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  1. nice sticks! Sorry to hear about your health issues man!
  2. I actually think it’s fairly user friendly meaning not boardy at all
  3. Got same head added 50X Tensei K1 nice shaft, my swing speed 110 ish….
  4. 50X in the bag nice actually nice fizz on the ball
  5. Handicap 0 right titleist 50.12 54.08 58.08 looking to get fitted never been properly fitted, plus these TM wedges I am excited about yes yes yes!!
  6. It was tough to watch…. I just got my irons with 105x s from DG 120X100 not sure they gonna stay… tough to feel the shorter irons also turn them over easy
  7. Is it spinny? I’m getting it as a recommendation from a club fitter buddy?
  8. Took the srixons for first spin today hope I can get used to a 105 gram shaft but irons look and feel great
  9. You’ve probably already seen it anyways here some pics
  10. Got a 50x coming this week gonna put it in a Max LS hope it’s not too soft
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