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  1. As a lawyer I love the loophole action. But I know I won’t make it all year without getting some fwys. Here’s my current WITB: Cobra Radspeed XB 10.5, GD Nano Reloaded YS-5 Reg. TEE XCG5 Fwys 16.5*, 21* PXG Proto Hybrids 25*, 28* PXG Gen3 0311P 7-GW, SF 70R Cally Mac Daddy 4 56*, 60* Piretti Lucca 33” Bridgestone Tour B RXS
  2. That’s weird because PXG tested the best for consistent carry distance and ball speed. Are you getting big differences from strike to similar strike?
  3. Sold my PXG Proto fwys as expected. Haven’t bought any replacements yet, but I think that still means I’m out!
  4. You owe it to yourself to try PXG Proto hybrids.
  5. No trades needed at this time unless you have a Cobra radspeed 3W & 7W with the Helium shafts. Prices include priority mail shipping. Both clubs are stock length, Aldila NXS 65 reg flex, CP2 Pro std grips with 4 extra wraps, matching magnetic head covers. 3W is 9/10 condition and 7W is 7.5/10. Looking to sell as a pair. 3W is $180/obro 7W is $160/obro TAKE BOTH FOR ONLY $300
  6. You’re correct, I got that wrong. I was distracted and not reading the correct line of data. I really liked my HMPs and hopefully won’t regret changing to PXG gen3 P series.
  7. This chart shows that HMPs are distance monsters, but could use more spin.
  8. Chaos: Trying to get in sync with PXG Proto fwys. Range hero and course zero with Ltd rounds. Success: Epic Max LS driver. For me, a mid-cap senior w/low 90s SS, it was plenty forgiving and long. Fail: Consistent improvement never happened. Im a 14 cap and shot in the 70s twice, both times my next round was in the 90s.
  9. Great deal on those DCBs from a great seller. Good thing the i95 aren’t in the T300s or I’d be super tempted. GLWS
  10. Trade the XPs back in for the P series. Should give the spin you need. Just got my gen3 P set and spin height distance is unbeatable IMO. I demoed the T300 and for me the P series was a clear notch above.
  11. Bridgestone tour B RXS is the answer for you if you like TM your response. Should be better distance off driver and definitely better spin into greens. If you buy early spring time they have the buy 3dz get 1 free promo which brings the price down to $35/dz
  12. Second fitting today and the 8i and pw are getting rebuilt with lower swing weight. Targets are 1.5 for 8i and 2.5 for pw. In 2 weeks we’ll see how much they get right.
  13. The only thing that worries me are my fwys, but the rest of the bay is set. All shafts are reg flex except for Cally wedges Driver-Cobra Radspeed XB, 10.5, GD Nano-Reloaded YS-5 Fwys- PXG Proto 3 & 7, Aldila NXS 65 Orange Hybrids-PXG Proto 25*, 28* Aldila NXS 85Hy Orange Irons - PXG Gen3 P, 7-gw, Steel Fiber 70 Ws - Cally Mac Daddy 4, 56*, 60* Putter - Piretti Lucca, 33”
  14. There are a couple of responses mentioning hollow irons with some sort of filling (pxg, Mizuno hot metal, TM P790, etc.). These do offer thinner faces which adds ball speed above old std one piece CBs. So it is new tech plus loft differences, not just loft. These new clubs also offer miles better carry and spin retention on mis-hits. IMO the top 3 on your demo list should be P790, PXG P series, Mizuno hot metal pro.
  15. Thanks for confirming what I was thinking. The 8 and gw need adjustments of .7 in opposite directions.
  16. Exactly, Mizuno would fire an employee putting out a set with these specs. I’m sure we’ll get it fixed and just ends up causing a month of delay in being able to have the set.
  17. First of all I appreciate your and everyone else’s input. I think Subrew has it right that the second fitting will fix everything. The area mgr said the second fitting is to gather data so we’ll know what works best and then adjust everything accordingly.
  18. I hear you, but I’m seeing it as an attempt to get me to accept what isn’t right. Otherwise they could just fix the gap or pw and be done. Hitting them won’t make a difference. Guess I’m expecting to get what I paid for.
  19. I’m scheduled to hit them next Wednesday with same fitter and his boss. Boss says SW should be 2 pts higher than 7-9? Also that + or - 1pt is tolerance. I’m still figuring the main selling point for all those weight ports is to dial in SW not half a** it.
  20. I was fit for these at D1 and std length. I’m happy with the 1.5 action but I’m thinking the pw is too heavy.
  21. Gents, my gen3 P irons arrived today. The swing weights are as follows: 7i 1.5 8i 2.2 9i 1.4 pw 3.5 gw 2.7 The rep says pw and gw should be 2 points high than 7-9, also says tolerances are + or - 1pt. Then he says the gap is a little light and I can order a heavier replacement. What do you guys think? Stressful BS that shouldn’t happen with all those weight ports.
  22. Set GW is first choice unless you’re also using it for some shirt game shots in which case I would go with step down
  23. Best bet to fit OPs question IMO would be previous model Cobra (extreme)or look for best deal on a Mavrik Max or better yet an Epic Max LS. Any if the 3 with correct flex shaft for your swing speed and type.
  24. Never say zero cuz you know that’s impossible. I’ll probably trade out a driver but that’s it for me, unless I can’t get along better with my PXG Proto fwys In which case I’ll pick up some used G410 to replace them. New irons are being delivered next week.
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