bay. Other option is the exotics CB5 model.
  6. I was a low ball hitter for 15 years until I took some lessons this year with the goal of hitting every club higher. The cause of low shots for me was a combo of 3 things: swing plane was too flat, closed club face throughout the swing, and hands too far forward at impact relative to each club. Still working on it but only took about 4 lessons to now be hitting everything higher AND longer. Launch is my friend.
  7. Just know that nothing will be an adequate replacement for XHot pro hybrids. You need to search for those and reload. For the fitting I recommend Ifit Golf in Rancho Cordova. They are a certified Callaway fitting center and they just upgraded their fitting bay with the newest tech on the market. I would go with Matt or Buck for the fitting session.
  8. Seems like a good deal to me, but I’m not a fan of the studio style insert.
  9. Volley spin milled ‘09 and Mack Daddy 4
  10. You’re right about the true question from the OP. You’re also right about the T200s. Other replies were not in the ballpark.
  11. Unfortunately for the OP, you’re getting typical golfwrx answers naming players’ irons when asked for GI. OP you’ve got the answer that it doesn’t exist. You can find thinner choices within the GI group though.
  12. Definitely Tour Edge for fwys. They are low profile so easy to launch. In the meantime while you’re searching pick up an Exotics XCG5 fwy for about $60 to hold you over. They are the best ever made and way ahead of their time in technology. It’s an all titanium head with a cup face. According to tour edge tests at the time (2013) the CT is 250!!! Low profile so super easy to launch off the deck.
  13. The size difference is part of the better forgiveness. The great part is that the offset is almost identical. Congrats on the find. 🏌
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