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  1. Type: KBS Wedge Flex: Stiff Grip: ORANGE Shaft: BLACK PEARL Label: ORANGE PEEL Ferrule: BLACK Head: BLACK Engraving: C.D.U.
  2. [color=#1C2837][size=2]Currently, I play KBS Tour shafts because they were the best shafts for me when i bought my clubs. However, I now feel that I could benefit from C-Tapers and would love the fitting experience. [/size][/color]
  3. You will love them. The M grind has been the easiest wedge for me to get used to in years. I feel that you can sweep with it and hit a soft lob or you can get aggressive with it and hit a nice low pitch. Its really a great wedge. As far as the finish goes, I dont think the black finish is very durable on the hitting area. I can take a picture tonight and show you but I think it looks great with the face wear. As far as the overall look of the wedge is concerned, the finish has stayed strong and looks great. [attachment=821227:photo (54).JPG]
  4. I want to win that because that is the best looking wedge I have ever seen
  5. I loved The International and the stableford format. There are plenty of courses that could accommodate the tour and I hope that the reception from the public at The Senior and Women's opens will show that we want a tour stop back. I just hope that Cherry Hills doesn't turn people off to the idea. Castle Pines, Colorado Golf Club, and The Broadmoor could all accommodate them and personally I would love to see an event at The Sanctuary (I just don't think players could walk it)
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