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  1. Hello all! Few things I’m not using. All prices shipped via UPS ground. PM me for PayPal address. No trades. Thanks! 5 Doz Z-Star XV Yellow = $110 SOLD Believe these are previous version. No corporate logos. Accra TZ5 Proto 65 = $110 SOLD low/low shaft with great feel. Tipped 1” - per tip chart will add 1 flex. It’s a stiff that plays closer to an X. 44.250” raw length which is over standard. 1x pull that was hardly used. Accra TZ5 Proto 75 = $90 SOLD M5 (X flex). 41.25” long tipped 1”. 1x pull. This was used as a 4 wood shaf
  2. Pm returned this morning. Eccos pending. price drop on PXG!
  3. Hello all and happy new year! selling off some gear that I’m not using. All prices shipped UPS or USPS Priority Insured. PM me for PP address. Thanks! BTW, not looking for trades right now. PXG 0811 X Proto = $250 Used a few rounds and shows little wear. Minor face and tee marks. Includes HC, wrench and pulled adapter (slight ding on the ferrule area that was touched up). Great driver with ideal sound! PX 6.0 3-PW Pulls = $90 SOLD Clean pulls in good condition. Shaft bands are peeling slightly in spots but overall fine. Taper tip
  4. Hello All! Another sale of stuff that I’m not using anymore. All prices (except Clicgear) shipped UPS Ground or USPS Priority Insured. PM me for PP address. Clicgear 3.5+ = $200 plus actual shipping SOLD Local pick-up also an option. I’m north of Tampa. Used but in good shape. I used it one season. It took one spill when making the turn and towing on cart (very long distance at my course). One pic shows the worst of the damage and I actually have the replacement part that I never installed. I just put brand new wheels on it. It also comes with a numb
  5. Hello All and Happy Thanksgiving! Moving more gear...all prices shipped UPS or USPS Insured. Not looking for trades. PM me for PP address. Thanks! Ping G400 LST 8.5* Head & Adapter = $140 SOLD This has 3 g hotmelt in it for sound (neutral bias). Includes used adapter with new ferrule. Head is used and has some aligment stick marks as seen in pictures. None are scratches all the way through. Price reflects condition. Awesome head, I just found something better. No HC or wrench. Weight without adapter is 205g. ACCRA i Series 90 &
  6. Hello All! moving more gear that is not going to be used anymore by me. All prices shipped either UPS Ground or USPS Priority Insured. Not looking for trades. PM for PP address. Thanks! Ping i210 4-U Heads = $435 SOLD Been my gamers since June. Show use but plenty of life. Some chatter (I walk a lot) and face wear but no loss of coating. All have same serial #. I bought them as “shop worn” so they were basically new. Black dot and standard lofts. I am including 8 ferrules that are specifically designed for these heads bought from The Golf Works. They ha
  7. I’m not on staff...not that good. They are expensive full retail (I’m taking a huge hit on most of these). Love ACCRA shafts. Have more to try, took a gamble on the TZ5’s...didn’t work out for me.
  8. Hello All! Bunch of shafts to unload. Not using them and don’t want them collecting dust in the garage anymore. All prices shipped either UPS Ground w/ appropriate declared value or USPS Priority Insured. PM me for PP address. Only trade would be for a consistent driver swing (I suck off the tee right now). See feedback! Thanks! Send Offers - especially for multiple items! Accra TZ5 Proto 65 = $185 $160 M4 flex (tipped 1”) plays stiff plus. Length is 44.25” which built a 46” driver in a G410 LST head. Barely used, might have slight bag marks. 1x
  9. Hello All! Cleaning out the closet. Don’t need 25+ polos. All prices shipped via USPS Priority. PM me for PP address. Many of these shirts have not been worn...just tags removed, washed and hanging in my closet. A couple were worn once. While I’ll list individual prices I’d prefer to sell the whole lot at once. Smoke free and pet free home (the dog in my picture is long gone, unfortunately). Sorry for the sideways pictures. All sold Under Armor: $30 each or all 4 for $100 1. White/grey 2. Blue Striped 3. Blue heather 4. Green heath
  10. Hello all! Moving some gear to get new gear! These didn’t make the bag. All prices shipped USPS Priority Insured or UPS ground. No trades at this time. Been here since 2005 and had over 500 positive feedback. I describe accurately and ship quick. PM me for PP address. G410 LST 10.5 = $275 $260 Barely used. No HC, adapter or wrench. G410 17* Hybrid = $145 $130 Used with face and sole wear. Some light scratches on top but very faint. Pictures show accurately. HC included, no wrench or adapter. G410 3 Crossover = $120 SOLD
  11. while I was able to get one, let's just say it was a test of my patience. On the site at exactly 1pm...unable to to load pages or navigate when I could get on until 3:15pm. Finally able to get it in cart and try to checkout, but had to go through process multiple times. Finally able to complete and have order confirm. Figured some will try to sell for a hefty profit...can't believe people will pay that much but you never know. I'm keeping mine...use it for cart and push cart...keep my craz-e lite for walking. Love the looks of this bag...
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